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Car return issues

I have had 2 Cases with them Case# [protected] and [protected]. I returned both vehicles on time. No one was at the counter when I returned the vehicle, only a sign for customers to return the vehicle and leave the keys in the car. Went to the counter where rentals are initiated, no representatives available for assistance. I call the customer service line to advise that vehicle has been returned on time and reps that I spoke to assured that they will close my account as vehicle has been returned on time. I have not received an E-receipt, 2-3 days later. So, I call Payless Cust. Service and spoke to a Rep. Both vehicles have been left open as I had not returned the vehicle. Why? Cases have been filed. This is so unprofessional, as I have time of when I called right after I returned the cars and whom I spoke to. This should not be happening. Twice!!

extra charge to my bank account after paying my bill on full

I returned my rental so the 15th of Dec 2019 at which time my rental was paid in full, that was $855.80 for 4 weeks. On 12/19/19 another ch as the of $290.92 was charged to my account where they immediately returned $76.67 of the $290.92. When I called the first time to find out why such a charge had occurred I was told they didnt know but would look into it and given a complaint number, I was also told I would be contacted right away. Well I never was contacted and have since called back 2 more times with the same out come, no one can tell me why my scout has been charged but they are looking into it and I will be contacted. I think its total [censored] that a company can charge your account for no other reason than because they have the information and then hold onto the funds for as long as they like as long as they are "investigating the situation. I cant speak to a supervisor to try and get the issue resolved because I'm told there is nothing anyone can do about the issue. I have never in my life heard of a company pulling something like this but to not be able to speak with someone to get it resolved really takes the cake. I will wait til Jan 2 2020 then I am going to file with the BBB and hope something can be resolved from there. It's not like $213 is alot of money but when you live on a budget as I do it could mean the difference of paying your Bill's or not paying them
Completely unsatisfied customer

refund of deposit

I prepaid my car rental in advance. Upon arrival to pickup my car at the Kahului Airport, the agent offered to upgrade my car which would cost me an additional $93.37. I agreed. They only charged me $100.00 for the deposit, rather than $200.00. So, the total charge was $193.37 for the upgrade and deposit. I rented the vehicle for 11 days (October 11, 2019 to October 21, 2019). I returned on October 21, 2019 with no problems whatsoever. After 5 business day, I contacted Payless Customer Service and requested information as to when my deposit would be returned. As of today (Nover 6, 2019), they refused to return my deposit nor they have answered my calls or emails. At this point, I am ready to make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and/or file a small claims complaint. I am certainly not going to wait months just get a resolution of this issue. This is a simple issue...just return my deposit!

J. Aguilera

payless rental car given me smoked car and I got sick

I rented payless rental car for 2 weeks. Payless rental car gave me Smoke smelly car at the time of pick when they committed to provide smoke free car. I reported back to the rental counter immediately and they said there is no other cars available, bit you can take the car to cleaning there and their staff members can help to remove this smell by cleaning properly and all. I took it over and they did vaccumed, cleaned and put air freshener and it looked better. So I took the car home and I also needed the car for office commute, drop kid in school. But started smoke smell coming out again and again. I drove same car for 1 week with same smoke smell and I got sick with heavy cold, headach, cough. I don't smoke and never experienced the smoke smell like this continuously. Payless rental gave me such heavy smoke smelly car which caused me sick and still recovering from it. I hate it. Totally disappointed with this service. But later at end of 1 week reported this to payless and they helped to swap the car and 2nd one is good. However at first place payless rental car should not have offered the smoke smell car when committed to provide smoke free car. They don't follow what they committed to do and in fact they even charged $2 extra for that car as well.

overcharged for car rental

On August 29th I picked up a rental at Payless at Memphis Tn airport. The rental agreement was for $101.98. I returned the car as agreed timely with a full tank of gas on September 1st. I filled the car up at a Citgo gas /market on the way to the airport and paid $20.24. Charged the fuel on my bank card. Have proof showing transaction on my bank statement. Payless ran a charge of $201.00 on my bank card on 9/5.
I called Payless over a dozen times trying to find out why I was overcharged. Never could get anyone at Payless to tell me why or what this was for. I never received any email communication or phone call from payless as to why. I opened a claim with my bank to dispute this overcharge of $91.02 . My bank just contacted me today and told me that Payless told them I was overcharged because I did not fill the tank up before returning. NO SO!!! I have proof showing on my bank statement. I also have a copy of my flight itinerary showing my flight out of Memphis on 9/1 after the car was returned. Your customer service is the worst. I have yet to speak to someone at payless to listen to the facts and resolve this by refunding the $91.02 . Payless don't you have employees to check the fuel gauges when cars are turned in? When I dropped car the lady who was very busy and by herself, told me to pull the car up leave the keys in it. I said to her don't you need to check the car and give me a receipt. She said no. Really payless? Is this your customer service? Then you think you will get away with charging me $91.02 when I rented a VW beetle and filled the tank up before turning in????? This experience with Payless has been a nightmare. I have made more phone calls to payless and my bank regarding this overcharge. I want my money refunded!!
Payless rental agreement # [protected]

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rental experience mva#[protected] and then switched to mva#[protected]

I rented a car with Payless from 10/14-10/19 from San Diego, CA. When in Los Angeles, I got a flat tire. I called my AAA to come change it. In the meantime I called the Roadside service on what to do since I was 100 miles away from my hotel and would be driving on a spare tire. They suggested I switch cars and not take chances and sent me to the closest Payless by the airport. I got there (late and in the dark) and that counter said they no longer have Payless but I need to go to Avis instead. I then had to find Avis at the airport and the workers there did not seem to know that Avis took over Payless. It was so frustrating and confusing for all. I still had a 2 hr drive and was it was after midnight in my time zone. So exhausted.
Avis at the counter then gave me a different car.
My biggest problem was that the roadside number did not know that this was owned by Avis and the workers at this Avis did not realize Payless was taken over by Payless. I was on a wild goose chase. I lost some important time on my short vacation to California.
Can someone please help me with my bill?

Barb Gibson

windshield crack I didn't crack

Rented a car where windshield was already cracked with tape on it. Now I charged on my credit card for something I didn't do. Submit emails trying to upload video to no avail. Keep getting same response about unable to accept video. [protected] is the number attached to the file. The video is before I left the garage/lot. I rent frequently, however this was my first experience with this rental car company and i've never had such a bad experience with any other company. Payless car rental has ruined any future with them

lack of vehicles

When I arrived to the ATL Airport to pick up my rental, I was told that they were out of cars. Of course this is inconvenience being that I have a wedding to attend and they're telling me this wait can last anywhere from an hour to 2 hours. I went back to the desk to see if they had any upgraded vehicles and I was told no and that they would call me when a car becomes available. There is no telling how long I'll be sitting here waiting.

service at car rental return

It's disappointing that, in this age of social awareness, there are still some hold-outs where racism is alive and well. On returning my rental car at Maui Airport at around 12:15pm on 10/7/2019, I stopped the car where directed by the Payless person. A short while later, another car driven my a Hawaiian looking person pulled in behind me. The Payless attendant walked straight my car and served the Hawaiian person behind me. When I was finally served by your Angelica, she simply ignored my concern and walked away.
This sort of behavior discourages a person from using your service in the future, even if the vehicle and the price are fine.
My name is David Stewart
Ph number [protected]
Rental agreement # [protected]

  • Updated by Kiwiclaude · Oct 08, 2019

    It was actually 10/8/2019

car rental

Payless: Payless, 6 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Rental Agreement number: U316132703
Reservation Number: 11191941US5
xRef: [protected]

To Whom it may concern:
I rented a car through Southwest Airlines Visa card, I chose the Payless Car rental on August 10, 2019 for September 5, 2019 through September 10, 2019 in Seattle, WA. According to my confirmation $254.36 was due when I picked up the car on September 5, 2019, Reservation (11191941US5)

When I picked up my car on September 5, 2019 I was handed a bill that said $404.88 was due and was told by the agent at the desk that the overage was a "deposit" and would be refunded.

When I dropped of the car on September 10, 2019, in Seattle, WA there was no one at the Kiosk, nor was there a drop box for the key. I left the keys in the vehicle. I went to the 5th floor to the building and to the Payless desk, there was no one there. I then traveled by bus to SEA Tac for my early morning flight. I tried to call the desk that was supposed to be open 24 hours several times, no answer. I then called the 800 number on my rental agreement and spoke with Karen, who asked me to deliver the keys to the desk. I informed her that there was no one at the desk and that I was at the gate and would not be traveling back to the car rental agency. (Phone ID #[protected]). I called the local rental desk number again when I landed in Phoenix, AZ to see what the status of my rental was and did not get an answer. I called the local rental desk number again when I landed in Raleigh, NC (7 hours later) and got someone on the phone who said that they did get my car and would be sending me a statement for my car by email. I received the statement and surprised to see that it was for $404.88 and that the "deposit" was not refunded.

When I realized that the deposit was not refunded I called the 800 number and was told that my case had been closed. I informed the operator that I had been charged incorrectly and she said she would open a new case and was given a unique ticket reference number of 105F968 and I would hear from Payless.

On September 12, 2019 I received an email stating that the deposit went toward the rental total and that my case was closed. (Payless Customer Care Case [protected][T131D16A]). This statement is incorrect, again, I was told that the deposit would be refunded.

I am copying Southwest Airlines with this correspondence so that they will know how their vendors treat their customers. I am dissatisfied with the outcome of my rental. I was charged more than I was told I would be charged. I am requesting the return of the "deposit" (by my calculations the amount I was overcharged was $150.52) as indicated by your desk agent in Seattle, WA.

payless car rental

I rented a vehicle from the San Francisco airport office. I had the car scheduled for a week but told agent I may need to extend a 2nd week. They said I could call the number on the receipt to extend the rental. I did so after the 6th day to extend 1 more week.
Upon dropping the car off the following week I was billed twice the amount.. the rep said you charged me additional amounts because the rep I spoke to never extended my rental for the additional week.
I was billed $623 and it should have been around $314

payless car rental

Payless Car Rental

do not rent list

While at the Payless rental car facility, the vehicle I rented was stolen in the Payless lot. A police officer came to the facility and took a report stating that the car was stolen from the lot. The key for the car was given to the facility by me. Your customer service team insist that the car was left running and the keys were in the car. That is not true. The keys were given by me to Payless facility. The car was left running because it was too loud and I was at the facility door complaining to the Payless representative that the car was too loud and I was having issues shutting it off. The car was closer to the agent than it was to me. I am being held responsible for Payless not being a secured facility? I never wanted that rental. I waited over 35 minutes for my original request which was a Pick up truck. I was then informed that there were none available and that I would have to take the Charger. I have no need to wish to cruise around in a Charger. I have rented multiple times from Payless and have never had an issue.

do not rent list

Payless Car Rental

car rental

I flew into Denver airport. Our flight arrived into Denver at 10:30 after getting bags and waiting for shuttle we arrived to payless car rental about 11:15. I had a reservation but when I got there they only could give us a big cargo van to drive around denver. They said I could go to another rental place but at 11:30 with a 10 year old it was not an option. They said I could return in morning at 6:30 to trade van in. I had no choice not to do this as I cant drive around a city as big as denver on a huge cargo van. The worst part is I was on a mini vacation and my first morning I had to wake at 6:30 to drive an hour and a half round trip to exchange this van for the car I was originally supposed to have. My plan was to enjoy my mini vacation since I haven't had one in a very long time not to mention it was mine and my sons first vacation since his father (my husband) passed away.
When I arrived Friday morning to do exchange I was explaining to front desk lady that it wasn't my plan to drive over an hour to exchange car. Her response was well you're lucky you even got one.
I bit my tongue because I didnt want to cause a scene. That was completely out if line.
Then to offer zero discount or anything for my troubles is also unacceptable. I am going to write a review but please I'd like someone to contact me first to try to make this right.
Kelly Francis

Car rental fraud

Case ID number [protected]
I'm clearly not the only one here.
I picked up my vehicle at Denver Airport July 26-28 I told the associate what my original quote was, I didn't want any upgrades or add-ons and he verbally acknowledged. Since I had already waited an hour for two people I'm front of me, I believed the guy when he told me to "sign" and leave. When my car was returned, I was charged double. An extra day I didn't have it, XM radio, tolls that didn't exist (I lived here) automatic gas replenishment, etc. Any tiny thing this horrible employee could make a couple dollars commission on. I opened a case, and basically was told "too bad" Funny I work for a fortune 100 company who uses "Payless" consistently for business travel. I've already scheduled a call with headquarters to ensure we do NOT do business with them at all anymore if this behavior is acceptable from their paid employees.


I had rental a car over Minneapolis airport around 2 PM and dropped at off over DFW airport around 6 AM. So I've been charged of $ 200 at the pickup date, I don't know why since it was only for one day and $785.38 on my account without any notice or email regarding this transaction charge. Please I will an explanation and reimbursement soon possible at [protected] or [protected]


Payless Car Rental


Hello I had a reservation on August 10 at 3pm for Payless in houston Texas at hobby airport. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of service I received from both Payless and Avis. I waited an hour for shuttle service from Payless and never got picked up, I was told to call Avis for pick after the second call I made to Payless customer service. When I finally got picked up by the Avis shuttle I asked to be dropped off at Payless she said they couldn't do that so she dropped me off at Avis rental center and had one of the guys who wash the cars to drop me off. We get over to Payless and the gate is closed he calls and said they closed at 3pm. This was an total inconvenience for me and it was very unprofessional and lacked communication. I've rented from Payless before and was very upset that I had to experience this with no communication. Thank you. Please contact me at [protected] for any questions my name is Ms. Bakir Howard

rental vehicle

My rental vehicle in Aruba broke down. The vehicle was in poor working condition from the time I picked it up and broke down just off the highway. The condition of the vehicle put me and my family in serious danger. They had to walk to a nearby business in the 90 degree heat to call a taxi. I had to wait (and basically plead with the people) to bring me a replacement van. Additionally, i just put $25 worth of gas into the van.

I am seeking reimbursement of $35 cab ride, $25 gas and additional compensation for safety & aggravation concerns. This was a major impact on our vacation.

I was promised a resolution by Monday, July 29th. As of today, there is no resolution. The laim 10% discount given to me at drop off doesnt help resolve this situation. I have disputed the charge on my credit card.


reservation was never made our 15 passenger van

On 7/24/2019 at 7:30pm I spoke with Denis agent #17008 through the call center who reserved a 15 passenger...


With regard to the past reservation Your Hotwire confirmation number is [protected]
we have got the toll fee for this reservation of 150USD.
But this toll has already been deducted and this is the second time deduction.

Can you please reverse and pay us back.. We checked with toll highway and they mentioned that it has been reversed to the payless. could you please refund back to the same credit card.. The booking in the name of Mr. Avinash Arole..

This has to be prioritized as we are following up this from from 26th June 2019.

credit not received

Good morning, My case number is [protected].
I have been contacting customer service over the phone for my 25% credit that I was suppose to received in June. Every call with customer service that say we are submitting the case again and then nobody follow up with me from your company.
They also mention that their office is international and that is all they can do. This situation is ridiculous now. Your company was fast in giving me wrong car and charging my credit card at the airport but not fast in crediting me. I hope I get some response from you guys, or will leave me with no choice of putting an official complaint with BBB or hiring a lawyer. Please be considerate and respond.
Syed Waqif

  • Updated by Waqif · Jul 22, 2019

    Good morning, My case number is 28545639.
    I have been contacting customer service over the phone for my 25% credit that I was suppose to received in June. Every call with customer service that say we are submitting the case again and then nobody follow up with me from your company.
    They also mention that their office is international and that is all they can do. This situation is ridiculous now. Your company was fast in giving me wrong car and charging my credit card at the airport but not fast in crediting me. I hope I get some response from you guys, or will leave me with no choice of putting an official complaint with BBB or hiring a lawyer. Please be considerate and respond.
    Syed Waqif
    [email protected]

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