Panda Expressservice and honey walnut shrimp

A Jul 24, 2019

On Tuesday, July 23, at 7:30pm I entered Panda Express located on Canal Road in Brunswick, Ga. I wasn't greeted, and after briefly standing at the food, a gentleman asked what Would I like to order. I asked for two bigger plates and Id like to upcharge both with Double Honey Walnut shrimp and asked if the current ones were fresh, bc I don't like them after sitting in the steam to get soggy skin as it sticks to your teeth and it's a displeasing. He said they were fresh. And proceeded to fix the first bigger plate. I asked for half rice and half noodles. As he scooped the shrimp, the skin fell off of several shrimp and they appeared to be gooey. I asked again if they were fresh and he gave me one on a toothpick and said, I already told you yes, taste for yourself." I went to to try the sample and it was so gooey, I went for a napkin and threw the sample away at the drink station. I told him that's definitely soggy and I'd like fresh beings I'm paying and especially paying for for four upcharge fees. It was highly unacceptable.
He then walked to the register and proceeded to ring my order up asking what I ordered, a bowl, - I said no sir - two bigger plates with fresh walnut shrimp. He said I heard you already what else. I said two bigger plates, and before I finished, I felt his aggravation and smart remark for saying, "I heard you!" But yet asked me to repeat my order. I said please, sorry, sir, with none of these manners approached to me. Customer service was very unsuccessful, and the food quality was the same. There was one couple eating at peak hours and they heard the conversation and said their food was very unsatisfactory and after hearing him talk to me with attitude and I'm being polite, they were also not returning after there visit. I have been there numerous times and at least three times a month, but the last two visits, at $30 meals have been a terrible experience. This was third strike and I won't be back. New businesses is not what's hurt this location, but poor customer service and food. I had to drive 20 minutes out of my way for Chinese takeout bc Panda failed to deliver good shrimp and great customer service. It's sad, and was a waste of my time.

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