Optimumphone and internet

F Aug 06, 2018

Live in 07728 zip code. Pay for services 24/7, 365 per year. Internet and phone are FREQUENTLY down. Company customer service is useless. This is a problem community wide. TOLL BROTHERS is responsible! They aren't happy just making money on houses they sell, they make perverted deals with inept, low grade companies and sell out residents. Toll gets enormous kick backs while customers get spotty low quality service and perhaps they most useless inept customer service in business. We as consumers are being violated by the companies we do business with. Theybtake us, and our money for granted. Companies who can't prvoide the services the customers are paying for should not be allowed to continue in business. Government should FORCE Optimum to rebate ALL down time. Every customer is due a refund for times services aren't available, unless it's act of God.

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