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My daughter was enrolled in the Greenvill SC school. I am really disappointed how my daughter has been treated. She has only been in class for 9 weeks. She has struggled catching or to certain things. It does take her longer to understand things due to a learning disability. Her teacher for the first 6 weeks was horrible. My daughter was in tears daily. If she asked questions the teacher was rude, like she was bothering her by asking questions. If she asked what was wrong with something she did, the answer from her teacher would be "everything". How are you suppose to learn when the teacher doesn't like you asking questions and doesn't show you what is wrong. She did have a new teacher the last 3 weeks, that was very helpful. At the end of the 9 weeks before she was suppose to go on the floor they said they haven't seen any improvement from her and there wasn't a place for her at their school and program. This is a school, arent we paying for them to teach and learn. After only 9 weeks you expect them to be ready for the floor. I have never seen a school give up on a student. What is comes down to is she was to much work for them because she has a learning disabilty. They didn't want to take the extra time to help her. After only 9 weeks you decided this wasn't a career for her. It's a shame that a school that we was paying over $18, 000 doesn't have more compasionate teachers to work with students with learning disabilities.

Oct 04, 2019

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