Optimumcustomer service

My land line phone service stopped working about a month ago. Nobody from Optimum could help to resolve the issue, but I was billed for it anyway. Made multiple phone calls to customer service with long waitings before you get to talk to an actual human. Very confusing customer service with asian agents who speak english with thick accents and are hard to understand. One of them by name Sammy was rude, unprofessional and REFUSED to discontinue my service and DECLINED my request to transfer my call to her supervisor. She raised her voice and really stressed me out! Spent another hour trying to call Optimum and when after a long waiting on hold got another asian agent, she hung up on me. Optimum is a nightmare company to deal with. None of my issues/requests was addressed. Customer service is unacceptable and no one responsible or accountable for this terrible service to be found. They waste the most precious gift of life - your time and fail their promises to provide you with outstanding service. Nightmare!

Oct 01, 2019

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