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Omegle is a truly evil website...
Omegle is an random, anonymous video chat site, similar to Chat Roulette. whether or not this was the intended purpose of the website, it is commonly used by sexual predators and pedophiles to prey on innocent users, display and share child pornography, or even broadcast themselves committing live acts of abuse. due to the anonymous nature of the site, there appears to be no way to report criminal users to the authorities.

after using the website for only 2 minutes or so, I encountered a user displaying a graphic video of child pornography. I made detailed reports to several law enforcement agencies and advocacy groups, but most told me there was nothing they could do. my local police told me the best option for reporting was the FBI, but they have not yet responded.

I have since learned that this is a common occurrence on Omegle, and many others have had similar experiences. also, the site owner/administrator seems to have no interest in righting the wrongs his website has created. sadly, I don't know what can be done for the individual victims but pray, but surely something can be done about the website itself. I believe the site must be shut down by the FBI, and I need your help in making this happen.

if you or anyone you know has witnessed anything remotely illicit on Omegle, I would encourage you to make reports the FBI, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as well as your local police. I have included some links below:

if you live outside the US, I'm sure there are other ways to make reports to the authorities. I have also made several news tips to various news outlets, hoping to being more attention to the issue, and I would also ask that you do the same. news tip locations can be easily found by searching "(news outlet name) news tip."

and lastly, here is a petition about Omegle, and I ask that you please take the time to sign it:

and of course, please pray for these victims of child abuse and exploitation.
thank you to anyone reading this,
and thank you for anything you can do to help take down this terrible website.

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Sep 05, 2019 6:21 am EDT

There is another horrible website that promotes prostitution and child exploitation. It's called usasexguide.

Aug 22, 2019 8:34 pm EDT

Please please if any of you going on this site have ever cared or thought about child abuse, do not EVER use this site again. I’ve recently had a peadophile try and potentially abuse our daughter, thank God that a friend of ours picked up on it and so she’s safe.
This site isn’t good on any level but if it results in children getting abused, then how can it be able to continue?

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