Panera Breadunethical behaviour of bread co. employees.

D Sep 02, 2018

At or around 7:45pm, I had entered the Bread Company establishment on the property located at Lindberg and Clayton road, The same property, that holds the Plaza Frontenac Mall, in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I ordered a bagel, bread sliced. The young African American employee who took employee was both rude and confrontational during this process. I believe this employee wore braces. When I presented my debit card to pay for my order, he began to speak, as if he were giving demands. "Is that a gift card? slide it!"

When I turned to walk away, he demanded that I complete the order process. The screen prompt asked if I wanted to leave a tip. I entered, "no."

When I sat down with my order. This same employee walked over to my table and loudly stated, "Your card was declined!" There were 3 other patrons that looked over at my table.

I responded, "No, it was not."

He loudly stated again, "Your card was declined!"

I walked back to station that held the original transaction. I studied the screen, it was asking for $1.52 for the bagel and if I wanted to leave a tip. I used the same debit card and watched the screen and it stated: Approved. Just as it did in the previous process.

I asked the rude employee, "Why did you call me up here?"

He stated, "Your card was declined!"

"Then how do you explain, the process being approved, with the same debit card?' I asked.

"Your card was declined!"He stated loudly.

There was another African American employee who I noticed was smirking at me during the interaction. He was taller and worked in the section near the pastries and bagels.

Flustered by this experience from the employees, I left minutes later as I walked out the door, the taller African American employee bellowed:"I hope you enjoyed this!"

In the four years I've worked as a public safety officer at the mall, I have never had any of your employees treat me in this rude fact, until yesterday, on Sept. 1, 2018, this has been my only negative experience with your establishment. Please address this issue as soon as you are able, and please verify, that I was not charged twice for the same order. If the employee was trying to pull some kind of prank for the amusement, I am not amused. If he attempted to use my purchase to fund himself, please look closely at this activities.

Please contact the manager immediately at Panera Bread Company of the activities of these employees.

I await your response.


David K. Roberson

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