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April 25, 2018, I went to Mr. Tire on Mall Circle, Waldorf, MD for an slow air leak in my tire on my 2010 Subaru Legacy. They could fix it because I purchased my tires from there and purchased the insurance. I asked if they had time to take a look at my car for a noise coming from the left rear side of car that was a sporadic noise/sound. Kevin stated that he would have his head mechanic take a look, he needed the work to keep his guys busy. Kevin pulled my records and stated that from my last visit that I needed "Struts", and I said, "That was a year ago". I didn't authorize struts to be replaced. I drove my car home with his head mechanic, Joe, to try and replicate the noise. I couldn't. I hoped "Joe" would hear it on the way back to Mr. Tire as I went home to not sit in the shop. Told Joe I didn't know what it could be, maybe wheel bearings, but I didn't know. I get a call from Kevin to say he needed to order the part now because they were leaving to make deliveries wanted my answer to do work. I wasn't sure what work because I only needed my tire fixed and wanted him to look at it. I figured on Joe's trip back he may have heard the noise and knew what it was, so I said "Ok" and about 3 -4 hours later I get a call from Kevin saying my car was ready. No idea what had been done. Kevin picks me up, tells me that it's $2, 500 and that I can get the "Drive Card" which is interest free for 6 months. I didn't want the Drive Card and I would just pay cash. He says, "But it will really help me out if you get the card". I get the card, I look at the invoice, Struts (which I didn't authorize) and rear wheel bearings were replaced, in addition to the fix of my tire. I get in my car to go home and the noise is still there, it's not fixed and honestly, could not tell that struts had been replaced. I never thought I needed struts anyway which is why I never got them done the prior year. I called Kevin the next morning to tell him and he said to bring the car back in. I had already taken a day from work and couldn't at that time. I went in over the weekend and he wasn't there and NOBODY else could help me. Went in one evening after work, he had already gone for the day. Went in another weekend and he wasn't there or had just left. I went to my dealership to have a diagnostics done. They said that it looked like wheel bearings were not replaced in the rear but struts were replaced. I took the invoice and diagnostics by Mr. Tire the next day (by now it's early-mid May) and told them and Kevin swore, as well as Joe, they were replaced but it didn't matter because I didn't authorize him to replace anything except to fix the tire. I wanted him to look to find the cause of the noise. If found, great, then fix it. So, Joe the Mechanic and I took another ride to listen for the noise, which came up immediately. He pulled the car in the shop, took about 10 minutes and Kevin comes back and says your car is ready and Joe can tell you what the problem was "It was only something that was hanging and catching at certain times and just needed reattaching" I'm paraphrasing. So...10 minutes worth of looking and knowing cost me $2, 500 for work that either shouldn't have been done or didn't need to be done since neither was cause of the noise. I understand that they may have needed the work, but I've been schiested by people who have lied to me and have no remorse for their actions. I've had Mr. Tire do work for me in the past but I will never step foot in Mr. Tire again. I will either go to my dealership or Merchant Tire. I would like the refund of $2, 517 minus his 10 minutes worth of time to reattach the mechanism that was hanging, making the noise and he reattached.

  • Updated by Connie L. Shelton · Sep 06, 2018

    This is how they ADVERTISE AND DESCRIBE their business...this is so FAR FROM THE TRUTH!! GARBAGE, LIARS AND CHEATS! I'd actually consider going back if this is how they did business.

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