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I've had Netspend Card for some time now and I was reading about some of your complaints, and I have several, for the latest, their I have to file a dispute over this merchant for this amount they charged me that I didn't authorized and before netspend would just lood into it and get it back for me, now since I can't get ahold of the company they went out of business or something I have to file a dipute and it takes forever to get my money (not to mention the hassel) and who knows if there's a cost. Also I've been having them pay my bills on line and they been getting them paid but every month I have to check to make sure they go out in time and that they have the correct amout, I thought that's what they were suppose to do for you without worry, I guess I was wrong. I called them and they didn't even reconigese one of my bills, and that was my rent. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone out there no of another good debit card company I don't have to pay all there bills and I can get all there services for free, or at least close to so I can do my banking without worry, I can't go to a regular bank or credit bank my credit sucks. Thanks you.

  • Us
    user123879 Oct 14, 2009

    Discover has a pre-paid debit card that works the same way but is backed by Discover -they have really good practices and you dont have to worry about any of this crap. I'd go there! They also dont have a credit check or anything like that. You can get it on their website.

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  • Tr
    TravV Oct 19, 2009

    I have a NetSpend card and had to go through a dispute. Yes you do have to fax in a statement stating why you are disputing the charge(which is a requirement for most financial institutions) and yes it does take time, but I was able to win my claim and get my money back. They do not charge anything for disputes.
    I have also used the bill pay option a few times and from what I understand, the user has to input the amount and dates for it to be taken out.
    From all my research I have found that NetSpend has great features and reasonably priced for a prepaid debit card.

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put money on card and lost it

I put 109.00 on netspend card and used 20.00 and the rest was lost its been 7 days and still dont know where my money is netspend is the worst custermer service in the world i will never use it again only activated the card 7 days ago

  • Ne
    netspendsucks Jul 27, 2010

    I had someone paypal me emergency money so I could eat last night. When i tried to transfer it over to my netspend card, I was told that wasn't allowed anymore. Even though netspend still falsely advertises being compatible with paypal.

    I issued a refund to the person and told them just transfer the funds to the netspend card directly.
    They transfered the funds, their statements show the transfer, and according to netspend the transfer should have occured within minutes. This was over twelve hours ago. When I was able to reach a woman whom I could barely understand, I explained that they stole my money. She told me their records indicate no such transfer took place, then told me such transfers are prohibited.
    Even though I was previously given the routing number, account number and told that is all I need, and that it should go through directly.
    [censor] YOU netspend, you owe me $65 worth of bananas and cheeseburgers and i am looking into who i should hirie to sue your sorry [censor].

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  • Me
    Melissa Dunn18 May 03, 2013

    Hi Mastercard representitives. My name is Melissa dunn. I want to report my card lost/stolen and I want my card cancelled so that no one is able to use it. I do not have any information about my card. Please Contact me right away. This is VERY important. My Email is: [email protected] OR my phone number is: 419-754-0643. Thank you :]

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  • Ve
    Veronica V. Thompson Jun 20, 2017

    Veronica V. Thompson I won Lottery in the year of 2007. When filling out the forum I put my Netspend Prepaid information in. I call and spoke to Customer Service and was given the information about the account number and routing number. So on September 18, 2007 at 12:45 am I received a text message from Netspend on my cell phone.And at the top of the message it had 18 - 20 numbers then it says deposit from Hoosier Lottery made to then it had the account number. Then it had the amount of deposit for 3854.13 dollars. Then I was already on my computer at that time so, I went online and look at my account. Then I open a saving account and transfer some of money to the saving account. Then I was working making good money and didn't need to use that money. So when I went to use the money but had loss the card. I was told they have no record of that money at all. I have been trying to get this money for a decade, on September 18, 2017 it will be a decade. Now when I speak with people that are suppose to be from Netspend they ask me to give them proof like the account information. Well because they believe i can't come with that information. They playing me, I copy and back up all that information on my old computer that crash and I have not been able to recover the information. And i give them the account information and they are able to pull the information and they say that the money is there then what. They have withholding this money from me for a decade. The money that is in the savings account should be earning crease on it. And why do I have to prove anything they text me and told me that my money was there. and I open that saving account and made that deposit that very night. Why want his company give me my money I need help. [email protected] 773-441-3960.

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[Resolved] funds frozen

I have had several reloadable netspend cards, since I cashed a check at a local check cashing center and they suggested I could load funds on one to pay my bills online. My disabled brother has his social security being deposited onto one of their cards, also. This month we were supposed to move on 9/1/09. I've been saving the money on one card. On 8/25/09 I received a credit onto my reloadable card from returning a clawfoot tub faucet. Ever since the credit, netspend has frozen my account and all the funds!!! This means my brother and I can't move... And their customer service center in austin, tx is all esl people that are rude and hard to understand. They wanted the faucet co. To send proof of my purchase. They faxed it. Then they wanted my receipt. I faxed it 3 times. They still won't allow me to take my money. I have held on the phone for hours every day, and they just repeat their stupid policies over and over. They said it's against "visa/mastercard rules" for them to accept a credit from a purchase I made with another card. They keep saying my faxes are "invalid" because they are not "the original receipt. " yet they accepted the refund into the account. I asked for a copy of their policy and they said "it is not our policy to give customers a copy of our policy. " I have had to postpone my move, and file complaints with tx better business bureau and the tx attorney general. I have no idea when I will get my money. This is fraud with a capital [censored]


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • NetSpend's response · Apr 25, 2013

    We understand you are experiencing problems with loading your reload packs.

    Please send your information to [email protected] and we will be glad to assist you with this.

    Thank you,


  • NetSpend's response · Oct 16, 2014

    We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with this. Please send your information to [email protected] and we will make sure this is addressed.

    Thank you,


  • NetSpend's response · Jan 05, 2017

    We understand your concern and we would appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


  • Ad
    a different display name Sep 03, 2009

    Banking regulations require financial institutions to monitor accounts for certain events. A merchant posting a refund to a different card than the one used for the original purchase fits that description. Your bank can't see the original purchase on the account, so it can't verify the source of the funds is legitimate. The process your bank is following is designed to prevent money laundering and theft from merchants. While I’m sure you’re not doing anything like that, the bank is just following the procedure it follows to protect the public and insure the security of its accounts.

    If the situation can’t be resolved with documentation (like an original purchase receipt), the bank will likely send the money back to the merchant where you can return to get your refund another way. To avoid this problem in the future, insure that merchants only refund purchases using the card that was involved in the original purchase or in cash. That’s the rule merchants are supposed to follow and it will avoid these problems for you!

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  • Ch
    CHRISTOPHER RENO Apr 22, 2013

    I purchased 2 $500 reload packs a month ago but cannot load the funds onto the cards. I did the same things that the other complaintants have done per request of netspend and have not received an answer from them. And now they wont reply to my emails at all. Since then i have been evicted from my home and my bank account was closed due to indefficiant funds. I never thought losing $1000.00 would screw my life up that bad. And netspend dont care in the least

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  • Vi
    Victem #12121122212 Oct 16, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing happen to me as i even forewarned 2 consecutive days that a merchant credit for a certain amount more than i purchased was to soon be credited to my account and both times each rep said ok and my card has no holds and will be processed once received. I even wrote a message from my account prior stating the details in writing and response was sent to me still prior to credit stating generic response of 3-5 days and willbe taken care of.

    Well tuesday i wake to text alert of my credit, go to grocery store and boom embarassment and later find locked. When i told u 3 times twice by phone and written. Financial systems security... I think not! You processed funds that you knew would lock account and didnt provide me the correct information and mislead me. If it was unauthorized then you don't process regardless to take the proper steps for verification. And stop misleading because that is fraud.

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  • Kf
    kfgallaher2142 Jan 29, 2015

    A horrible company to deal with. So disappointed. My 83 year old mother had her va benefits deposited because she is homebound and i am her caregiver. I use that account for her care.. Or was going to but the day after the deposit netspend froze the account "for her protection" and refused to release the funds until she provides all sorts of documents. Several calls and hours of frustrating communications and in the evening some guy from "corporate" calls my elderly mother and guarantees her account is in good standing and everything is fine... We still can't access her funds. She has not current photo id because she is homebound and elderly... They won't accept anything helpful and certainly refuse to work with us. So her va funds have been confiscated and she has no access to her money. So poor 83 yr old war widow can't get her money to live or pay bills. If i were not here.. How would she live? Netspend is a horrible company. Lying to an elderly woman is beneath contempt.

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  • Ke
    Ken LaDere Jan 03, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Went to Advance Auto to return a fuel pump we ended up not needing, Money got to card and Netspend Locked Acct.
    Sent receipt for return, as well as drove to Parts store to get a printout of purchase and transactions. (Original receipt lost).
    Reference # 8747685405

    Will be calling a Lawyer, This is poor business.

    Your Fraud dept. appears to be the "Fraud".

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  • Ke
    Ken LaDere Jan 03, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow.. That was easy, After threatening [email protected] 3 hours later I was Unlocked and am going to see if the Measly 270.00 on the card will work. People, This will not change if you do not make a stand. It's time for Corporate America to Wake the hell up! If Anyone need's help send an email. I'm done being screwed over by them!

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[Resolved] refused to release my funds.

I activated a pre-paid credit card with this company. They took my money, however after I provided them with...

[Resolved] irs refund direct deposit do not do!!

I recently just had my irs refund direct deposited on my netspend card. The day it was suppose to be loaded...

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$1500 theft

My name is Elliott George, I am a deep sea diver and i work offshore in Gulf of Mexico, I have a netspend...

allowing unauthorized charges

They are allowing unauthorized charges to my account and over chargeing my card for more than I actually purchased. I have receipts proving what I have spent at a certain place and they have pulled more than what I have spent.

  • Co
    ConradLights Jul 27, 2009

    Thats not an unauthorized charge. An unauthorized charge is where you don't have any relationship with the merchant. What you have is a disputed charge. Have you gone back to the merchant to see what the deal is? That's where you should always start.

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  • Ne
    NetSpend Employee Jul 28, 2009

    While your bank is not responsible for the merchant's billing practices, they can assist you by helping you open a dispute claim against the merchant. Check your Terms and Conditions to see how the bank requires that you notify them. Usually, they just need you to call Customer Service and identify the erroneous charges, then send in a written statement. The bank will go after your money by filing a claim against the merchant. All financial institutions handle this kind of thing the same way. Don't blame the bank! They can help you against the merchant!

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I had netspend, i also was getting my payroll checks deposited into this account. I was robbed $750.00 from the account. I had the service where the company send a message to your cell phone. Too bad for me I did not catch the fraudulent charges until my shift was over. I worked 16 hours this day. This company called GALAXIA COMMUNICATIONS CHARGED MY debit CARD $50.00 every 30 minutes starting at the hour of 11.30 am. There were 15 $50.00 purchases from this company.

When I called to report the fraudulent charges. I spoke to a script reader named Josh. No help what so ever. Very impatient, and without the proper knowledge of a company he works for. I had to go online myself to see what procedure I had to file. I was very disappointed that a company could allow those many charges without even putting an alert on or a hold on the card. I am not surprised. It has been my experience that if one is not banking at a reputable company be it mortgage, prime rates, the less than perfect creditor is always taken advantage of. I work so hard for my money. I did not expect my hard earned money to be debited from my account in a matter of 6hours. I was so vexed. I explained to the customer service rep, to look at my spending history. I do not spend $750.00 in one day at the same place in a matter of 6 hours. I will file a police report. I hope I will be able to get my money back. If not, what else is new. Look at how this system handles the lesser class. Look at New Orleans.

I will not use this company anymore. I will open up my account with National city. I owe them $361 I will be visiting them on my next payday.

I hope this never happens to no one ever!

To the person that made the heartless comment about people having less than perfect credit being stupid ###. I only can say to you keep living. You don't never know where your life will lead you. Your opinions are too strong and very inhumane. I am a caregiver and I have to take care of people just like you everyday.
My opinion of others never get in the way of me doing my job. In conclusion, please take care of yourself. What you put out will come back, some day so be careful and repentance is golden.

  • Ch
    Chan2go Sep 07, 2009

    update, Netspend refunded my money on my debitcard August 29, 2009.

    did give me 700 dollars back. I had show proof of all faxes I send. I kept a journal of names, and supervisors I spoke to and the dates. I did not speak to any customer service reps. I went strait to the supervisors and spoke with them. I wrote down every statement that was said to me. I quoted them to the tee. I kept my cool, when I called, although I was upset and angry. I called the dispute department every day until I got results. I gave them every paper the company requested and communicated via email, fax, phone, I got my money!

    I am working on getting the 50 bucks, but at least I got the 700.

    To any one wanting results, keep a journal of names and dates and times you call. Write down everything, because, if you want results you must also be organized and keep account on everything. Its their business to keep a journal on us. We must keep a journal on them as well. Tw0 can play that game. But we must all stick together and quit being stepped on by the corporate jerks!


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I went to a bank to withdraw money from my account. I declined the transaction because their fee was too high. This bank withdrew my money anyway, even though I received nothing. I disputed this that evening. That was over 3 weeks ago. I called the bank and they had put it back over 2 weeks ago. I have called netspend daily, talked to customer service and supervisors. I have left countless messages to the dispute dept. and still nothing. They said it shows the bank sent it back, but it has not been posted to my account. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? 2 WEEKS? Do these people have families to feed. I do and I can't because NETSPEND STOLE MY MONEY!!!GRRR

  • Fr
    FRANK SALAMONE Jun 30, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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I have been trying to get credited for 4 referrals for a long time netspend ppl give u the runaround
I talked to supervisor did no good they do not know what they are doing and dont speak english

  • My
    myst1111 Jun 29, 2009

    u can reload free at heb stores
    if u want to try and get the referral bonus 20.00 call netspend use referral code 3580219243 u might get it some are

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  • My
    myst1111 Jul 02, 2009

    problem solved

    if anyone wants the 20.00 free call 1-866-930-9924 this is the home office before 5pm after 5 call # on back of card
    tell them u were referred by code 3580219243
    and get 20.00 instantly
    might as well get something back from them

    if ur thinking of getting a card this would be the time usually pays 5.00 now 20.00 for a short time

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  • My
    myst1111 Jul 06, 2009

    if u didnt get the 20.00 fromthe # in back of card please call the 1-866-930-9924 today

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fraud charges not refunded???

My debit card was used fraudulently and it drained all of my money. I followed all the steps to insure my money would be given back to me. Long story short 10 days after filing my disputes I called their customer service center, if thats what you want to call it. Anyhow the simple answer was mam we are sorry you lost your dispute. I nearly fainted being that it would be clear to see it was fraud if a blind man was seeing the activity...I am fighting for my money

  • Na
    Najia Jul 27, 2009

    I had the same situation. Over $800 + the $1 per transaction fee! Netspend did the same thing, and just kept pushing me around. They are supposed to be approved by BBB online, so I filed a complaint a few days ago with the BBB.

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  • De
    DebbieB of Sebastian Fl May 15, 2011

    I have had the same issue as in the last part of April I had 4 unauthorized transactions on my account in Texas I live in Florida. I feel its an internal situation as I had ordered a new card after mine got destroyed in the washing machine. They people I spoke with to order the new card was with customer service. 3 days later my card was hit and all of my information was changed to a Texas adr. I have never lived in Texas at all. I had to do a dispute letter and get a police report. Needless to say I closed all accounts with these people. I will contact the State Atty General of Florida as well as Texas to get my money back. Also contact the FDIC as the cards are issued through MetaBank in Omaha Ne. Also I am contacting the FTC and the BBB in Austin against these people. They need to stopped.

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  • Ga
    Gary Rosenthal Sr May 19, 2011

    My name is Gary Rosenthal and Netspend stole 4, 200 on two cards and said too bad you reported it a month later

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netspend not refunding my money

There were unauthorized charges that submitted on debit card for 59.95. So how every time I speak with an associate, its someone in the philippines or somewhere. Anyhow I spoken already up to 10 reps, no one can assist me or tell me what going on. The send me to an automated systems that requires me to leave my claims number name and number, and says will call back in 24-48 its been almost been 3 weeks and still have not been notified. Then they blocked my card without my authorization, and had 378.00 hold on my card. Tell this day I have not been refunded called backed or notified. Then they tell me it takes 10 to process when another transaction for 79.95 after spending with a rep was credit the next day.

dont do directdeposit

I have had netspend since 2005 and thought, that I could turst them. However I have never been so dissappointed. The 1st problem I had was making a purchase @ a store the info came sayin bank unavaiable when the purchase was for $25.00 and my account had over $250.00 that posted over 5days before the next problem started with direct directdeposit that shows up like 2days late when calling to speak with a manager @ netspend his answer to my ??? Was they have received very large amounts new customer wanting directdeposit so that could be the problem keep in mind I have been with this company for 4 years and this the answer he gives me it's 12pm my time and no deposit yet this is payday friday...

  • Xo
    xoxovampy Jun 27, 2009

    Sometimes the problem isn't with the card or the corporation itself.

    Sometimes it has to do with when your company allows that money to go out.

    It varies at different places, and it might be worth a stop by H.R or a call to your corporate headquarters to make sure it's not them.

    If it truly isn't them, then at least you can go to netspend and tell them that it is indeed their problem. Your company may even be willing to talk to them on your behalf, since getting paid funds is important to their employees. But start with the company, because everyone's policies are different.

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  • Da
    Datadude08 Jul 09, 2009

    I have been using Netspend since 2006 and have had direct deposit with them for about as long. I have never once gotten a late direct deposit. In fact, the direct deposit is usually credited literally as soon as it arrives and is released from my employer. I have nothing but good experiences with them with the exception of the extra 15% autorized when you rent a car.. But that extra 15% is immediately returned once you complete the transaction with the car rental company.

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victim of id theft allowed to be violated twice by netspend

Hello my name is sasha marie wilson-talley and here is the letter of dispute I sent to netspend and online...

I am being charged 10.00 a month and cannot use my card. the balance is very low now and I need a refund of my $50.00 back.

Back in the month of february, I applied for a netspend visa card. I have always had a netspend card since...

total scam

I received their offer a few days ago in the mail, I was sickened by the legaleze
That I could barely read. They use a type font of 4 which is barely readable. They charge a monthly service of of $9.95, plus there are tons of hidden charges. This company slowly extracts money from you and you don't even know it's happening untill it's to late-if you file a complaint you go through a process from hell, you'll eventually grow tired of waiting and just give up-that's what they expect you to do. This company is one of the biggest fraudsters out there. They prey on consumers with very little credit or that can't open a bank account. Look around people checking accounts are free these days...

Please read all the other posts on this company and "dont" sign up"

Your wallet (And wife) will thank you

  • Xo
    xoxovampy Jun 27, 2009

    It's called read the fine print, angry people always complain, and if you activate the card, sign up, or click a button stating you agree, then you have agreed.

    Maybe people should be smart enough to not blame others because they can't read small print or find a magnifying glass if it worries them so much. Also? You choose your fees, when you use the card you are authorizing fees, and in the end? The blame rests solely on you.

    Are you even smart enough to realize that by being on this website, you agreed to a million terms and conditions by clicking and posting this comment that you probably even aren't aware of?

    Small print sucks but it's everywhere, watch out for those medication commercials . . . lol.

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  • My
    myst1111 Jul 03, 2009

    u dont have to pay the 9.95 a month this is something u sign up for
    and if u have a problem call 1-866-930-9924 they will fix it

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unauthorized charged

Monday 2/01/2009 I went to david's check cashing in brooklyn, newyork. I loaded $600.00 on my netspend prepaid visa card. I've been a card holder since 02/2008. I did'nt use the card in a while before that 600.00 load. The next day 02/02/2009 I got a txt message from netspend telling me a 100.00 t-mobile charge was made. I don't have a t-mobile account. I called netspend they said they will look into the matter. Which I assume they will. I spoke to a supervisor name anna who told me to call back on 02/06/2009 she will release the funds back to my account cause t-mobile already collected the monies. Now here it is 02/16/2009 still no 100.00 I called t-mobile who don't know sh** they couldnt even fax over a document to netspend explaining that I dont have a tmobile account I just heard a million sorry and excuse now netspend is telling me they didnt run a investigation because I never fax over a letter (Which they never told me to do) they just told me not to worry and they will get my money. I just want my damn money back. Please dont use netspend they are rip offs and they will not help you.

unauthorized charges

I had an unauthorized charge placed on my account in november 7, 2008. The company that placed the charge on my acoount contacted you and request that the money be placed back on my account to no avail. I've contacted your customer service department and requested that the money be returned to my account. Each time i called i was told something different. I was told to fax you a copy of my bill. The $ 53. 63 was not part of my bill, that money was added to my bill after i checked out. According to the marriott, it was a security deposit to make sure nothing was broken or taken from the room, and was supposed to be returned to my card witin two days. They also stated that they had contacted netspend and request that they release the funds. Netspend told me that the company had not request that the money be released. I contacted the marriott again and with me on the phone they contacted netspend and was told the money will be release within 48 hours. I also called netspend and was told the money will be released within 48 hours. I called netspend today and was told that they don't release the money until after 90 days. With the economy like it is, no one should have to wait to retrive their hard earned money. It is four days from being 90 days. This is a poor policies and procedures as well as poor customer services. Whenever my money is placed back into my account, i will closed this account and deter any one else from doing business with this company.

  • Gu
    guest123 Jan 13, 2009

    Whenever unauthorized charges appear on your bank account, you should contact your bank immediately to resolve the situation. Your bank can help you with these charges by filing a dispute claim. Just call the customer service phone number usually found on the back of your debit card and give the agent a list of the unauthorized charges. Usually, you have to file a written statement describing what happened and your bank can assist you in getting your money back.

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poor customer service/high fees

This bank stinks. The customer service associates are some of the rudest I have EVER encountered. They also...

money taken

I to had a problem with netspend. They closed my account for no reason and it had over 3k still in the account. A friend of mine referred me to this website http://scamattacks.synthasite.com and for a small fee they helped me get my money back.

  • Xo
    xoxovampy Jun 27, 2009

    3k? and you're running around with a netspend account?

    That makes zero sense to me.

    Shouldn't you be at a real bank with that amount of money? And aren't you just shamelessly promoting a website that might also be a scam?

    Perhaps you'd like to share your "story?" Although I doubt there's a real one here, because you would have posted it.

    lame, get a life.

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  • Da
    Danim Jun 27, 2009

    Netspend doesn't close accounts "for no reason", what were you trying to pull? Money laundering? Fake identity? There has to be a reason.

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  • Se
    Secrest-Rich Jan 15, 2019

    @Danim Sorry to inform you but they do and it happened to me not once but twice on the day i was to ge my direct deposit from work both times. Now you tell me why would someone have their card canceled on the day you get your pay check. There was no reason for Netspend to do this to me. Then they tried to charge me to have it transferred . It cost me a lot of headaches. You have to keep up with everything with Netspend. Green Dot is the best they don't charge you a monthly fee if you have $1000 a month of direct deposit. Plus they wont cancel your card without your permission..

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  • Ma
    $matters May 23, 2019

    I'm just learning about Netspend, & I see they do have super high fees for those who can't get real credit cards & regular bank accounts, but they also offer the highest interest savings accounts around, thus the perfectly legitimate motivation one might have for using Netspend to hold their savings, even thousands of dollars (for the great high yield APY). What Netspend doesn't communicate well--at least not visibly anywhere online, or by calling an agent--is that their fraud department will lock, suspend, or close accounts without warning if one simply applies or logs into several Netspend card accounts all in one day. Apparently that makes them paranoid that their system i getting abused. In my opinion, that's lame on Netspend's part, & unfair. If they explain those rules up front, no problem. But without advance warning, many folks can easily feel they were shut down for "no reason." And unfortunately, getting access to their own money may be temporarily delayed, if not prevented for longer. Just saying . . . Netspend could do better, & using it apparently comes with some degree of risk.

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  • Ma
    $matters May 23, 2019

    PS. Just in hopes of there being less judgements & accusations tossed around of one another--after all--this is a "complaint board, " I'm posting a link to the article below entitled "FTC Sues Netspend Over Access To Funds, " showing the above comment wasn't by ANY means an isolated incident. So please all, be nice to one another & give the benefit of the doubt with kindness & compassion. It coulda been you! . . .


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  • Je
    Jennie501 Sep 26, 2019

    NetSpend is the best card I have ever had I will keep them forever NetSpend don't close accounts like that but you can't have multiple accounts with one social security number so you had one in the past and for some reason you buy another one then that is when they close one of the accounts they don't steal your money they are good to people and they try to help by allowing us to get money early a real bank won't do that for you I love you NetSpend keep up the good work

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