Mr Price Group / MRPstolen phone!!!

05/10/2019, at 18:50,
After being in the store for under 10 minutes, my phone was stolen from my handbag.
I ran to security (at the front of the store) and alerted him. He seemed as if he didn't understand me. I then asked for the manager on duty who, in turn, made it seem as if I'm the one responsible for my phone being stolen. Completely unapologetic and unprofessional. Actually asked if I would "walk around the store to point out the thief" and I declined.
I requested to view camera footage, but was abruptly told that the store is "under revamp and the camera's are off" - Manager's words exactly.
He was then nice enough to tell me that they (Mr Price) were not obligated to have camera's in their store.
It was as if the manager, security guard or staff standing around aimlessly, could not understand why I was so upset. Naturally, I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with your staff who showed no remorse whatsoever.

I hold you responsible for my loss, and I would humbly appreciate a reimbursement or a replacment phone (Samsung S8 Edge, to be exact) urgently.
My contact details:
or [protected]

Oct 07, 2019

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