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Worst hotel experience I've EVER had. My family and I never stay in nice places, but after Covid we decided to splurge and stay a couple of nights in downtown Savannah on our trip from KY. We are both teachers, so the money is not spent like this often. I cannot even begin to explain how awful the experience has been…from full renovations and constructions, to hour long check ins and crowded hot lines to the one snippy guy working the front desk—make shift due to construction. We left my husband at the car because at 430pm the valet said the hotel parking lot was already full and we would have to pay to public park a few blocks away. My 7 year old and I trekked around the building to try to check in…all enterances we found were closed and said try another. When we found the right door the check in line was out the door. Tons of agitated and hostile customers were waiting in a hot and construction zone lobby. A couple of guests passed us and told Addie and I to get out while we could…it was awful…pool and restaurant closed…rude staff…unfinished rooms. We had already paid for the room so we waited the hour and got checked in. Our room was clean, but clearly unfinished. No phone, tv not hooked up, not even a trash can. I tried calling orbitz. All they gave me because "I was able to check in" was a 150 buck discount to use on a future visit. This was on a two night 700 hotel bill. My husband just walked in from his 20 minute trek from the parking garage. I'm crying and unable to pull it together because when I called Marriott about it, they were like we can get you a room 10 miles outside of Savannah, but otherwise, you are out of luck because you booked with orbitz. No help…this whole experience has left me so jaded and unhappy with both Orbitz and Marriott. Not making it right hurts my heart. I thought people and companies were better than this to honest customers…

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