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I’ve been a regular customer here and the management absolutely SUCKS. I wanted a replacement meal because my food was terrible and I asked to speak to a manager and her name was Angie. It’s the store in Joliet IL on Jefferson. She showed no consideration and said she couldn’t give a replacement because she didn’t remember me calling about it. To top it off she was serving customers without a hat on. She had her hair all out. It was unprofessional. She came in around 8 o’clock when I was waiting in line.

  • Updated by Sophia K · Oct 20, 2017

    I was at this location again a couple nights ago and I saw Angie there about 25 minutes til their closing time, she was scrubbing the floors while there were customers in there. Very unprofessional. What if someone slipped on the water ? Ignorant


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      Oct 20, 2017

    Do you expect them to wait until after closing to start cleaning? They are most likely hourly employees with families and obligations. A customer would have to be pretty foolish to visibly see someone cleaning and not exercise caution when walking through the area.

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