NJ Transittrain delays

M Oct 03, 2019

10/3/19 I was on the 6:53 train today from Hamilton to Penn Station, NYC. In the middle of the ride, the conductor said we were stopping at local stops. Even though we were already down two cars. Made no sense. Then we continued to make local stops even after we were completely full. You actually put lives in danger. Especially after you exceeded the capacity.

I am so fed up with the "we apologize" BS. Yesterday you canceled the 4:40 train. No alert.

NJ Transit continues to show incompetence as a transportation operator. The sound systems don't work on trains. And they never communicate when they have an issue on the train. We stop; but no one knows why.

No one cares. I wish the service was outsourced to a company who can provide services. Maybe start paying your staff so you stop canceling trains!

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