Netflixdesignated survivor/lucifer excessive foul language

M Jun 17, 2019 Review updated:

I don't have the best mouth in the world. I've been around blue color men, and then a house full of teenage boys. I have to watch my mouth at work, in public, etc.
The very first thing I noticed on lucifer was - "wow they sure are squeezing in ways to drop any cuss word they think will fit". Then designated survivor was released -
Omg! Wow! I work for the govt and was absolutely shocked at the cuss words that didn't even belong in some of the sentences. I don't know if they're trying to attract younger cussing crowds by not having the network restrictions placed on them - but even when i'm super "ticked" off, I can't possibly throw that many bad words together - and i've had to start using "frikken" just to stop offending people, and being told numerous times how un-ladylike it was to have a potty mouth... Yet even I was offended at this new trend.
Leave our old shows, and characters alone!! We were all so thankful for you to continue them. Now i'm starting to wonder what they're going to do to the return of "stranger things"! I'm hoping since they started the series without crazy language, that they will just continue the show as it was.


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      Jun 17, 2019

    Lmao. Your poor virgin ears.

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      Jun 18, 2019

    @TheManager I have ANYTHING but virgin ears - and those are two of my favorite shows! I can HANDLE all the cussing...Do you guys even watch the shows? It's like they're FORCING the words in places they don't even belong, just for the sake of letting us all know that Netflix allows profanity. Crap - I love the Godfather movies, heck, I'm from NY! The middle finger is a greeting! It's just a little much for tv shows. At least have the F word make an impact in the statement - instead it's just thrown in.

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      Jun 17, 2019

    well don't watch them..there are other programs on tv that are as bad..

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      Jun 20, 2019

    Just because you can include every curse word in the book doesn't mean you need to. Designated Survivor WAS one of my favorite shows and had great stories, great characters, and great drama in Seasons 1 & 2 on ABC. All of that is still true in Season 3, but unfortunately under Netflix's creative control, all of a sudden every character now has a potty mouth. When will Hollywood figure out that entertaining stories can be told without all that trash language? I am one of the vast neglected population of people who don't use that kind of language and would prefer not to hear it. We shouldn't be forced to watch nothing but The Hallmark Channel to avoid it.

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      Jul 17, 2019

    Designated Survivor was completely ruined by foul language and overt unnecessary sexuality; ended it in S3 after the half of the third episode.
    Stranger Things: We had to work to tolerate it and it was not easy. Way too much completely unnecessary cursing on an otherwise great show! Far too many netflix series are going too far with the language. My axiom for life has been (only recently) "If you have to swear to be noticed or heard, then you most likely had no interesting thing to say in the first place!"

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