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I bought a PS/2 to USB Adapter for use with a KVM switch. After opening the package I realized that I did not need the adapter. I knew there was a 14-day window on returns and I brought it back after 11 days. Because the box had been opened, I expected that I would be limited to a store credit rather than a refund. I was told by the clerk that I could only get an EXCHANGE for the same item. I found this to be unreasonable. The department manager told me that, for this time only, I could get credit against another item for the same price or higher. I bought another item, which I did not need at the time, for a slightly higher price. I do not intend to ever shop at Office Depot again as long as this return policy exists.


  • Ca
    caughy May 19, 2011

    I bought a Seagate external drive from them the other day. It was dead out of the box. They would not refund my money. They did give me a gift card for the amount. Don't stores like this one return defective merchandise to the manufacturer for a refund? The manager acted like I just didn't like the drive and told me that he can't re-sale it because it was opened. He was deaf to the fact that it did not work. Best Buy will refund your money on any purchase, opened or not. Walmart is the same way. Maybe this explains why the stores are usually empty of customers.

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  • Ke
    KeithRG May 01, 2011

    I have this chair I bought from Office Depot. It has proven TWICE to be of inferior quality. All Office Depot can do is keep sending me a new part to replace the one that keeps wearing out after two months. All claims made on the chair, that swayed me to think that the chair I was buying was of good quality, are proving to be FALSE. I am now faced with the possibility of complaining a third time about how crappy this chair is. And they might as well expect a call from me two months from now because the part I will get will wear out that fast. And this will go on and on and on. To me, this falls under a lemon law. I would prefer to get my money back so I can invest in a better built office chair. If there is going to be a 5 year warranty on a chair, then the chair (I hoped) should be made to be sat in for long periods of time. Yet, despite the proof I have of me sitting in a lemon, I cannot get my money back because supposedly Office Depot is not a try and buy company? Bulls*t.

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  • Od
    ODguy Apr 10, 2011

    look, hopefully i can clear up this problem as I work at office depot.

    regular items have a 30day return policy. that covers all non-technology items in the store.

    technology on the otherhand has a 14 return policy un-opened. once it is opened it is exchange only.

    if a store tells you you cannot get store credit for anything besides a laptop THEY ARE LYING.

    the thought behind this policy is that we are NOT a buy and try company. you should find out if a device will be compatible for your needs before you buy it, if it isn't though, you can still exchange it for another or store credit.

    we also don't sell open/used technology. so every opened item can't be sold anymore.
    laptops on the otherhand can only be exchanged for another laptop, not nessicarily the same one though.

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  • Zz
    zzn2323 Dec 06, 2010

    bought a laptop at office depot got it home and found out i could not stand the keyboard on it. i own a toshiba and thought it would all go just like my last one. but this is not the case. so now i have a laptop i cant stand and paid 500 for and cant get another laptop because of their policy. echange only. well like the rest of you i will never ship at office depot again when there are plenty of retailers that do not run there business like office depot. i am not sure what kind of store they think they are but they are sure not about the customer. Never shop office depot. they need to be put out of business. and i would put a sign in my car dont shop office depot. i know i am going to be sure to make it clear how bad their customer service policies are. stuck with a 500 dollar lapttop that sucks .

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  • Ge
    gee123 Nov 07, 2010

    OFFICE DEPOT HORRIBLE, THERE POLICY IS BEYOND REDICILOUS. I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN. i bought a laptop that ended up being a piece of crap. went to return it to get my money they said NO. wtf that [censor]. you can only get a credit only. best buy or any other company lets you return the production no question ask. ill never shop here again.

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  • Pe
    peace love Jan 01, 2010

    if you order something that the store carries as an item that they regularly stock then they should take it back. The problem is you can get approx 100, 000 items on the website and the stores carry about 1/10th of that...

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  • Ta
    talk2velda Dec 31, 2009

    Bought a Toshiba laptop on Dec 29th 2009. Had a really hard time deciding between it and the MSI but chose the Toshiba because it was 50 bucks cheaper. Today, Dec 31st, wanted to take the Toshiba back because the touchpad has a texture to it (it isn't smooth and I didn't notice that), anyway, it makes my finger hurt and I certainly don't want a callus on my finger from using the touchpad! The cursor is kinda spastic too. ANyway, when I went back in (left the Toshiba in the car), I checked with a clerk to see if they had the MSI laptop in stock. She said they didn't but were expecting more because they had some on order and they could not sell me the demo (don't want the demo anyway). Well, I asked if they would be getting the MSI in by the 2nd because the sale ends on the 2nd. She said probably not - most likely not so I asked if they could raincheck it at the sales price so that when they get one in, I could get the sales price. She said no. She said maybe they could just do the refund and give me an OD gift card for the refund amount and then I could come in when they get their shipment in. I told her that wouldn't work if they don't give me the sales price on the MSI. The department manager came by and she asked the department manager if they could do any of this. The department manager said no - it is OD policy not to do rainchecks. I told the clerk that if they can't solve this at the store level, I'd go higher. When I left the store, I called the toll free number and spoke with Claude who could do nothing but quote the OD bible on their policy. I told him that if he couldn't help me, he needed to just pass me up the line. He connected me with their corporate office. I spoke with Margaret there after being on hold for about 15 minutes. She too my name, address and telephone number. I (again) explained the situation. She said well that's our policy and then she asked me which store. I told her the store in Abilene Texas and read the number on the receipt to her. She told me the manager's name. She also "clarified" their policy in that even if I did bring the TOSHIBA back in that I could only get the same TOSHIBA. I read the info on the back of the receipt and the info on the red tag that they attached to the box. IT STATES A 14 DAY RETURN POLICY FOR EXCHANGE ---- MIND YOU THE WORD "EXCHANGE" AND NOTHING ELSE AFTER IT. IT DOES *****NOT***** STATE EXCHANGE FOR THE SAME ITEM. Exchange means trading one for another but does not mean the same specific item unless it says the exact same item. I told Margaret at the corporate office that had the MSI laptop been in stock that we wouldn't be having this conversation and that they would have already made the exchange and I'd have been a happy shopper. She again stated their policy, which they obviously care more about than their "100% satisfaction guarantee" statement. She again stated the store manager's name to me which I have written down on the receipt but can't think of at the moment and told me that he would call me on Monday. I said, well, that all well and good but even if he did decide he wanted to do something about this, the sale will be off and he would have to break another one of your precious policies because I can't buy the laptop at regular price - only at the sales price. She refused to budge, gave me the manager's telephone number and stated that it is their policy to give the managers at least 24 hours to respond. Well, there are plenty of other places to take my business here in Abilene so I told her that I will never set foot in OD again as long as I live and I will be sure to tell everyone of my experience with their policies. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars in OD over the years, especially since I opened my own business in 2005 --- several computer, I don't even know how many printers, and only God knows how much paper, ink and other supplies I've bought. NO MORE... there's an Office Max here in town and I now know that paper is cheaper at Walmart too. NEVER AGAIN OD ---- never again. Think I will put a sign in my car --- Don't shop at Office Depot.

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  • Js
    JSquare Dec 18, 2009

    I was caught in the same trap. What amazes me is how clear the policy is when you have a problem. It's clearly written on the back of your receipt in small print, AFTER you purchase the item. I guess i should have requested their return policies before i started to shop. Then at least i would know what i was in for! I already dislike spending my spare time shopping but maybe it would be worth it. There ARE other stores that take opened "Technology" products back, even if you simply don't like it and yes, i will spend my spare time at those stores from now on. By the way, is a space heater really considered "Technology"?

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  • Ji
    jim999 Oct 13, 2009

    Can we as consumers file class action suet against office depot? I don’t know but we can. Call the office of the Better Business and the Chamber of Commerce in your state and file a complaint. I suggest you do the same if you don’t like the way they or doing business in your state.

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  • Ji
    jim999 Oct 13, 2009

    I bought a wireless n router. I have netflix on my DVD player it would keep dropping the signal. My old g router works fine but slow. So I took it back to Office Depot. It was the same thing. They lost another costumer. They need to stop selling electronic because some time they work and some time they don’t the manufacture said to take it back to the store so I did but still no refund from Office Depot Open box policy.

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  • So
    soondae Sep 24, 2009

    I placed an on-line order for a Texas Instrument calculator. The order was delivered the very next day (which I was very pleased with - extremely prompt with the delivery). However, found out from one of my sons that the model I ordered was not the model he needed for school. I went to return the item to the store on my way to work the next day.

    I was told that they can not take back any order that was delivered and I need to call the toll free number to arrange the return. I called the toll free number and was told that someone will be stopping to pickup the item (anytime between 8:30 - 5:30). When I asked about how the item should be packaged and about the label that should be on the package, I was told to address it to Home Depot (no address, no label, etc.). Another question I posed was how do I know if it's been actually picked up by someone, the person said "she doesn't know". She asked if I lived in an area that had experienced bulgary lately or if it's safe.

    My complaint are the following:

    - how can the store not take back items ordered on-line?
    - how can you expect someone to be home to return the item (8:30 - 5:30)?
    - how do you not supply return label(s) to track the item to make sure someone actually picked up the item?

    I will make sure I never order items on-line from Office Depot again and make sure everyone I know is aware of the policy. This is one of the most inefficient company that wastes resources (money, time, energy, etc.) when we are all trying to cut cost, time, etc. in this recession.

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  • Kr
    krystale Sep 21, 2009

    The same thing happened to me last week. We bought a battery backup/surger protector. It wasn't strong enough for protecting our tv (it kept tripping it). It was $80. I have my receipt and went to return it. They said the same thing. I was not happy - they finally gave me the number to "CORPORATE". The lady was not horrible to be but said it was their CORPORATE POLICY and that since she felt bad for me, she would send me a gift card for $25. The next size battery backup/surge protector that would work with our tv is $129.00. We did NOT want to spend that much. I commented to the lady and asked if i would receive the card BEFORE the 14 day return period was up. She got really mean "Ma'am we are NOT the US Postal Service. The only way we could guarantee delivery would be if we got in the car and hand delivered it to you". So I'm waiting on the gc, and will go back and use it and then start my complaint campaign against Office Depot.

    I wouldn't have minded store credit. that would've been acceptable. I even offered to take an even exchange, NOT OPEN IT and then bring it back. I was told that the same thing would apply as THEY would have to open it to inspect it!!

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  • Kaelynsmommy09 Aug 20, 2009

    comment above me... NO ONE gives money back for open computers...They only exchange or the same item... get over ur self...why should od be n e different. they also have to protect there selfs from theft, tampering and going backrupt

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  • Vr
    vrpirata Aug 19, 2009

    I went to office depot few days ago to buy a laptop. This was my first time buying something from office depot, I usually buy electronics from Frys or Best Buy. Well, after I got the laptop I relize that the OS was 32 bits (I wanted 32 bits) so I went to return it. It was a big surprice to find out that office depot only exchange open items. My first experience with them is going to be my last one. From now on I'll stick with better companies like Frys or BestBuy.

    How could a better company like Circuit City gone bankrupt and Office Depot is still surviving? I'm looking forward to the end of them... hopefully.

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  • Th
    Thristam May 29, 2009

    Same issue, Purchased a Monitor and tried to return it due to some dead pixels and other strange issues. They gave us the run around for days, telling us we can return it for a refund, then that we cant. There is some fine print on the back of your receipt that says that "Technology items cant be refunded. period." Even if you bought it the same day and had problems, they wont refund your money. DO NOT buy from Office Depot, EVER. I finally had to break down and have the credit card company issue a Dispute and got our money back.

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  • Ma
    madatofficedepot May 09, 2009

    Just had the same experience with Office Depot. They now have a red sticker that explains this but when I bought my router 3 days ago and tried to return it today, the clerk pointed to some little print on the receipt. I'm not shopping there ever again too. Does anyone know if there's a class action suit that is pending against OD because of this?

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  • Jc
    jcasale Apr 08, 2009

    Everyone...And another one gone, and another one gone ...Another one bites the dust
    Place your bets:
    Chapter 9
    Before holiday season?
    Week following holiday season?

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  • Ge
    getALife996 Mar 16, 2009

    Yeah, I just bought a Wireless network adapter that I found does not work with my system. But since it's open, I can't do anything about it. So, from now on I will never shop there again. How often do people buy one part for their computer, etc. and get it home to find that it doesn't work as expected. But now you're out, bccause Office Depot has some garbage policy. Never again will I shop there!

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  • Bi
    Bill Condie Feb 21, 2009

    Ooops . . I'm still so mad I made typos, but you get the idea

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  • Bi
    Bill Condie Feb 21, 2009

    Just had the same exxperience, so it's farewell Office Depot.

    Apparently they changed their policy lsst year.

    For years I've been returning the occasion bough-in-haste item with no problems for an immediate refund.

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