Mr Pricesport legging

C Jul 15, 2019

I recently bought leggings out of their sport department at mr price carlton centre. i got home fitted on the pants which turned out to be big and returned to store for exchange but unfortunately i could not find my size, so i asked for a refund. the cashier asked for my card which i bought with so that she can return the money in my debit card which it refused to reve**** back. called a manager or another colleague to assist and they simply said this is not the card which you purchased with because the card number on the slip does not match with the number on the card. i found this ridiculous because i told her this is the card i bought with even showed her the notifications from my phone. she further went on to say that if they do refund me the money cash then they will be commiting fraud but its quite funny that they offered to give me a voucher of which i did not want. In my conclusion they did not want to give me my refund in cash because that will be a loss to the business. not ever have i received such news from mr price refunding the money into my bank card instead of cash whether bought cash or card. i further went on to see if this happens to mr price only or other shops, so over the weekend i bought from 2 other shops( shoprite and roots) just to see if my card number will appear as in the card and it appeared just like at mr price. so this is not fraud which im doing its how my absa bank card is set. i am not happy with how a refund had to turn into accusations of me commiting fraud.

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