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We stepped into one of these e-mails scams; we even received a reference number on the cellphone to log on to the website to confirm our details. It was over a weekend and because we never get anything communication from Nedbank we reacted. The Monday Nedbank phoned to say that we have to go to the bank to get a new pin and increase our limit. On our arrival we discovered that all our money and even some of the overdraft was gone. We lodged a case with Nedbank and at the Police station and all we heard is that we have to wait 6-8 weeks. You can image this was 2 weeks before Christmas, no money, nothing and we just have to wait. Finally they paid out some of the money last week and the answer to what about the rest of the money is "They couldn’t recover it as it was taken as pre-paid for cellphones". But this is our money, if Nedbank had better security this wouldn’t have happened. On request that we want the rest or our money, well we are still waiting for an answer and when I phone "The bank manager is on leave, will only be back on Monday". We had to open another bank account, change all our debit orders to this account and even had to pay the bank charges on the money that was taken, the overdraft etc. And all they can say is that is all you are getting. They have insurances to cover these kinds of issues. This happened to quite a lot of pe0ple during that week and this was told to us by the employees of Nedbank, just image if they keep a minimum of R1000 of each person, how much money they are walking away with. And this is totally unacceptable. I've never dealt with a bank that just doesn’t care. We are definitely closing our accounts and will rather go to another bank than to trust Nedbank with another sent of ours. We want our money back and have also lodge the case now with the OMBIDSMAN.


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      Feb 08, 2011

    Dear Koer, Our apologies that you have been a victim of internet scamming. We advise our client through various communications and media not to respond to any requests as the bank will never request your PIN which is confidential and known only to the account holder. I note that you have approached the Ombudsman for Banking Services whose rulings we will abide by. I trust that you receive a satisfactory response. Please make use of our Call centre on [protected], Complaint Helpline on [protected] or email us should you be in receipt of a reference to [protected] Regards, Louanne

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      Nov 03, 2016

    I have an account & credit card through Nedbank, admittedly I have not being paying my credit card as Nedbank would like me to, due to my business being seasonal and winter being very slow, it's difficult to pay the required amount. I do however pay what I can afford, In summer I pay my credit card very well and even almost settle the outstanding balance at times. I don't use the credit card at all any longer and haven't used it for a number of months now. My complaint is that Nedbank just deduct money from my current account without even notifying me, this has been the cause of bouncing debit orders every month, then Nedbank have the audacity to still charge a premium per debit order that bounces, they even take money when there isn't any to take, putting me in an overdraft that I don't even have, then they charge interest because you are now in overdraft!!!
    I teach my children that you cannot take something that doesn't belong to you without permission, that is considered as theft!!! Surely Nedbank employees know this... You can't take money without permission and then a day later notify the client that you've taken the money... This is theft, fraud and just so wrong on so many levels, all you doing is increasing your clients financial stress and problems. This is basically an elegal bully tactic that that won't urn Nedbank any points in the public's eyes, in fact I tell everybody I know, on Facebook, Twitter and personally to stay far away from Nedbank, Bank with FNB...
    So to all of you employees that work for Nedbank and carry out these unlawful acts against people that are already battling financially, making their lives even worse, I hope that you too will experience the wrath and dishonest behavior of your banking institution one day in the future...
    I will be closing my account at Nedbank, then I will pay you R50 per month against the credit card debt until its settled...

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