OptumRXdenial of medicine

W Jun 05, 2019

Optumrx signed a contract with the state of alaska (alaskacare), to provide pharmacy services for state of alaska retirees. Alaskacare states that a members benefits are good "world wide." optumrx officials signed a contract knowing they could not cover the services they are being paid for. Optumrx has violated the alaska contitution xii, section 7, as 39.35.880, 18usc1033, 18usc1356, 42usc157, ra 17-02a title 3 part 2 chapter 28 3aac 28.908, 42usc18022, 18usc1343, 18usc, chapter 96 1961-1968, interstate commerce act, sherman anti-trust act.
I have been denied a letter of guarantee of payment to the royal phnom penh hospital, phnom penh cambodia for a supply of essential medicine (aetna provided this and a one years supply when they administered the pharmacy services for alaskacare) I have gotten hold of four federal agencies including the fbi and us dept of justice to investigate this fraudulent contact.

See: cunningham v aetna and gillian washington v aetha

  • Updated by Willian D Webster · Jul 19, 2019

    ALASKACARE. If any member of AlaskaCare administered by Aetna/OptumRX has been denied treatment or medicine, I am in contact with law firms that want to file class law suit Contact me at [protected]

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