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I want to tell you about my recent experience with NCL.

I have booked a travel with you a year ago thinking that covid will be over but it is now worse than ever! When the time came to pay in full my travel in October 2021, I have called your selling department and they assured me that there were very few covid case (just one declared) aboard your ship. I will discover later that it was a false statement….

So, I decided to go ahead and pay in full my travel with you. In December, I have called again to know what was about the masking policy and again I have been explained that every employee needs to be masked and I will have to be masked even on the pool deck except when drinking or eating. I will discover later that it was again a false statement.

When I flew from Canada with a Full negative PCR to Tampa, I have done the little covid test in the tent thinking that it was serious and to be efficient. To my surprise, people were barely turning the Q tips in their nose in hope that they will not test positive…..!

So I embark the ship hoping that I will not get the Covid and be back to my home safely in Canada. I had a correct experience while I was aboard, but I will discover afterward that the NCL Breakaway will have to change his destination because it was refused entry to other country port. So this bigger ship came along with us for the 4 days we disembark in Mexico, Roatan, Belize and again in Mexico. In Roatan we had to take a tender waiting 1 hour in the morning in the ship theater in hope that they will let us take the tender because the weather was very windy. Finally, after an hour of waiting, we went to the tender and wait an other 30 minutes to depart, another 30 minutes to disembark in Roatan. In the evening, it was very too windy, so we had to wait another hour and a half for the Breakaway to go away! And wait for our ship to come along and get us inside. It was maddening.

The day after in Belize, what a surprise to see again the Breakaway in our spot because this ship was bigger, and it was requiring too many passengers to disembark. So we have wait for 45 minutes in the tender before it start to Belize and an other 30 minutes for disembarkment. The same long waiting minutes in the evening.

Afterward, it went smoother in Mexico for there were enough place for all the ships to coast. We had some fun on the 31st 2021 taking photos and partying for the new year eve’s. I took some photos and some employee. They offer us to take out their mask (see photo included). Also, you will see some bunch of people not masked on the pool desk… incredible. All Americans people that does not care because …. THEY DON’T HAVE TO GET A COVID TEST BEFORE GETTING BACK INTO THEIR COUNTRY!

In the morning of January 1st 2022, We had to take a covid test before the end of the cruise because we are Canadian citizen that needs of 72 hours negative test before getting a plane to Canada. At 10:30 in this morning, 3 agents came to me on the pool deck taking me without much explanation to my room saying that I needed to stay there. It was a long wait before somebody called us to tell that one of my two-kid tested positive. At that point, we didn’t know if they were going to bring food, drink or anything else. I had to make repeated phone called before getting any answers. It was crazy. In the end, they brought us some sandwiches and drink but no water because it was not included in my FREE DRINK that was sold to me at the beginning. So I had no choice but to pay for my water which is 6.99$ US a little bottle.

After waiting a full day and night not knowing if the US authorities will quarantine us or what will happened to us outside the ship. Nobody could manage to answer those question aboard the ship… So We were the last people to get outside the ship at 11 am on January 2nd 2022. Outside, a US agent took our passport and told us: Good luck, Show! It would have been great that someone aboard the ship reassured us about our disembarkment with the US local authorities.

We took a ride to the airport alongside with other Canadian that were on the ship as well. They were compensated with 14 days of hotel and 100$ per diem per day, each people. Nothing was offer to us probably because I told them that I was going to rent a car and get back home. It cost me 2,200$ US and 500$ of gasoline to get back home. Just that you know about it, in Georgia, it started to rain like a storm. I finally drove for 12 hours in a storm through the Carolina’s and Virginia. I ended up in a winter storm with snow. It was the worse experience in my life having to drive all night long in a tropical storm.

I finally came to home sound and safe but what a experience.

If only I would have had honest answer when I called NCL about my preoccupation sailing during covid time, I would never take that cruise. Knowing that there were so many covid case on ship, knowing that covid test were not PCR and not well manage, knowing that we could party without mask, knowing that employee were taking out their mask for photos, I WOULD NEVER TOOK THAT CRUISE.

Now I want to obtain 1/7 of the price I paid for this cruise which represent the day that I was confined inside the cabin. The total amount paid was 9,868.50$. The amount claimed is 1,409.78$ plus the car rental I had to pay which represent I am hoping that you will understand fully how I feel about my trip with NCL. I am hopping that you will fully acknowledge responsibility and reimburse me for all the disagreement I had.

You will find attached photos of unmasked employees as well as a video of people partying unmasked. I have even a registered phone call with one of your NCL agent making false statement about your cruise policy… It will be a pleasure for me to send you this recording.

I thank you very much for reading me.


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