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J Sep 12, 2018

I have records of cancellation of my Mr Price home account in December 2017.

Till date Mr Price always sends me notices on default paying, since I have a sim card which on their website is a free service, thus a free account is accumulating monthly with an interest, EISH.

I had till date had various discussions with Mr Price, lodging disputes etc, its no response officially in a letter format.

I've been reasonable by paying the due amount on the settlement date to Mr Price, meaning, I went to the store, stating, kindly provide me of the outstanding amount due to you, to close my account.
This was provided, and I've settled. I have proof of this.
Is this reasonable in your opinion, or what more can one do???

Mr Price client center has records of discussions, however they explain to one please note this is recorded but they never use their own records, they are rather being Prejudice in this matter.

I further then contacted Mr Price, as per their records and I'm always being told we will get back to you, never happens.

It was then recorded that the Mr Price store in Vereeniging was in default by not sharing closure of the account, thus their administration difficulties results in penalising me, not going to happen.

Now, they threatening me with blacklisting etc, but they cannot explain the account, pathetic.

Thus, I have a account, no proof of the service, but there is proof of a account..what the hell..

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