Netflixbring danny back to the ranch

S Sep 12, 2018

I am so sick and tired of you networks hearing a story and acting on it. There is no proof WHAT SO EVER that these women are telling the truth. If they were telling the truth they would have said something LONG before the ME TOO movement. These are just women looking for these 2 seconds of fame. HOW DARE YOU FIRE HIM WITH NO PROOF!!! What the heck happened to innocent until proven guilty? For the love of everything, if we are going to start just taking peoples words for things, NO ONE is going to have a job because EVERYONE is always offended somehow. You bring him back and you bring him back now. This is SO UNJUSTIFIED. You had a GREAT show and then you write off one of the favorites of the show for NO REASON. It ridiculous. These women are trash, they proved that by the way, this came out. Not one person and I am female believe, and if you do believe you are part of the problem. If there was anything to be believed the police WOULD HAVE CHARGED HIM. NO PROOF. BRING DANNY BACK!!!
Do us a favor and go look at ALL the petitions out there concerning this matter, ALL OF THEM that have lots of signatures is to bring him back not to kick him off. The bring him back petition had 15000 signatures the fire him had 297. COME ONE, you are pissing more people this way than you would have if you kept him on. have some dang backbone and stand up for your actors!!!

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