Nordstromlacking safety precaution with the folding tables

A Sep 06, 2018

I was walking with my 4 year old ready to use one the express registers when all of a sudden a metal table was wiring for him. He was not running! So I cannot imagine what would've happened if he would've been running and the metal table waiting for him.
His nose started to bleed from the impact!
The store should be mindful when using these tables to fold the clothes (either use a different color that stands out- this tables black the floors dark gray so it blends in- very difficult to spot, specially for a little one)l/ change the material of the table in case this were to happen again/
Change the height of the tables or make the employees aware of the danger of leaving these tables half way out! Unacceptable from such a store. The employees had no idea what to say or do! It seems as if it never occurred to them the harm done.. so please, Nordstrom people do something about it. My sons nose could be broken it could've been worst!! Many of your customers during the day are moms with kids. Make safety #1

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