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First things first I am a regular at Olive Garden. My family and I got seated and a waitress named Carolina came over and brought us breadsticks. These breadsticks were as hard as rocks and almost impossible to eat. Next we noticed that we didn't get cloth napkins which we are used to getting at Olive Garden for dinner. I am well aware that at lunch time we get paper napkins but I expect at dinner we should get cloth. This wouldn't be such a big deal if that was all. But than we get served salad... the first bowl was so small that two people took salad and the rest of us had no salad until the waitress came over and we asked for more. Normally we would be given bread plates nd salad bowls but this time we were given plates for salad. In what world are we living in where we get a tiny plate to eat salad. Next we order dinner and I ask for the stuffed chicken Marsala without mushrooms on top which I always order but this time the waitress said "oh we can't do that because it's pre made with mushrooms on top". I was irritated and was not about to argue and make a scene so I let it go. I ordered the tour of Italy instead. At this juncture I now receive the tour of Italy nd the chicken parm was so hard I couldn't bite through it. One member in my party ordered the chicken parm and didn't say anything to me until after we left that it was hard and she would not get it again. This was a horrific experience and I am very tempted not to return to the Westbury NY Olive Garden again.

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