NJ Transitcustomer courtesy

I was riding the 404 towards Philadelphia that departed from the cherry hill mall at 3:50pm. I'm not sure if it was the 3:30 route running late or the 4:00 arriving early. The numbers inside the bus are 5573. I was not able to get the drivers name but she was EXTREMELY rude. The passenger to board before me was not familiar with the bus routes and she was not helpful at ALL! She even asked the girl and I quote "How are you riding the bus and you don't even know where your going". She then proceeded to say in a very loud voice "Girl go sit down". I was next to board and had my hands full with bags. But I had the two dollars out of the $2.25 it cost to board in my hand already. I asked her if it was fine I didn't have the quarter because I honestly didn't think I had one. She proceeded to inspect my bags and say "You got food and you went shopping at tjmaxx but you don't have a quarter for the bus". I feel like this was EXTREMELY uncalled for. I'm a student at the Harris school of bssing located behind the mall. I carry my school supplies in a tjmaxx bag because its easier for me than a bookbag. Not to mention the food i had was given to me and not bought. But either way she should not adress customers this way it is very embarassing. Luckily for me I was able to find the 25 cents and board the bus. However the unprofessionalism of your driver was very distasteful. She is supposed to be a representation of your values and beliefs of customer service. Her overall attitude towards passengers shows otherwise. Another passenger who rides this particular bus often said she is always like this. I think she should undergo some more training on customer service and how to politely inform passangers of the rules of the bus. Instead of speaking to them in condescending tones and belittling them.

Oct 02, 2019

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