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The loud music inside Panera Bread made turned my first visit into my last. I dont go to Panera because of the loud music inside, however they started playing their loud music outside also which the environment for all the adjoining quiet cafes intolerable too. I would like if they would turn the volume off outside and respect their neighbors and blast the music inside if that is what their target market likes.


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      Mar 16, 2018

    I have been coming to Panera Braed in Flemington, NJ for years. They have recently adjusted the music to intolerable volume levels. It is NOT enjoyable, makes it very hard to have a conversation and certainly grates on everyone's nerves. I have asked management to turn down but the statement that make is it is "Corporate Policy" that determines this and they have no say or ability to change. Since I have been coming here for a numbers of years I can see that foot traffic is down as well. You are driving business away. As for now unless this is addressed this will be my last day at Panera Bread.

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      Aug 19, 2018

    RobbT you know whatever manager that told you that the reason they couldn't lower the volume was "corporate policy" was lying right?
    I'd have done the same thing you did which was shrug but just the same the manager was lying!

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      May 19, 2019

    In Fayetteville, NC, they played the music soft until 1 month ago. Now it is to loud. They told me it is corporate policy. I called the corporate headquarters and they said there is no such policy. Yes, they are lying. The headquarters said it should be soft, not loud.

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      Jun 07, 2019

    My sister and I loved the classical music at Panera! Now, they have some prepackaged awful music! it would be better to have no music than have that loud horrible noise. You need to go back to classical music. Where on earth did you get this loud worse than elevator music. You are going backward! YOU now have the same offense noise at all Panera in Colorado. We can bring our own music if you get rid of whatever you call this! It is a huge distraction. The classical music as really great.
    Fran Hughes

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