MultiChoice Africa / DSTVpoor customer service

R Aug 02, 2019 Review updated:

i have been a long serving client of multi choice and never missed a payment
You debit my account on the 25th of every month and ive never had a problem, what happened this month is the most disapointing way to be treated by customer sevice, the people answering phones dont not speak properly can not understand what im saying and can not even understand come sense ( if accounts are debited and there is proof like a bank statement showing debit from multi choice how can the customer be to blame for it not showing on multi choice account that is a bank problem not a customer problem.) also when you ask to speak to a supervisor or senior they say ok hold on and then leave u on hold and then end call. this was my experence with dstv customer service and like ive told the telphone operators good loyal customer that all way pay on time etc should be given the benifit of doubt and not cut off dstv and then charge them a reconnection fee when the error isnt there fault and also long serving clients should mean some thing to a company like multi choice most companies appreciate loyal clients and even reward them from time to time you a good payer the bank offers u specails or increases ur credit etc vodacom as well looks after there long serving clints SA homeloans does the same, but multi choice doesnt care about there long serving clients very very sad.


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    Mag D Aug 07, 2019

    Same thing happened to me it's very sickening

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