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withdrawal without permission

withdrew funds totaling $154.00 without my permisssion asking for a full refund please mail refund to Ramona...


On 10/1/2008 I was charged by one great family for something I never signed up for. I immediately contacted one great family, and steve told me he was reversing the charges, I setup a 3 way call, and spoke with a representative in order to have the authorization released, and they requested a fax on company letterhead stating that they were not taking the money, and with the representative from netspend and me on the line, he sent the fax.

Netspend said it would be 24 hours before the money was released, they never released the money.

I then called netspend again on 10/2/08 and inquired about the fax, and they claimed to never have received, so I called one great family again and reached steve again. He told me he would refax the letter.

I gave it another 24 hours.

Just got off the phone, on 3way with netspend and one great family again, netspend is telling me they collected on the charge, one great family is saying they never collected on it. When I asked netspend to release the funds back into the account because I am on social security disability and needed this money so that I can get my bus pass so I can go to doctors appointments, I was told that they were sorry, but there was nothing they can do, that I was "### out of luck" until the refund cleared, so now i'm being charged $400.00 for a doctors appointment that would've only cost me maybe $75.00 because these jerks don't want to do their god damned jobs.

We need to get together and sue these ### and put them out of business.

  • Ka
    kam Apr 22, 2009

    You need to look in to pre-paid legal services it is very inexpensive to sign up for and you can cancell at anytime without penalty. . .I believe the services are around 10 per month. They will go to bat for you and you will not have to pay anything up from because you are paying monthly. That is a shame that these credit card companies think they can do what they want to do. . .also when you contact prepaid legal discuss with them you having Netspend be liable for the fee and your inconvinience! I am telling you this would serve them right.

    Anyway, God bless and I am glad that I googled complaints on this company I was just about to register my card and have money transfered to it.

    You can good pre-paid legal in your area. I wish you the best, and your blog did do something because it cost them a customer and I am sure that many others will not use them because of you speaking out.

    Also, I am not sure where you live, but in NY they have a news channel reporter that goes after people for free for you and exposes them on tv and they will follow up with them and keep airing it until your issue is resolved. The shows are Arnold Diaz "Shame on You", and 7 on your side. You can go the the website and click on the link and if I were you I would tell them my story because you dont know who else called and complained! Then I would also contact Netspend and tell then that you are going to the news with this scam because they bambozzled you and cost you to spend uneccesary money and you are sure that there are others with complaints. You can all go to the Better Business Bureau and fill out a complaint on line they too will reach out to the company for you. . .tell Netspend you are going to file a complaint. . .they wont want that because every time someone looks there to check them out they will see your complaint it never goes away!

    I wish you the best!

    God Bless KAM

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A year ago I had a netspend account but lost the card when I went overseas to iraq. My card was fraudulently used and so I reported it. I never heard anything from netspend about my claim but since it was only $100, I just left well enough alone. Today I opened a another netspend account and put $2, 000 on the card. When I went to use the card they declined all my purchases and when I called to inquire, they told me because of fraudulent activity on the previous account, I was no longer able to have a netspend card. Further, the new account that I just opened would be unusable and the $2, 000 I used to open the account would be sent to me after 20 business days!!! That $2, 000 was my entire paycheck!! How am I supposed to pay my rent, feed my children, or take care of medical bills for the next month while they play with my money. More importantly, if the company decided they didn't want me to have an account, why didn't they decline my application for the card instead of charging me $10.00 for the card and then keeping the other $2, 000?

  • He
    Heatherismyname Feb 06, 2012

    our tax preparer chose this company and it makes me question if we will use them again!...The NETSPEND company SUCKS!!! No one gives you the same answer twice...i was told i could transfer all my funds after i never recieved my first card...NOT TRUE...then i can transfer 1000 a day...NOPE! WRONG!...3500 in a seven day period!!...ITS MY MONEY!!!...And NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH!...If you want to work for NETSPEND please apply in CHINA!!!

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scam and cheating

If u folks have a good credit line you losers, u wouldn't even have to get a DEBIT CARD!! Y r u blaming...

[Resolved] fraud charges

I added money to my netspend card 50.00 dollars got home went to the netspend website and tracked my...

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gift card scam

I received a "gift ATM" card from a family member for $50. I called to activate the card and was told I...

criminal activity!

I received an email from Netspend congratulating me on selecting their pre-paid debit card. The problem is, ...

5 comments Bernardsville Phishing

unreasonable fees and horrible customer service!

These scam artists impose unreasonable fees and when you call up to straighten things out, you will be treated horribly by inept customer service reps and will be constantly disconnected. You will then have to call back and wait on hold again for another 10 minutes. I was disconnected 6 times in one day. Worst customer service ever.

  • Cr
    Craig Bullim Jan 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ALWAYS communicate with financial institutions via POSTAL mail (paper).

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  • Sa
    Savage Apr 26, 2009

    I have been using netspend forever and I have no problems at all! I know one thing though; standard banks and alot of vendors out there dont' like netspend because they can't overdraft your account!!! They don't care if it overdrafts your account, all they care about is getting the money for the transaction and standard banks will run the biggest charges first and then run all the small charges causing an overdraft on all of the small charges afterwards.

    I haven't had any problems with my account, and I will gladly pay for the fees so I dont' have to worry about the bank screwing me somewhere else! Nothing is for free!

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  • Kd
    kdubfromdc Aug 07, 2009

    I have tried for several days to contact a customer service agent and failed, thru the automated system. I tried to access my account via internet and locked my account. I tried to contact customer service via [email protected] and failed. I am out of town and need my routing information to make a deposit. Why can't I get thru to anyone at Netspend? As long as I'm spending money everythings fine but when trying to contact you there is a problem. Karen M. Wilson 202 658 5793. I need to here from someone ASAP. Your customer service has always had problems, now they are much worst than before. What kind of customer service is it if you can't get customer service. I'm considering pulling out on Netspend!!! This needs to be resolved...

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rip off!

I put money on my card and when i try to access my money, or pay for and item i have purchased they say my...


About a year and a half ago I opened two netspend accounts. One in my wifes name and the other in mine. I added my wife to my account as a user just in the event that she needed it. After about a month and a half I added her card to my paypal account and began to transfer money over after making sales on ebay.

Within a few days my wife told me that her card was canceled. After arguing on the phone for what seemed like forever I was told that my wife was involved in "fraudulent" activity and that she was banned from being a netspend customer.

We moved on thinking that everything would be fine. Its been a year and a half now and last friday I tried to use my card to buy some gas. My card was declined and I tried my wifes and it was also declined. I was unable to contact customer service because it was late so saturday I called customer service. After being on hold for about 45 minutes I was told that I was involved in "fraudulent" activity because my wifes info was now linked to mine and I was now banned as a customer.

The guy in the fraud department even told me he that he thought it was b. S. I had a great transaction history with direct depost and all with no problems ever!

Stay away from this company... They will lock you account for no reason and it is hell trying to get it unlocked.

make it too hard to reach service

I called netspend because i tried to pay a bill on line with one of their cards and they wouldn't release the funds. After speaking to them i e mail them a copy of my ID and social security card. I was promised that the problem would be taken care of in 24 hours. Guess what? Its been more than 24 hours and no answer from them. Not to mention that they put me on hold and then hanged up on me the first time i called.

blocked from access to money on debit card

Have been an unhappy Netspend customer since February of 2007. There have been multiple times when purchases have been declined even with sufficient funds loaded onto my card. I am writing to you in complete disgust over an ongoing situation where my account has been frozen, on hold for over four days.

I purchased (in cash) a carpet at Stone Mountain Carpet Mill Outlet in North Huntington, PA a week ago to be picked up the following Friday. We received a hand-written sales order with the company logo and invoice number as a receipt. Then my fiancé and I decided to purchase laminate floors instead and install them ourselves because it would be less costly. On July 12, 2007 we returned the carpet to the Outlet. The carpet store offered to pay us in check or refund the amount of $227.90 to my Netspend visa DEBIT card. Obviously, I chose the debit return, which seems to be a criminal offense if you ask any one of the many, many Netspend representatives to which I’ve spoken in the past four days.

The following day I tried to make a $5.30 purchase at Yankee Candle Co. at the mall, but to my embarrassment, the transaction was declined. I called Netspend headquarters and was stunned to hear that because of my “FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION” my account has been placed on hold. Not just the $227.90, but the $357 that was previously loaded onto my card as well. The foreign Netspend representative explained in broken English that all I have to do is fax proof of validity that there was a purchase made, even if it was in cash, that my account would be taken off of hold and I could pay some bills, buy gas and groceries, etc.

This was Saturday evening, and the closest Ace Cash Express was closed until Monday morning, so I had to wait til Monday after I got off of work to attempt to use the money that I worked hard to earn. Monday afternoon, I gathered my receipts and drove the 40 minutes to Ace Cash Express where the Ace associate remained on the phone with a Netspend representative, to whom we faxed all receipts a copy of my card, the reference number, and a callback number, who was to call back immediately to let me know when my account was cleared. The Ace associate assured me that it was okay to go home and that the associate from Netspend would call me back soon.

I never got a call back and my account was still on hold the next day. After work, I called Netspend again to see what the problem was. Another representative that did not speak or understand English well explained to me that Netspend only received the Sales order from my original purchase of the carpet, and not the return transaction receipt. I called the Ace associate and had her refax all the information, so I would not have to make another hour and 20 minute roundtrip to do the same thing I did the day earlier.

This time, Netspend received all receipts, but was arguing that the original receipt was not valid because it was hand-written and not typed. They instructed me that the merchant was to call them and validate the the receipt. So I packed up and drove another half hour each way to the carpet store and called Netspend. This is where I waited on hold for over an hour from one representative to the next who did not know what to do or could not help me. The OWNER of the carpet outlet (who is actually losing money on this whole deal by paying YOU to provide payment transactions) was kind enough to assist in the refund. He patiently spoke to a foreign Netspend representative who told him that he would have to reverse the refund in order for this to work out. The owner of the carpet store stated that he did not know how to perform a reverse and asked to a) be walked through the process step-by-step or b)speak to someone who could assist. The Netspend representative said that they didn’t know how to do this and that there was nothing else to do.

The Netspend representative then said that the only way for me to get my account off of hold was to fax the original receipt from FEBRUARY when I purchased my Netspend Debit Card!!! He said that Netspend needs to validate that I am actually Kelly Peirce and that I was the original purchaser of the debit card.

So I thanked the carpet store owner for his time and because I was so fed up and did not have my receipt from February, I drove the hour and ten minutes from that point back to Ace Cash Express. The very kind Ace associate said that she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. She could not prove to Netspend that I am Kelly Peirce and that I purchased the card. So on the long drive home, I called Netspend again and spoke to a line of people who said they could not help, and all of their managers who said they could not help—every one of them treated me as if I was a criminal. The last manager I spoke to, Alyssa, was anything but helpful. She told me at first that Netspend could not accept my original receipt as valid because it did not say the method of payment.

I explained to her that if she actually looked at the original sales receipt, which was faxed to Netspend twice, she would see that written an inch thick, circled, in the middle of the receipt is ‘PAID Cash.’ Next she said that Netspend would offer me a “one-time clearance” of this and we get squared away. Then I was put on hold for a really long time. Alyssa switched the phone back to me to say that if my receipt was typed it would be valid, but because the merchant uses written sales orders, my original receipt was not valid—even though I had the owner of the store on the phone earlier to validate it.

Then Alyssa threatened to close my account because of my fraudulent activity. I told her I would not get off the phone until this matter is handled, so we called the manager of the carpet store on a 3-way call. Alyssa did not listen to what either of us were saying, and (falsely) told the manager that I said that he “refused to help me” and accused him of refusing to give me a printed receipt. She accused him of fraudulent activity over and over instead of helping to clear the problem.

So the evening of July 17, 2007—five days later, I am still blocked from accessing my money. I cannot put gas in my car, buy groceries, or pay bills. I am on a 3-day vacation from work and have spent the first day on the phone and driving back and forth to clear this matter. I have no money and am stuck sitting at home during my free time. I have automatic bill payments being declined and most likely late payment fees charged to me. If my employer pays me through direct deposit I will not receive my earned income.
So today, Tuesday i drove to the carpet store where the manager kindly called their bank to reverse the refund transaction--which was done in 10 minutes. Netspend is still refusing to unfreeze my account going on the sixth day without any money.

I emailed customer service last night and they said that that's just the way credit cards work. THIS ISN'T A CREDIT CARD. It's a debit card that they claim 'is just like cash'.

  • Ju
    juju Jul 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    i have had an account since 2006, and have some transactions unauthorized that were never paid back to me...the card was stolen...so I had to pay $9.00 for another one...
    and it is still unresolved.

    Now, in the last year I have had no issues, but a new company I order clothes thru their catalog, has yet to credit mt card $122.00 from June 11th.

    Between them and Netspend, somebody's lying...so, I am still waiting.

    I have direct deposit from my employer, but am in the process of not renewing th direct deposit due to a company merger.

    Netspend will lose another long time customer. I AM SICK OF THEIR GAMES...


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  • Ed
    edward Sep 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been a pretty happy customer with Netspend for - I dunno, 7 years? But yes, a few times they have puzzled me with their "rules". One time I tried to get a hotel room but had an issue with the room rate (the sign outside said $89/night while I was asked to pay $139/night) so I said nevermind - I was gonna go someplace else. However the hotelier had already charged me the $139. It took several days to work itself out, while I spent the rest of my vacation, doing nothing, not eating out, only able to afford the lousy gas station snacks, and forgoing our rafting trip. Another time I had to sit around because of a snafu in renting a car - that took about 3-4 months to work itself out. Both these times I called the Netspend but when they couldn't help me I just let it go and after a (long) while I got my money returned to me.

    But it's still WAY better than the way the big banks used to treat me (Compass, Nations, Bank of America).

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  • Ka
    kay mays Apr 10, 2009

    The IRS sent my deposit direct to, Net spend it was then put on hold, and then I had me answer 5 questions and I failed because the agent did not speak english so I answered the question wrong.I also had to fax over a copy of my 1040 from the IRS so that i could receive my money. Netspend needs to hire some english speaking employees.

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  • Xo
    xoxovampy Jun 27, 2009

    I hate to tell you that your "complaint" sounds like Netspend in my opinion, did the absolute right thing.

    Receipts in today's world are better off being handled by a computer, because with being written the chance for forgery is much, much higher.

    Now, that's not to say that handwritten receipts aren't given any longer.

    But just saying you paid cash? Really? How much cash? how much change was returned?

    These may not be questions you consider when looking at that receipt but it is most defintelly questions that anyone who has worked in Retail would be interested to know.

    The merchant should never have offered you a debit refund, i'm sorry, it's true. It's usually a commonly held retail law at any store that money is refunded in the way the money was paid. The only time i've seen a "debit" return offered is if it was paid for in either debit or check. Straight up cash? should be returned as straight up cash.

    So in Netspend's opinion, you paid with cash, and then wanted money that never came out of the netspend account to go into the netspend account. It does look fradaulant and unfortunately, it may be a long battle to get it unfrozen and move back to the world of normal.

    Also, outside of your word and the merchant's word that this "transaction" took place, there's really no proof, no serial number, no computer system to backlog it, and no electronic journal.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like you learned a lesson at a high cost, and it's one many people have learned at one time or another.

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  • Ed
    edge69691 Jul 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree that Netspend is a scam, Recently they allowed someone from nigeria to empty my account & then when i called & notified them of the illegal transaction, they attempted to give me the same run around make me feel like a criminal until i had a lawyer threaten to sue them for my money & then some! I'm waiting to get my new card thru the mail so i can pull all the money out of the account & go to a real bank! I suggest others who use this shady company to do the same!!!

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  • Bo
    Bob Sim Aug 28, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got a Netspend card last year 2016 and it has been nothing but fraud on behalf Netspend no one else. First off I have two law degrees, therefore, I know law and know what Netspend is or what they are up too. When I got the card it was for my email account, Protonmail based in Switzerland, so I authorized it and since I only have one email account it just makes sense that they would not block it again since I explained that this charge was a reoccurring monthly fee however they blocked it again. So, being out of the country working for the international criminal court or ICC one is actually prevented from dialing outside the country so on speaker phone through my lawfirm all I got was idiots there, putting me on hold then transferring me around, and when I finally did get this guy he said he needed to verify my identity... OK. But then he started asking me if I had ever lived here or there and I said no no no etc, then he asked me if I knew this person this person etc I said no no, and finally I said listen pal, I never give those details out and it sounds like your asking me who I know from facebook, and security questions are supposed to be questions and answers prior to one setting up an account, not after the fact, So this [censor] then replied I'd have to call back in 24 hours because my verification failed. I said wait, the five dollars on my email account was used before then you blocked it again only so you could dupe me into intelligence gather questions, which I know is unlawful. My advice is not to use them ever and yes I am filing a lawsuit against Netspend for fraud as well as some other unlawful violations. No one should entertain this because, as I said to Netspend, how do I know this conversation is secure? Furthermore, I never disclosed names of distant family members or 20 year old addresses etc to them before and find it's a security risk even saying more. Therefore, when I cost them 20K in court I think they might pull their heads out of their a... DO NOT USE THEM, if you do and they mess about seek legal action and/or sue! Keep receipts for travel, time on the phone, time wasted gas etc and sue. simple as! FRAUD on NETSPEND STAY CLEAR

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scam gift cards

The gift cards are a scam. Erroneous charges were added to the gift card, tried to dispute and never got a response from Customer service. I was advised to go on the internet to file a complaint and the website didnt work... Lost money with this company... Try not to purchase the gift cards, they are worthless.

  • Sm
    SMC May 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a netspend gift card for Christmas '07. First, I had trouble even using it most of the time. The purchases wouldn't go through. I did manage to use it twice, and knew I had about $63 left. (I called the 800 number to find out and they charged .50 for this information) Tried unsuccessfully several more times to use the card so I finally went online to check the balance, as one store owner said she needed exact balance for the card to work. Guess what? The balance was ZERO! The company charges a $4.95 "maintainance fee" PER MONTH. DON'T BUY THESE CARDS -YOU ARE LITERALLY THROWING MONEY AWAY!

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  • Ro
    rosconi55 Mar 26, 2010

    I wanted to make the same complaints but I didnt want to seem a bigot, buit I must agree with every single complaint . I ve never called and got someone that could speak passable english . If there is anyone that has an account with them would be wise to start searching for more secure grounds when it comes to the safety of your money. I called last night and informed customer service that someone may have my accont number and would they head off anyone besides me going into my account and I was told that if they tried the money would be given to them if they tried . That of course scared the hell out of me and I promptly closed my direct deposit.

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lack of customer service

On 02-16-07 my Netspend card was lost when I went to the atm. Within minutes I realized what I had done and was on the phone to Netspend to cancel the card.

It took them a very long time to help me because I did not know my card number. Finally I was told they would cancel my current card and after I paid them $9.95 they would reissue a new card which I would receive in 7 to 10 days.

I explained to the rep. that I had just been paid and needed to get cash to care for my family and that I only had $13.00 cash to support two boys for two weeks. I asked if they could Fed. Ex. my card to me and take the shipping costs out of my account. He said he could not do that.

They have no plan in place to help people in an emergency. They have no desire to help people in an emergency. They collect fees from people in an emergency.

It has been ten days and I still have no card. My family is suffering because I have no access to cash and I am unable to put gas in my car to go to work or to buy food for my sons to eat and my rent is due.

What makes this even worse is that I get paid again in two days and will not even have access to that money because it is too late to cancel the direct deposit. And I will not have access to that money either.

The rep. I spoke to today said I should get my card on 03/05/07.

Having this card puts you at extreme risk if you lose it because you have no ability to access your funds any other way.

When I called today I was told they would gladly send me my money via check, which I would receive within 30 days.

In the mean time, my family of three has just eaten out last can of soup. And today Netspend charged me $9.95 for my all access fee.

Run from this company. They are not there to offer any support to you. They are only there to collect their fees for offering you no service.

  • Mo
    Mozelle Delacroix Mar 24, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did they ever resolve this for you?

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  • Ci
    Cindy Jan 26, 2009

    I am sorry for you situation. But I have had nothing but good experiances with them. If you order 2 cards and keep one put up at home somewhere you would not have a problem. May I suggest that from now on, even if you go to another prepaid institution. Always keep an additional card. (ps. it will work because it will be a different number and pin, and you can always cancel the one you lost)

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  • Lu
    lucy goosey Apr 24, 2011

    No offense, but it is never smart to put all of your money in one place. That's why investors say 'diversify'. It's good to hold physical cash for emergencies, maybe one or two of these cards, a credit card, an additional debit card AND gold or silver on top of other investments. Now THAT'S being smart with your money.

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  • Bu
    butts93 Feb 14, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you said you was oning to give me my pin your have a problem with you customer they do bad business you going to give me my pin i talk with the corpr office iam lester butts that.s bad business can you send my pin to my e mail this is my e mail [email protected] this one po box 2136 austin tx 78768 send it to my e mail now i am not playing no more i maning business if you can, t give me my pin i want my money back now and it to this address 507 e church st
    jacksonville fl 32202 thank you and have a nice day

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[Resolved] netspend is so messed up!

First of all let me start off by saying that I have never encountered a pleasurable conversation or even...

[Resolved] nothing but embarrassment and severe inconvenience!

I parched a prepaid visa card when I only had it for only 2-3 days and only used it 2-3 times when I...

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