Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]my account hacked, credit union holds me responsible

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Here are the events as they transpired:
On July 31 I made a cash withdrawal from my credit card to my checking account of 5, 000.00.
At home on Aug 1 I logged on to my account and noticed an ACH transaction to a Clarence Knox dated the previous day for 1040.00. I called NFCU and disputed that charge. While I was on the phone the operator informed me that 4500.00 was currently being deducted from my account, and asked if I am authorizing that. I stated over the recorded line that I am not authorizing that transaction and it is unauthorized.
She closed my checking account and I was issued a new checking account number. She informed me that an investigation would be conducted and results take about 8 to 10 business days at which time I should hopefully have the funds returned.
I left for Mexico on vacation on August 6. On Aug 14 I logged on to pay a bill and noticed that the funds were not replaced, and that there was a message stating my claim was denied with no further information.
On Aug 16 I returned to the US and there was a voice mail from a man named David, whom I assume is the investigator, asking me to call him. I called and left a voice mail on Aug 16 at 1400 PST.
I called again Monday Aug 19 at 0800, Tuesday Aug 20 at 0730, and then again on Tuesday Aug 20 at 1238. David has not returned any of my calls.
A follow up email response from NFCU stated that Woodforest National Bank has been contacted but it is unlikely they will return the funds.
Since I have never heard of a Clarence Knox or of Woodforest National Bank, I googled them and learned that the bank is in Texas.
On Monday Aug 19 at approx 0745 I called their fraud department to have my voice recorded stating that the funds to a Clarence Knox at their bank are not authorized.

I also filed a police report, which I attached to my rebuttal letter.

August 20 I received a letter from NFCU stating that after a thorough investigation they have concluded that I am responsible for the 5540.00 that was taken.

To summarize, a 21 year long standing NFCU member was robbed, is recorded stating that the transaction that was occurring while he was on the phone was not authorized, and is being held responsible for those funds.
I trusted NFCU to hold my money. My money was taken under their watch, and they are holding me responsible for it.

Did NFCU hear the voice recording of my interaction with the operator?
Did NFCU do a ping of the IP address that the originating computer came from?

Since the investigator has not returned any of the four calls I have made to him, at the very least I requested that NFCU do an IP search of the originating computer that sent funds to Clarence Knox.

It is within my rights to know the full extent of the "thorough" investigation that was conducted.

Aug 22, 2019
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