National Car Rentalclaim no. [protected] - email to [protected] 8.2.18 - alleged 'damage' to vehicle

C Aug 02, 2018

Dear Sir or Madam,

I acknowledge receipt of your email of 7/30/18 and confirm having reviewed the information attached thereto. To enable me to finalize my response to the subject claim, please may I have your comments on the following matters:

1. There was no walk-around or other inspection of the vehicle with an agent at the time of pick-up, thus the condition of the vehicle was not recorded. The agent led my wife and I to a row of cars, volunteered he had graciously given us a free upgrade, invited us to choose a vehicle and said the keys would be in it. We selected the Chevy Malibu. The agent turned to leave but I called him back and asked him how to deal with tolls and operate the cruise control which he did.
2. There was no walk-around of the vehicle with an agent at the time of returning the vehicle. While I was still in the driver's seat (A) an agent recorded the mileage and fuel with me (B) another agent came to ask me to look at the alleged 'damage' to the right front of the vehicle of which my wife and I were completely unaware. Such alleged 'damage' appeared to us to be a grill that was hanging loose. It is noteworthy no photograph of the alleged 'damage' to the grill was provided prior to its being removed. There was no evidence of any 'damage' such as a dent, scratch or other impact that might have resulted from a collision: indeed, as stated on the repair invoice 'Point of impact: Unknown'.
The foregoing circumstances beg the following questions:
3.1 Why did the agent not conduct a walk-around or other inspection of the vehicle at pick-up and record its condition?
3.2 Why did the agent not conduct a walk-around or other inspection of the whole vehicle with me at the time of drop-off and record its condition?
3.3 Did the agent conduct such an inspection without me? If so, why?
3.4 Why was no photograph of the alleged 'damage' to the grill provided prior to its being removed thus leaving no record of the actual condition of the vehicle at drop-off?
3.5 In light of the 'Point of impact: Unknown' could the alleged 'damage' not have (a) occurred during normal driving (b) been a manufacturing defect? If not, why not?
3.6 What was the precise cause of the alleged 'damage'?

In accordance with advice received from a Service Advisor at a Chevrolet dealership I have copied this email to NCR Customer Service as a complaint so that the appropriate Corporate department may be notified of the circumstances and have the opportunity to improve their procedures throughout the organization to include a complete walk-round of every vehicle at pick-up and drop-off in the presence of the renter with the condition of each vehicle being duly recorded. This is the practice followed by the Service Advisor whom my wife and I met and whose inspection records were impressively comprehensive, including as they did diagrams on which to note any imperfections of the vehicle.


Christopher Warren-Smith

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