Orange Brand Services (formerly Mobinil) / paid service adding to my line without approval

I complained on services was adding to my line without my approval that deducted my balance from unknown numbers which consider commercial fraud from your company to their client to collect money from their balance without any truth dues as I complained on 28th March 2019 on 35 Egp was deducted from my balance and after complaining they found that there is 2 services deducted the amount without my approval and I confirmed to cancel all the services on my line and amount of 45 Egp was refund on 6th April and confirmed that there is no other services, after that in 11th April I recharge by amount of 7 Egp (net) so my balance should be 40 Egp and on 14th April I recharge again by amount of 7Egp(net) and when I checked my balance I found that I had 7 Egp only instead of 47Egp as I was think
Noting that I didn't use the internet or open my mobile data from this line
I contacted the CS again to check where my balance but I was stun when they confirmed that I was subscribed in games services that deducted my balance for second time without my approval that waht I called it is a theft and i was very upset as I know from my first complaint that only 3 ways to subscribe in this services and I really didn't do that what your customer agency need to convince me by it.
I do my second complain yesterday after shouting with your CS as he wasn't need to do it in the first.
Knowing that it is not a professional way to handle a complaint without time frame as happened to me in my first complaint .
My first complaint no is 1-[protected] dated 28th March
My second complaint no is 1-[protected] dated 14th April
My mobile no is [protected]
My name is Sara Eid Mohamed
Noting that this case was happened with my mother with the same reason of game services noting she is an old women and didn't use or know anything about this games or this services
It is a company attitude to do it with the clients
Thanks and waiting your soon feed back urgent

Apr 15, 2019

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