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R Aug 02, 2018

My whole family all like owners breads. We went there to eat on vacation. I purchased kids meal for their school lunch. It is my work lunch as well. We spent money and trust to it as we believe in its quality and food freshness. However recently we noticed salad is not fresh any more, apple is rotten, Alvacado is rotten inside the sandwich. We threw them
Away as each time we took the delivery due to time rush so we hope it may be occasional accident. But after several same issues we were not satisfied any more as my kids have to skip lunch after throwing the not fresh salad. Until yesterday when my son found a piece of plastic inside his chicken noodle soup, I cannot take it any more. I was with my young son yesterday. If I was not with him who knows how many plastic he already swallowed. This is not acceptable. I strongly asked for the apology from Panera bread, its reimbursement of all our economic loss and recent emotional impact as the kids are scared of the food quality of all fast food companies.

Panera Bread

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