I booked a flight with Opodo to India (travelling with Emirates) and travelled on the 26/08/2019. Booking everything went fine until I got to the airport and it transpired that Opodo had provided incorrect information about luggage weights for Emirates. I was 3kg over the allocated weight for cabin luggage and so they charged me an extortionate fee. Emirates asked me to provide evidence that I had been informed of the wrong details. When I did they then promptly ignored it and said I needed to take it up with the agent Opodo. I did via Opodo's complaint system and more than a month later have yet to be contacted in any way by Opodo. This is extremely bad customer service by Opodo, both before and after travel. I won't be booking through them again and advise others to avoid them as well.

-- update --
The day I wrote this review on Trustpilot Opodo suddenly contacted me. Denied all knowledge of my complaint that had been made via the system they direct you too. Asked me to furnish all the details again, along with evidence on their site of the false information that I had been provided with. I compiled by pointing out two webpages on their site that had false information and then (same story as Emirates) they ignored the evidence and told me that I had looked at the wrong webpage on their site - apparently one correct webpage cancels out two webpages with completely incorrect information.

Oct 03, 2019

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