Panera Breadincorrect order (again) cafe order #972638

B Sep 04, 2018

I was at the Panera Bread at 450 Boylston Boston around 9:45 this morning (09/04/18) and ordered a cinnamon crunch bagel sliced and toasted. There was no line and the cafe was pretty empty. My buzzer went off and I went to get my bagel, but when I sat down and opened the bag I saw an everything bagel unsliced and not toasted. I went back to the counter, attempted three times to talk to someone before I got the attention of someone who, when I said my order was wrong, simply pointed to someone else behind the counter. He grabbed my bag, walked away, and a few minutes later, came back, tossed the bag haphazardly on the counter, and walked away without saying a word or making eye contact. According to Panera's policy, "Your order should be correct every time. If it's not, we'll fix it right away, and give you a free treat for your trouble. Just let any associate know." I was never offered anything for the incorrect order, and nobody said a single word to me during the entire process, let alone even make eye contact. Given that the cafe was not busy - it was between the breakfast and lunch rushes - and that it was a quick and simple fix, I was very dissatisfied with the way this was handled. It seems like more often than not, my order is incorrect with Panera and as someone with severe allergies, this is greatly concerning. I would appreciate a refund of this request.

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