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My wife and I booked a 17 day All-Inclusive vacation for October 2021. It started out as a complete nightmare thanks to Orbitz (I will NEVER EVER EVER use Orbitz again). When we got to the resort, Orbitz had only booked us a room, not the all-inclusive that we paid for. We spent our entire first day sitting in the resort lobby calling Orbitz over and over and over, and each time we would end up getting disconnected by them. Even the resort tried calling them and they hung up on the Resort too. They also lied every time we'd ask to speak to a Supervisor and they'd tell us they had no Supervisors on duty. Really? We never did get anyone at Orbitz to help us. So out of the blue we were looking at having to spend a HUGE chunk of money that we didn’t have on us ($1,700.00), that we shouldn’t even have to spend. It was such a complete mess.

I showed the resort our reservation, and luckily they were sympathetic and cut us a deal on the cost (Gave us the All-Inclusive for $600). I don't know what we'd have done otherwise. Then, for the next 9 days I called, messaged, used the chat on their website, Facebook Messenger, Facebook page, you name it. They were doing everything they could to avoid us. I called them in excess of 50 times. Therefore I started posting our story on their Facebook page over and over every few hours. Finally, I guess they realized I wasn't going to relent so after NINE days they finally got in contact with me. NINE DAYS. Most people's vacation would already be over by then!

Orbitz' finally caved in and paid us what we paid out of pocket to the resort for the AI. However, it's only 1/3 of the cost of what we paid Orbitz (Repaid us $600 when we'd paid them $1,700 for the AI). To this date (it's been 6 months now), they have REFUSED to pay us back the rest of what we paid them for the AI. Instead they blame the hotel as if it is somehow the hotel's fault. They keep telling us "we are advocating on your behalf with the hotel". Why? The hotel didn't do anything wrong. What is there to advocate?

We have finally launched a complaint with the BBB. Our next course of action will be to file a lawsuit in small claims court.

The cost of the all inclusive is $100 per day (roughly) per couple, and we booked for 17 days. Orbitz only paid us back for $600. Therefore, they owe us roughly $1,100 and they need to refund the remaining amount to us. They were paid for something that they did not provide; they are not entitled to keep the money, despite the fact that they seem to think that they are.

Taking in to consideration that we spent our entire first day in the hotel lobby trying to rectify this issue unsuccessfully, then spent the following 9 days dealing with this issue multiple times per day every day, I am of the belief that Orbitz should do something slightly better than just simply refunding the amount that they didn’t pay the hotel. Clearly, however, I won’t count on them ‘doing the right thing’ since they don’t even want to refund the money that they owe us, and somehow are of the belief that screwing up 9 or 10 days of someone’s vacation is rectified by a $150 travel voucher. Yes, they screwed up our vacation, kept a large percentage of our money, and they think a $150 travel voucher makes us even. Seriously? Like I would ever use their company again after a mess like this?!

All I can say is stay as far away from this company as possible. Their customer service is in India or something and it is HORRIBLE. If you need help on your trip from Orbitz, you will be S.O. L.! Save yourself the time, the grief and the misery, and book hotels, flights, and rental cars directly on your own. It has been SIX MONTHS now, and this mess remains unresolved.

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