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No oil on dip stick after oil change. read on...

I took my cadillac dts 2006 for a “quick” oil change which eventually ended up taking over 3 hours. they sold me a power steering flush and replacement after showing me a dirty sample of fluid on a “special” piece of paper.

I paid and was ready to get in and drive away but the floor mat was covered with black foot prints and oil.
I pointed it out and they apologized, the assistant manager got a cleaning kit and cleaned it.

Now i thought, what else “did they do” to my car? i opened the hood and checked the dip stick.
No oil on the dip stick!!!

I pointed it out and they added 3 quarts to bring the level up.
Now the question is? did they damage the engine while they drove it with only 4.5 quarts in?
Didn’t the mechanic see the low oil level alarm when he drove it from the bay to the parking lot? the light is supposed to come on approximate 2 quarts from full.

I thought, what else didn’t they do and noticed the cover for the steering fluid was missing and fluid had spilled down the side of the engine, pulleys and belts.
I pointed it out and they spent over an hour looking for the cover.
I asked if the spilled fluid could pose a fire hazard but was ignored.

Now i thought what else could be wrong.
I took a sample from the power steering reservoir and put a drop on the “special” paper they had used to show me how dirty it was. it was darker than the original piece they first showed me.

They offered to flush the system “again” and replaced the fluid while i was watching.
The tech also informed me that the fluid is always dark in color even after they have changed it.

During the “inspection” they concluded that the drivers side front wheel bearing needed to be changed. i said that i would think about it. shortly thereafter i took the vehicle to the cadillac dealer. they checked all the wheel bearings and found nothing wrong. so ntb was trying to rip me off for a wheel bearing.

Other issues
The portable oil container they used for adding oil was dirty and covered with dust outside.
Their large storage tank with “clean” oil had several openings on the top because the plugs and covers were missing.
I pointed it out to the manager, he apologized that they had recently performed maintenance on it and not reinstall them. the openings were covered with fussy dust.

They refunded the money and told me that the “mechanic” had a bad day because of family problems.
I could have ended up with a busted engine and a long law suit.

I contacted ntb customer service on february 1st. they took notes and asked if was ok that the store manager called me. i told them no and specifically asked that i get a call from their corporate office. regardless, ed the store manager calls me late in the afternoon. i told him that i expected a call from corporate.
Stephen shelden called me a few minutes later from [protected] and informed me that he was the corporate director for ntb. this is a bit strange since ntb’s hq is in florida and mr. shelden was located in massachusetts.
I asked mr. shelden to provide me with a letter from cadillac stating that the engine will not suffer any damage if operated with only 4.5 quarts of oil. stephen stated several times that he did not think so and that i should take his word for it as he had been in the industry for a long time.
We ended the conversation with me still requesting a letter from cadillac.
Stephen promised to call back february 2, 2010 with an update.
I have never heard from mr. shelden or any other ntb employee since (it has now been over 4 months).


  • P
      Jan 03, 2011

    I currently work for NTB.. Which actually stands for (Not Today ###).. I hate it, I am a the Service Manager at my store, I work anywhere from 65 to 80 hrs a week. I make good sales about 40k a month on average. But I miss my kids, and this company don't care about your family, all they care about is you being at work.. Sell, sell, sell.. They call me at the store and ask me whats going on, I tell them we are slow, we are doing everything we can do, but it is never good enough. I hate it.

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  • O
      Feb 06, 2011

    I wish I had seen this complaint earlier. I had a similar experience just last month (January 2011). I had Oil and Filter Change at a Crystal Lake NTB on Route 14. It took FOUR long hours to do the oil and filter change, in addition to a diagnosis that my passenger side tie rod needs to be replaced. When this bearded, fat man explained my problem, he dared not to look at me. At the time, I was not sure which side of my tie rod was replaced just 6 months ago, and I said, it was too late, and I will decide later what to do.

    When I am back, I checked my record, and found out the same side tie rod was just replaced. I was thinking this guy might be lying to me.

    After seeing this same complaint, I am convinced that this NTB store in Crystal Lake is engaging a dishonest practice.

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  • M
      Feb 23, 2012

    I agree that NTB is no good. Steve Sheldon is a complete ###. I brought my Acura MDX in for a free rotate and balance. My car was scratched by the technician "if you can call the employee a technician". The Store Manager gave me a rough time and denied the damage to my MDX. Steve Sheldon got involved and told me to get three estimates. I did what he said and he has never been any help. In fact I had to call call and call to get any response for weeks. When I got to talk to him he said that the three estimates were too expensive and that an "executive decision was made to not pay for my repair needed. $900 was not excessive I thought. All there Separate estimates were with in 100 to 75 difference. Steve Sheldon then advised they could possibly meet me half way on the repairs. That is an admission of guilt. I am now pursuing small claims court because Steve Sheldon is such a douche-bag that he could not just simply put my claim into NT-B's Insurance Company. Disgusted... Mark B Methuen Massachusetts.

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  • E
      May 22, 2014

    So I went into NTB, Palatine IL, Bought 4 brand new tires to put on my rims. I informed them not to try and sell me anything or try and BS me, as I am a auto mechanic myself. I asked them politely to pay extra attention to cleaning the area in which the balance weights were applied. Well, almost not surprisingly 2 weeks later my car is shaking and rattling at speed... I check and see that my driver side front and passenger side rear have lost ALL the balance weights...

    When I called them back to inform them of their error, the man on the phone, Mark, was less than cordial. Actually implying that I must be wrong, weights don't just fly off. ###!!! After waiting 45 min to call back, I spoke with another person Chris, at first was polite and agreed, but once I reiterated that I will not be paying for the new service and gave him some specific detail on how I would like this done, he said "alright bye"... Needless to say, I will be ruining all of the employee's day. Rant over.

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