This was my last email contact with Orbitz, to which, I've had no reply. This company grossly misrepresented its so-called company practices and I cannot believe they are allowed to conduct business in this manner.
They got me when customer service said in order to change my arrival date, I would have to cancel the first reservation and make a new one. The hotel has not received a dime from these theives nor have I received the promised refund of over $400.00 dollars.
Never, NEVER use Orbitz, unless you can afford to be ripped off!

INCIDENT NUMBER: [protected]
Your customer service told me that in order to switch the arrival date, I would have to cancel my reservation and make another reservation. I never wanted to cancel but these were your instructions from customer service. I was told by the proprietor of Days Inn that I was not going to be charged by the hotel and that Orbitz would refund the funds to my account.
I have yet to receive my refund for $173.91 and this preposterous charge:

Orbitz to me:
*Average rate per night:* $52.42
*Taxes & fees :* $23.96
*Amount charged to your credit card: $233.64* (Total: $407.55)
Unless otherwise specified, all costs are provided in US dollars.

"*Plans change, we understand.* Orbitz doesn't charge a fee when you cancel
your reservation. However Days Inn Russell may charge change and
cancellation fees..."
These are your words that appear on your emails. Days Inn never received any funds from you.

"*Days Inn Russell change and cancellation policy:* Day Inn Russell does NOT have a cancellation policy!
"This reservation is non-refundable. Cancellations or changes made at any
time are subject to a 100% charge. We are sorry but refunds are not
available for early check-out." There was no cancellation, as a matter of fact, I am still here!!

As was discussed in a recorded conversation by myself and you, you agreed
to refund the funds to my account. The proprietor has received no funds from
you and the email you were to send to Days Inn, Russell, KS, was, of
course, never sent.
You totally misrepresented your company and I consider this theft, as Days
Inn has not been paid by you. Make no mistake, I will take further action,
starting with the BBB, hiring an attorney and maybe, posting the recorded
message on youtube, so other people will not be subject to your illegal
I expect to hear from you within 1-2 days, with a confirmation of the
refunded funds to my account.
Phyllis Crates


  • Ka
    Kathy Nov 24, 2008

    Booked a reservation with Orbitz on 10/25 with the understanding of the "Low Price Guarantee". Went to their site on 11/24 and saw that the same exact flight was $200 cheaper PER PERSON. Was told that since I booked hotel and flight together, no "Low Price Guarantee" could be applied. RIP-OFF. Do not believe their low price guarantee. Stay away from Orbitz!!

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  • Al
    albp14t Jan 31, 2009

    It's a ripoff I booked a flight in December. A week later the prices dropped by 200$ my flights were out there for four weeks @ $500 and nobody according to Orbitz purchased the same ticket. Now one of the legs in my flight is no longer listed which means I will never get a refund

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  • Em
    Emine Fox Feb 04, 2010

    Do Not!, Do Not!, Do Not...Book an international flight with them...Trust me on this...Bait and switch...Liars...
    Call Center is in the Phillipines...If you do, you will be sorry...

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  • Ki
    Kingofthebit Jul 13, 2010

    I was charged a $25 cancellation fee after canceling the same day a hotel reservation for November. Cancelation was done by me when i found out that the hotel only had a 1 star rating they state their policy: A standard US $25.00 cancellation fee per room will always apply.

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  • Wa
    Wahti Jul 21, 2010

    I paid over 500.00 more than my friends who booked the same type room at the same hotel, on the same dates. The only difference in our reservations was that she booked directly with the Hotel and I booked with Orbitz.. Orbitz was unwilling to offer refund for difference in price.

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  • Ja
    Jamagma Jul 22, 2010

    Bought tickets from orbitz on 24 of june 2007, for the 29 of june to fly from Denver to LAX. The tickets arrived on the 28 of june and they were for 27 of july 2007. After calling orbitz they refused to fix the problem. and after talking to the air line directly there is not even a flight that they booked us on.

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  • Bo
    bob whos mad Feb 01, 2011

    Orbitz is a sham
    WE got snowed in . So went to change the reservation and Friggin orbitz took $480
    So we paid double for our hotel

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  • Ch
    chelseasw6 Feb 25, 2011 I have created a blog with the full details of my grievance. Orbitz has placed me on the incorrect flight and refused to correct their own mistake.

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  • Th
    thumky Apr 06, 2011

    Orbitz automatically adds Travel Insurance when you buy with them. I definitely didn't select it. There were so many options on my Confirmation Page. I looked at everything and i really don't remember seeing this before i hit "Confirm". This happened on a JFK -> Jamaica trip. This is very sneaky and unethical. I just happened to notice it when i got an email from Access America.

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  • Or
    Orbitz Apr 08, 2011

    Hello Thumky, I am contacting you from Orbitz Customer Relations. If you could e-mail me your Orbitz record locator to [email protected], I will be glad to review your reservation. Please place the e-mail to my attention, and please include your blog and screen name.


    Orbitz Customer Relations

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  • Aa
    AAHelpTeam Apr 08, 2011

    Hi @thumky,
    I’m with Access America’s Help Team. We’re sorry that you were unhappy with your travel insurance purchase. We work with partners like Orbitz to conveniently provide travel insurance to customers booking trips online. If you feel that you made your purchase in error, you have ten days from the date of purchase to cancel your policy and receive a full refund. Just call the number on your certificate of insurance and we’ll be happy to assist you.

    We hope that information helps. If you’d like to discuss further, you can reach us at [email protected]

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  • Th
    thumky Apr 09, 2011

    I was able to get a refund. I did not "make a purchase in error". More accurately, you added something completely out of the blue to my order than i never selected.
    A bad way to do business. You do it b/c many people probably don't notice it like i did.

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  • Ti
    Tim Bohdan Apr 15, 2011

    The same thing happened to me. I never recall being asked if I wanted to purchase extra travel insurance through Access America when purchasing a ticket using Orbitz. Orbitz is ruining its brand name and reputation by allowing Access America to automatically add travel insurance without a prompt to the user before time of purchase. I will NEVER use Orbitz again.

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  • Ti
    timriley12 May 11, 2011

    The same thing just happened to me too! SAN-YYC flight - I SAW the autoadded travel insurance option and selected NO and STILL got hit with it in the final cost!! On the phone right now with Orbitz Customer rep trying to get it taken off - this is ridiculous!

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  • Me
    meschow Dec 27, 2011

    I purchased Access America through a Delta ticket. My flight was cancelled, I called AA to confirm insurance. When I filed, they denied. ACCESS AMERICA IS A SCAM.

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  • Ch
    Chris D22 Mar 31, 2012

    Orbitz changed my flight without giving me notice (luckily i checked a few days before my trip). Then, despite my having the United website in front of me showing me availability, Orbitz denied seeing an available nonstop flights similar to my original booking. Orbitz is a total scam, can't believe they're still in business. There are major consumer violations going on with this company.

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  • Or
    Orbitz Apr 02, 2012

    Hi, Chris D22,
    This is Robert, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at [email protected] Please use my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.
    Thank you for your patience, I look forward to hearing from you.
    Robert Woyach
    Orbitz Customer Relations

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  • No
    NO MORE SCAM Jan 17, 2013


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  • Mi
    michaelarbour Feb 28, 2015


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  • Ma
    Mark McClusky Apr 29, 2015

    While booking a room I realized the date was wrong and I clicked cancel reservation but it went through any way. The Orbitz booking no. is PBORB-027-999-2084.I should not be charged for this canceled reservation.

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