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S Nov 01, 2018

Over a year ago I was informed that my home in Idaho was burglarized . I was visiting my son in California and had been gone for 5 weeks or there about. I immediately got in my car and drove back to Idaho without stopping. When I got there it was dark. My house was in ruins. I had no rear doors or a window and my bedroom door was broken also . I finially fell asleep with gun in hand. The net day I was moved to a hotel. I was out in a room with one bed for myself and a friend and my dog.Jolie was my claim adjuster or the property. She called and said she would be in town very soon. When she arrived she told me that she would be sending a few days maybe 4 with me helping me inventory the missing and damaged items . I was a wreck. We met and a few hours later she told me that she was called away on an emergency and her supervisor would come down to help me with the claim and inventory. She called and asked if she could come down in like a week. I said no that was to long it would e better if she could come sooner she said she would try. Mean while I was told that I could start cleaning up. I felt so confused, My house was ruined my stuff stolen and still I had no doors on the rear of my house and a broken bedroom door. My safe was stolen with a lot of money in it and 2 handguns and a shotgun and an AR-15 and thousands f rounds of ammunition . Jolie asked me how long I would need to be in the hotel when I first got in there. I said two weeks I guess. I thought that while I was in the hotel Nationwide would be fixing my house but that did not happen instead the supervisor was an investigator and showed up with one of the local sheriffs . She was rude and questioned me and all of my eighbors and friends . I got phone callls and visits from them after she left telling me the things that she was sating t them. She was not investigating if I was involved. She told them I was and was trying to get them to agree with her. My neighbors and friends were upset at the things that she said and I felt horrible. I felt like I was being treated like I was a criminal and not a victim . I completely cooperated and even when she asked me for my cell phone records for a period of time I got them and also got the other two cell phones I had that she was unaware of and gave her all three. This entire time nothing happened . I finially got the adjuster Brice that took care of the damage to the structure come out . I showed him everything he took pictures nd it was 3 months before I got a check for just over 2, 000 dollars. And a list of items that it was to fix. There was over 70 % of the damage not even noted . He did not deny anything just ignored it even though he took pictures. I sent that estimate to a dozen contractors or more. All f them told me that they could not do the work that they were boooked up due to the 8 feet of snow the winter before. I had to leave Idaho because nothing was getting done since the investigator was called in and I was kicked out of the hotel because of the eclipse. I couldn't sleep barely at my house with no doors or window and no bedroom door and a pipe had burst and I could not use the water and had to shut it off. And I was so scared that they would come back and knew the guns and bullets nad I did not feel safe. I was so stressed and confused. When my son found out that the house was still messed u e told me to come back to stay with him. I was so tired from not being able to sleep and the stress and the anger about everything that was taken and what they did to my house and barn. I left and went to Boise to stay in a hotel before I drove back to california . I slept 10 hours got up and began my drive. I got to Winnamuca and was again falling asleep I pulled over and got another room it was only 2 in the afternoon . I fell asleep right away and woke up at 9 pm. I got some food and went back to sleep. I woke up at 5 am and got back on the road. I still did not make it back when I got to Bishop I ad to stop again and get a room and sleep. I had to spend three nights in different hotels on the way back due ot fatigue when I drove to my home I drive straight through. I dont want to make this to long but I have been treated poorly. I have all emails, all voice mails to proov what I am saying is true.As far as the property stolen. I received 2 or 3 checks for the ACV and was told that as I replaced the items I would be paid the difference . The replacement cost on a lot of the items was to low but I was told that if it cost more to replace a item I would get it whe I sent in the receipts . It was almost a year later when I had sent in over 100 receipts and realized I had not been reimbursed for any of them. Jolie ignored me ad the supervisor took forever to get back to me and than he just wanted my claim number. I finially got a check for just under 3, 000 and the receipts were for like 30, 000 and it did not cover any of the receipts I had been sending in for the last 10 months . Her is a recap of the issues.
1. I was denied additional living essences after I had paid out of my own pocket for 4 months or more. I was only paid for the 2 weeks and nothing after that. I still can not live in my home to this day.
2. I have only received about 3.000 dollars for the items replaced and the receipt sent in over the last 12 moths.
3. The cost to fix the structure was so grossly undervalued and only 20 percent of the work was on the estimate .

I am out of money becasue I have had to pay to live elsewhere becasue I can not live in my house. I am stressed out so much I cry all the time. I cant get any help. I called the department of insurance and I became so frustrated when I would ge the response from nationwide that they sent to DOI and thanI would have to responde with proof that they lied and this took so much time and would bring the stress back 10 folds. I have spent so much time just trying t get nationwide to honor there contrctoral obligations that I dont think I can d this anymore.

I have asked nationwide to come back to my house and walk through it with e again to get an estimate on everything. I dont know what to do. 3 contractors have told me that due to the age that it neeeds t come down and be rebuilt becasue the duster ignored the water damage that was visible under the house and since they did nothing it only got worst .

Nationwide has tried to blame me for the water damage. They said that it was due to me not having the heat on when it was freezing and that caused the pipe to freeeze and break. I had to remind them that this all happened in the middle of summer ad there was no chance that freezing weather caused it in the middle of summer. They also said that I did not keep from further damage happening. This is not true. I turned off the water to the property before I left.

I am hopping that this will reach someone that cares about me and my situation . I am in tears as I am writing this. I am so tired of fighting every one. This is not fair. I dont have a house to live in and I paid my insurance . Please contact me at
Suzette Lasater
1750 NW 24th Street
Fruitland, Idaho 83619

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