Netflixscam and cheating


My family just bought a newish type house and we have a new credit card, as well, at this new location. Netflix said we cannot change our address or credit information, ever! Hey, netflix, do you think I wanted to live in that ruined down, ugly, apt. Forever!? When my room mate tried to put netflix in his name, netflix said that this address was a bad address because the people who use to own this place, before we owned it, stole 40 dvds from netflix and they want us to pay for those dvds!! How crazy is netflix, anyhow? Netflix gets ripoffed by some jerk, now netflix wants to steal from us!? That's how netflix does 'business'... You have been warned!


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    yagwit Mar 14, 2011

    They over billed my credit card then claimed the card was declined but I am less $16 now. I doubt I will see a refund. I was using the $9 plan originally. I experienced throttling of dvd deliveries after my trial was over. Netflix policy on unlimited is definitely an agreement one should read before going beyond the free trial. I am a lucky to get 3 dvds per month. At least with a Redbox machine I could get 9 titles for my $9 bucks. What a scam...unlimited does not mean unlimited with this business. All their instant titles are from the 80's or complete box office flops from five years ago. I'd say go in for the free trial then cancel on day 25.

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