Panera Breadchicken broth in my broccoli cheddar soup?!


I am a vegetarian. I always enjoyed going to Panera bread and ordering the Broccoli and cheddar soup on the bread bowl. I recently found out that it contains chicken broth (chicken base, Chicken fat, yeast extract, etc..). I was very upset and very angry that something that is "suppose to" be vegetarian friendly" is misleading. I have been consuming chicken broth rather than vegetable broth in my soup and I can't even look at the soup the same way anymore. I am absolutely disgusted. This is wrong. If Panera is going to have a product that will not include meat such as the Broccoli and cheddar soup, it should not be made with chicken broth and completely mislead 7.3 millions of Americans that are Vegetarian (Do not consume meat in their diets). I really hope that this complaint is highly considered for change in the recipe.

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