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H Nov 24, 2017 Review updated:

I was using Omegle and I was banned for no reason. I had one good conversation with a person, but after we went our ways, I was suddenly banned. What is going on here? I haven't done anything wrong. I was simply surfing Omegle to find people to talk to and was suddenly banned. I have done nothing wrong. I wasn't inciting any sort of inappropriate behavior, I myself wasn't doing anything inappropriate, so why was I banned? This has annoyed me greatly and I hope that you can resolve this issue quickly. I haven't been on Omegle for almost a year and now I'm suddenly being banned for the first time I have ever used this website. I hope you can fix this issue and that I can continue to use Omegle.


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      Nov 24, 2017

    Yeah same for me why the hell this is happening now i am banned like permenetely because this ban page doesn't even say taht my ban won't lat long and i was banned for nothing just nothing, So plz fix this, i found here so many friends and good people but now i can't even enter omegle even in unmonitored section :(

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