Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU]employee complaint

S Sep 01, 2018

I was treated poorly, disrespectfully, unfairly, unprofessionally, and rudely by a Navy Fed bank rep, inside the branch, located in Rancho Bernardo, on Bernardo Center Dr and Rancho Bernardo Road. His name is Garrett and this took place on September 1, 2018. He does not know the meaning of being professional or simply doesn't care. He was angry because I came with my young 18 year old son to get his first credit card. I'm his mother getting his life started as an adult and showing him how to do things so he can fly on his own, so to speak. This bank rep made a sarcastic low blow comment to my son telling him he could come ALONE next time. It caused an argument between me and my son who are very close, and I actually cried. This man is bad news and I can't believe he got a job at a bank. I no longer feel comfortable going to that branch because I do not ever want to see that rude man and his death stares again.

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