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R Jul 24, 2019

118 complaints, 0 resolutions. Guess that means no matter my opinion, YOUR COMPANY DOESN'T CARE about its customers and will never change! Why else would multiple representatives repeatedly LIE and DECEIVE customers about actual delivery dates? Your program materials exclaim "automated refills" but doesn't mention that if your insurance is Medicaid, you don't qualify! Not to mention regularly placing both customers AND medical personnel that call upon OptumRX request, on HOLD for over 15 minutes multiple times? Perhaps it is your lack of following your own policies and procedures in a timely manner regarding receipt and processing of controlled prescriptions, resulting in putting patients live at risk? With NO ACCOUNTABILITY?!

RECAP: well established long term reputable patient tries OptumRX for 1st time. First non narcotic prescription filled for 1 year! Whoops. Second: Sent original copy of controlled (narcotic) medication certified mail, received 7/8. Guaranteed to be fully processed NO LATER THAN 7/22. Sat on desk for two weeks, no action, failed to follow procedures to call Pt for address verification and Dr office to confirm. Pt calls to check status 7/19, none, waiting for Dr office to call them. Why? Need 14 page info report on pt. Dr faxed. Pt calls 7/20, no action, we don't work weekends and insurance problem. Pt calls 7/22, assured all is well, set for 7/22 Priority mail. Pt calls 7/23 to confirm status, no action, needs Dr report again, Overnight mail will be $12.50. Pt calls 7/23 afternoon, asked if wants REFILL, charged, then delivery date 8/1 (via Overnight?). NO TRACKING NUMBER! UNACCEPTABLE! Pt out of medication 7/25! Pt ends up driving 3 hours to DR office to get "temporary partial refill" prescription to take to local pharmacy to fill. Additional co pay of course. It remains to be seen if the original prescription is delivered. And since it requires Pt signature, it is NOT "lost in the mail".

TLDR: don't trust OptumRX to get your medications to you timely and accurately, ESPECIALLY critical ones, despite their promises! The CSR's are all over the USA as are the pharmacies they use, and calls are routed to the next available CSR, just not one in your area! Then the CSR has to figure out just WHICH pharmacy has the paperwork WHERE and if it's in the right place. On THEIR time. While you wait, and wait, and guess...

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