Olive Gardencustomer service

L Aug 17, 2018

Just had the worst experience at Olive Garden on Lindbergh in St. Louis, MO. arrived around 1:30, busy but not a huge crowd. Our server came pretty quickly and brought our drinks. We placed our order, I ordered angel hair pasta with meat sauce. I told her I wanted very little pasta, mostly sauce. Came with very little sauce, mostly pasta. Asked for more sauce, about 10 minutes later she came out with a small ramekin of sauce, about 1/4 cup. I told her I'd probably need about 3 times that. About 10 minutes later she brought the same amount and said she had spoken to the manager and I would have to pay for additional sauce. Since what I ordered was less pasta I feel they should have either remade the dish or given me the amount of sauce I no additional charge. The breadsticks came out after we had finished soup and salad. Another person in the party requested a second bowl of soup and that took about 10 minutes to get. My mom asked for lemon for her tea, again a long wait. All in all, bad service. We will not return!

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