Panera Breadwrong food/ bad customer service

F Jul 29, 2019

I went through the drive thru around noon today and ordered a Diet Coke and half chicken poppyseed dressing salad. I finally received my food and pulled over to eat my lunch before my next business appointment. Unfortunately I received the wrong food. My Coke was a regular- not diet. So I drove through and waited in line AGAIN. Then at the window was told she could not accept the large regular coke back. What am I supposed to do with it I replied. She told me I had to throw it out myself. I drive a two seater 645 BMW with ONE cup holder! I had to try and drive with my Diet Coke that I originally ordered. Really Panera??? I spent 11.00 dollars on this poor excuse for a salad and bad customer service? Will never go to a Panera again!

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