Panera Breadchicken caesar salad

A Nov 15, 2017

I ordered a Chicken Cesar salad last night the 14 of November 2017. I got it for my lunch on the 15th. I made sure to order extra dressing... the salad I got had chunks of brown lettuce, a few pieces of chicken and two half full cups of dressing, and the croutons are stale. Not only did I have to pick out the chunks of nastily lettuce but the croutons as well. When I went to eat my salad I wait all day for I didn't have enough dressing to cover the top. I have never been so disgusted with panera before. I'm a regular customer, but I won't be going back for a while if this is the food your Middletown NY branch is selling, almost $9 for this was not worth wasting my money!

Panera Bread

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