New Norfolk Woolworthnon exchange policy of cigarettes

P Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

My wife brought 3 packets of horizon red thirtys and when she got home 1 pack ended up being the wrong ones. We live approx 20 klm from the store so we left it until we went in 2 days later to take them back. When we asked to exchange them we were told that they do not exchange cigarettes. They did not ask when we brought the item just refused to exchange them. I believe if you are given the wrong product you are entitled to a exchange for the right one. It is not like it is a self service counter were if you get the wrong product it is your fault you have been served and expect to receive what you asked for. I am sure if someone ordered products from your home delivery service and was sent the wrong items your company. You would endevor to rectify the mistake not turn around and say we do not exchange because of our mistakes. We have always shopped at this store since living in this erea for the last 15 years and will now take our business elsewhere. I am sure Coles will appreciate the 40 + thousand dollars a year extra turnover that we spend. I know that is just a drop in the ocean for a company like yours. But if this happens to enough people and they go to the opposition your company might change this ridiculous policy. Not happy


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    9wood Aug 12, 2018

    just a thought but did the person buying them check?
    could of been fixed right than

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