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B Jul 14, 2019

On Saturday the 13th of July 2019 I visited Mr Price in Butterworth to buy myself Pyjamas I took pyjamas for R169 when I got to the till the cashier told me that it's on mark down and it's R80 and I decided to take 2 when I take two she said when you buy to for R80 each you will get 1 free fine I went out with three pyjamas and I was very excited, when I got home I called my Sister and my cousin and told them about the good sale @ Mr Price, immediately they both transferred money to my account so I can buy them two each so they can get one free.

I woke up early on Sunday to buy pyjamas fortunately I got the pyjamas and went back home, when I got home I took pyjamas out from the Mr Price bag I discovered that one of them had different sizes, to top was xs and the bottom was large but they were both in one hanger, I had to go back to Mr Price to change the bottom because I wanted xs, I met the lady on the till she said I must look for the right bottom size because the can't exchange it since it wasthe free one, I looked for the right size but they did not have and she said they can not help me, she called a lady by the name of Olwethu who called called the Manager and explained what happened, I was so shocked when the Manager's response was " she didn't even buy it, it was a gift she must take pyjamas even if the size of the top and the bottom are different" and then she left without even looking at me, when I ask her her name she refused to give

What dissapointed me most is the fact the the person who is called the Manager didn't even bother to explain because it was their mistake to put different sizes in one hanger and I bought those pyjamas because of that sale if it wasn't that sale I was not gonna bother call my sisters and my cousins and tell them about the special.

It is only Olwethu who is a junior staff who felt bad and went to the back to check and even her she came back with nothing but at least I appreciated the effort he made. I am really disappointed with the service I got I don't want to lie, you know I don't just pass without buying at Mr Price and I always spread the word of mouth about the beautiful things and specials I get there but now I don't know I am really really disappointed.

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