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terrible company

I did not go to nationstar voluntarily. My mortgage company sold our loan. Our original mortgage company was GMAC we were trying to work out a loan refi with them because of multiple changes in our life ranging form job loss illness and death in our family. We had been late on multiple occasions. They told us if we could keep up the payments for a year that they would revisit the the refi.

Well we managed to keep up for a year through many hours of overtime and borrowing some money from family. After 12 mos they sold our loan to Nationstar. That is when the trouble really began. Nationstar started out by sending us an incorrect account # for our loan and then we were late with our payment I was able to catch that up. I contacted a firm that helps with home modifications and have been trying to work that way.

Nationstar kept contacting us offering us proposals for a refi, they sent two proposals with the agent saying that it would be better than a loan mod. We told him we didn't think we would be eligible but he insisted and sent them anyway. The day after we got the two proposals we received a letter that our loan application was denied. Well I thought they were just proposals according to the agent that called us.

About a month later we received a letter asking us to sign a form stating that we refused their loan offer. This totally confuses me. Our loan modification was denied because we were current on our payments. Well now I have lost my overtime and my company made an across the board 10% pay cut for all employees. I will never be able to make my payment and these people are so hard to contact never mind get the same person on the phone.

I know the static trick we heard that one and heaven knows we have been transferred from department to department and no one has any record of the calls. I work at a veterinary office and I know that we keep better records then these people do. We are accountable for every phone call that we receive. It seems impossible to get any help from this company. They have no trouble keeping track of late fees.

I am hoping that they are going to re consider the loan modification but from everything I am reading about this company there only goal is to get as much money as they can regardless of how they get it. I just hope not to lose my home in the process.

  • Ra
    ray Mar 04, 2009

    I agree that this mortgage co needs to stop lieing and all of us with this co should get a lawyer they are very rude. and could care less if you are telling them the truth or not they told me that if i made a payment befor the end of the month that i would qualify for what they call 5 by 5 loan modification after i made the payment by money gram call them to let them know i did what they asked they told me it was the end of the month when i made the payment so now i would have to make another one to get modified this get money out of you tacs work for them so well plus get this when you ask to talk to lost and mitigation they dont let you the collectors tell you they have the same trineing as the higher ups we all know thats a bunch of!!!

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  • Pa
    pahomeowner Apr 10, 2009

    I had the same problem with GMAC. In fact was registering for their accelerated payment and was to restructure into this option. Spoke to several folks in India - did what they told me - but they reported to the credit agencies that I was more than 60 (in fact 60-90) days late - when in fact I'd been paying half the mortgage every 2 weeks. Finally began paying them directly through their website and never had another problem-- until they sold the note to Nationstar.

    It has been a nightmare ever since. I had to use my rights under RESPA (I'm in PA) to find out where the taxes had been sent and monies from escrow. On December 10 2008, I was notified by GMAC that they had sold my mortgage in November 2008 and the payments should be going to a different mortgage lender - no Nationstar. I received a mortgage bill from Nationstar on December 15th, Nationstar began our relationship by stating I was 2 months in arrears. I quickly contacted the State Attorney's office and quickly began sending certified letters to GMAC and Nationstar.

    When I mail a payment, since they have no electronic means, I used USPS tracking confirmation - which I send each month to refute the late charges assessed. I have now set up an electronic bill payment through Bank of American and have the amount taken out on the same date each month --10 days before the past due date.

    Bank of America has agreed to dispute any further allegations of late payment with Nationstar. They are rude and immediately treated me as if I was in collections. I have changed my home phone number after being harassed and told to go to Western Union to make a cash payment. I'm not going into an urban area at night with $2800 in my pocket to pay a mortgage because the company doesn't have a regular mail pickup to their post office box.

    I've written my senator, state legislature and spoken to all my friends & family members warning not to deal with Ditech, GMAC or Nationstar.

    I'll keep you posted as I'm trying to get refinanced - but it's hard with all the erroneous information sent by GMAC and now Nationstar.

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  • De
    Deven1 Oct 31, 2011

    Bank of America sold our mortgage to this Nationstar back in Sept. 2011 and we still have not received any papers or payment coupons. After several phone calls we were told that we should get our payment book in the mail very soon, just use the B.O.A. coupons until then. Well we are going on the second payment and still nothing has been sent. I do not trust this company all ready !!!

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  • La
    laurie bower Sep 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    in August of 2012 .I surrendered my property to bank of America, they put me into a short sale program .kept losing the information, They continued that until June 2013 .I had a realtor involved and even had a buyer. The paperwork was never finished for buyer, and in June 2013 I received a letter that my loan connected to the property was turned over to Nationstar. The paper work wasn't all turned over to Nationstar yet. Then I was told to start over with the short sale program. After a month my realtor received a letter that the house was up for auction now, I had a contract with a buyer and the realtor at that time, Well the bank said it doesn't matter its on the auction block. Then in the same week I get a letter from some lawyer that is with Nationstar bank. that they are foreclosing. So now I don't know who is doing what with my house. I think this is going to be going on for a long time, due to the fact that no one seems to on the same page about it, and in the meantime my credit is down the dran
    laurie bower

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  • Cr
    crooks101 Oct 09, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How long can these organizations continue to commit fraud in every way possible. The government must support their behavior because no one has been convicted they just pay fines that only the government benefits. Not one citizen has received compensation. I say get rid of them all and start sending someone to jail. Their no different than Madoff.

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  • Wh
    What's wrong with you? Oct 09, 2015

    Did you overdraw your checking account again?

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terrible everything

Nationstar mortgage purchased my home loan in August 2008. They have yet to properly account for my payment...


I don't even know where to begin with these people. First was the aggressive marketing. They wrote to us, called our house, called our offices, showed up at our door, all to tell us what an amazing house we had and how undervalued it was. We were told that we could refinance and pay off all our debt. Because this was OUR asset, OUR money. We weren't really "borrowing" money, we were just shifting our assets around!

We were told that our house was worth $175, 000, even though we only paid $70, 000. Naturally, we were suspicious, so they sent in their "independent appraiser". Sure enough, she valued the house at $175, 000! Her supervisor also signed off on that amount. We were amazed at our good fortune and were too naive/inexperienced to wonder how they could have come up with that value independently of each other. Turns out the appraiser knew the number Nationstar wanted long before she showed up to appraise the house.

Next came the tremendous pressure to borrow the full $175k. They were very insistent, told us to take a vacation to Europe. "It's YOUR money!" they said. We thought better of it. We decided to be prudent and only take $115, 000, way below the value of the house. The value that had been certified not only by a mortgage company, but by two independent appraisers!

We were told not to worry about the ARM. We could always refinance before the rate adjusted. Over the next two years, we paid Nationstar over $50, 000 on this loan, and at the end of the two years we owed more than when we started. Not exactly the glowing terms that had been described to us by the brokers. We talked to Nationstar about refinancing, but they were not agreeable (surprise!). We decided to refinance with our local credit union before the Nationstar loan adjusted. We had been very careful with our bills and money in that two year period and had improved our credit score drastically. Our bank approved us for an extremely reasonable fixed rate mortgage. We were thrilled, until their appraiser came and we found out the house was actually worth $60, 000! We were not able to refinance and were stuck with the Nationstar loan, which then adjusted to nearly 15%!

So, now we owed $115k on a $60k house and had mortgage payments of over $2, 000/month and 15% interest. We told Nationstar that we were going broke fast and asked about a short sale. They weren't interested until they found out that the NY State Attorney General was interested in the case and went after the appraisers for fraud. The appraisers lost their licenses (turns out they had been "working with Nationstar" on many refinances in our region). Then they said they would consider a short sale. We got an offer for $70k and Nationstar said they would only accept it if we paid another $25k out of our pockets. We told them that was not possible. They dickered and [censor]ed and complained and eventually the buyer walked. Then we found them ANOTHER buyer who offered $65k. Still over the value of the house. They hemmed and hawed and dragged their feet for a month and then we lost THAT buyer.

By now we had moved out of the house because Nationstar, without telling us (although we were talking to them nearly every day), started foreclosure proceedings and we knew as soon as the foreclosure hit our credit, we would not be eligible for a mortgage. We bought another house by the skin of our teeth (thanks to our local credit union, who were aware of the situation) just HOURS before Nationstar's first negative report to the credit agencies. Over the next few months, Nationstar's reports to the credit agencies lowered our credit nearly 200 points.

The house was empty and was vandalized. People broke in and stole all the copper pipes, stained glass windows, Victorian hinges and even the door knobs. EVEN THEN we found a buyer and Nationstar refused to accept the offer.

Very long story short, the house went into foreclosure and Nationstar ended up selling it for $28k. Our credit is destroyed. We have no idea what the long term consequences to us will be. We're waiting from them to garnish our wages or go after what little equity we have in our current home. Meanwhile they share in the bailout money while we deal with the consequences of their thievery and lies.

  • Si
    sick of nationstar Apr 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am trying to get another class action suit against Nationstar. If your interested contact me
    [email protected]


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  • Go
    godblessamerica Aug 19, 2009

    I am in the process of contacting the US attorney's office in California to report fraud and unlawful lending practices through nationstar.

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modification loans

Beware bad cpmpany offers high modification loans such as 11.90 inerest rate and our payment went from 1...

erroneous appraisals

I took out an arm loan with nationstar. It is due to adjust july, 2009. I called nationstar mortgage to refinance and they sent out an appraiser. The appraiser told me that they would not reappraise my home because they had reviewed the appraisal that nationstar had used two year previous and had found that not only did it contain information that was not true about my own home, such as it had a fireplace but the comparables that they had used to set the value of my home for the loan were not comparable to my home. My home had been overvalued by 40, 000 dollars.

  • Gr
    Gr8MomInMichigan Apr 22, 2009

    You should be okay with the 'rate change date' in July 2009 because the Libor is going down, not up. Keep on them to make sure that it ajusts in your favor.

    This Lender is quick to raise and slow to reduce.

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Scam and cheating

I have faxed proof of ins to Aurora Loan services 3 times and have the fax acknowledgments of proof, yet then still send letters that they have not received it and take the liberty to add their own ins at ridiculous rates. Maybe that's there answer to make up for their lack of good business practice. Practicing this kind of fraudulent practice it is no wonder that they are in trouble. Maybe the countries mortgage problems are not simply bad loans, rather bad business practices and poorly run mortgage companies, In my opinion the mortgage companies are due any kind of assistances they have been taking advantage of the public long enough.

  • Valerie Oct 07, 2008

    My husband and I are victims of the credit crunch. We contacted Aurora Loan Services early this year in an attempt to get a loan modification since our loan had adjusted. They were very rude. They asked us to send tons of information. We sent them everything they wanted. We never heard back. We called and they asked us to resend them the information. We never heard back. We called and sent them more updated stuff. They we got a Trustee Sale notice pinned to our front door. In desperation we called them and they re-took our financial statements over the phone. The sale was postponed for a month. They claimed they sent us a modification package via UPS. They never provided us tracking numbers and we never got the package. We faxed letters every single day. Never got a response. We called and called and each time got a different individual. We were told another package had been shipped out via UPS on October 2nd. It never was. We found out that it had been sent out on October 6th. They will not consider modifying the loan to where the terms are affordable. They ordered a sale for the 8th. AND WE HAVE NOT EVEN GOT ANY COMMUNICATION FROM THEM. I email Sonja Williams daily with detailed information. They absolutely will not help. Do you think this is a deliberate way they are instructed to handle requests for modifications? I heard their CEO Dick Fuld today on various TV stations. Boy, did he make out like a bandit?

    Let me know if anyone out there has had a similar experience as mine.

    Thanks a million.

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  • Re
    Renee Belmar Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am trying to put some individuals together to consider the potential for a class action. Every Saturday, I will open up a AOL chat with the name Aurora in hopes to pull us together. AURORA MUST BE STOPPED!!

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  • Je
    Jerry Sheehan Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they are indeed crooks! Take a look at what other have said here,
    /URL removed/?q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search!&q5=Aurora+Loan

    Anyway, now I'm out of work and have a 6 month old son, denied unemployment benefits and Aurora said they won't even work with me because I have no income. I would like to know what my rights are. I have lost $40k in value on this junk property and really have no desire to stay at this point, but would like to stay as long as possible. They already destroyed my credit so no big deal at this time. I would like to know how long I can stay until they kick my family and I out. They are so rude and I don't wish to do any business with them. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Ce
    cecelia Mims Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is so sad how this company works with their customers. If they will not agree to a short sale, you have until the date house is sold to move out. You should be receiving foreclosure documents with information and dated. My daughter is having diffculty work with Aurora Loan Service. Do not believe anything they say over the phone. She was told just today that there are new employees and they are unsure of the process so her account is being looked at. We will see next week. Make sure you are talking to the right department. I do not think customer service is the best number to call. They have been so ugle when every my daughter called them. Contact me if you need more information. Cecelia Mims, Realtor Prudential

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  • Ed
    Eddy Feb 15, 2009

    ALS Services has us running around in circles as well!!! I can't believe all of the people out there who have been or are going through the same stuff we are!!

    We first contacted them back in July 08 because my husbands' job changed, and went from a steady paycheck to working off of commission. I told them I didn't know how much longer we'd be able to come up with our mortgage payment, they stated they couldn't help us because we were still making the payments. Then a couple months after that, we fell short, I asked for help, they said that they would send us the paperwork for being modified and showing our other choices (short sale, etc).

    I told them we didn't want to move, we want our house, but need help. We sent them every piece of paperwork they wanted, I'm talking probably over 50 pages of personal information as well as spreadsheets showing our expenses, and so on.

    It took forever for them to get the fax, then they said they needed more info, every piece of info they asked for, I gave them, and every time it took 7-10 days for them to 'get the fax', but then it was 'oh, it might be 10-14 days' to get the fax. Ridiculous, but we played along, just long enough for them to tell us, sorry, we have to put you on a payment plan...the payment plan would have us paying close to $1000 more...so I ask, if we can't make our normal payment, why would I be able to make a payment of almost $1000 more...

    Then, we called again a couple months later and said please help us and we were told we'd have to fill out all of the paper work again since so much time had past. I told them that nothing has changed, the monthly expenses are the same.

    the people are rude, every time you call them you have to explain your life story to them, you get a different answer every time. So months later we try to hire a company to help us out because we were due to get foreclosed on January 5th, that company let us down too, so in a last ditch effort we called Aurora and talk to some other guy who tells us we can do the payment plan and make our regular payments 4 months in a row, on the 3rd payment we have to fill out all of the paperwork again and they'd see about modifying our loan at that time.

    We're about to make our first payment of this payment plan, and I'm very worried that some where they're going to say I screwed up so they can just foreclose on us after squeezing some more money out of us. I would love to go after these people!!

    They'd rather just foreclose on people, then help them out, my credit score has dropped over 100 points too because of this. Please include me in any and all charges against these people!!! I wish every the best though!!! I hope someone has a happy ending some where!!!

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  • Ch
    Charlestonian Feb 20, 2009

    Be wary of the "sure, just make a few more payments and then we'll modify it" approach. We went through the exact same thing when we fell behind last year. We're in an interest-only loan and my husband was laid off. We don't want to lose the home but were going to have to really scrimp and probably borrow from family members to make payments.

    We asked Aurora to convert the loan to a fixed rate at a 40-yr term so we could at least begin to build some equity without having the payments shoot up. They told us to make three consecutive payments and then resubmit the paperwork, which we did. We heard nothing from them.

    Then, a couple months later, they sent us a "modification" which tacked on the arrearage, plus fees and penalties, and spread it out on top of the existing payments. They did not modify the loan terms or convert it to a fixed-rate loan. What they did, while it technically brought us "current, " actually increased our payments, and our bottom line.

    We have now submitted an offer from a buyer for a short sale, but have heard nothing from them. I sincerely hope you have better luck but I honestly think they are just trying to squeeze as much as possible out of you before they will eventually foreclose the mounting debt.

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  • Wa
    Wanda Feb 24, 2009

    They are doing me the exact same way. I'm going to submit a counteroffer to them and if they refuse I will try a short sale, but I doubt if they will go for it. I will probably end up walking away because my balance is 125, 000 and a house 5 doors down is on the market with Century 21 for 64, 400 and it has more square feet!


    0 Votes
  • Ke
    Kevin Apr 28, 2009

    I am going through the exact same thing with Aurora. I believe that I initially spoke with the infamous Mike and I'm thinking of flying out to their office to take my anger out on him. He tried to raise my payments up for a year when I'm in a bad financial way! Then, he tells me that I make too much money, which is ridiculous. After speaking with someone else, I've been supposedly placed on the 3 month payment plan...but after reading comments on this board, I'm feeling bad about this. I believe that Aurora is very unscrupulous.

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  • No
    Norm1 Nov 05, 2009

    I received a Loan Modification Package from Aurora in late September 2009. I noted serious miscalculations on the escrow, called the agent at Aurora I had been dealing with(of course you can never reach them and must wait for a call back, when Hell freezes over) she told me I could sign the package with the errors, which would have resulted in me having to pay over $200 extra per month that was not due, or she would resubmit the package to the underwriters for correction. I opted for the latter when she assured me they would have it done well before the payment was due. A week before thpayment came due, I called them and was told that I was NO LONGER ELIGIBLE! There had been no positive change in my circumstances. I queried them as to why I was no longer eligible, they, of course, had no answer and claimed to expedite the file to a second review and promised a call back by November 4. Today is the 5th, no call back, or email. I have been current on all payments, still have the September Loan Package indicating acceptance. Guess what! I'm going to sign it, have it notarized and send it with my payment and if they balk, they can come and get the keys to this Godamn house and shove it up their ###!

    0 Votes
  • Ho
    Hold Aurora Loans Accountable ! Apr 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ If enough people complain maybe they will be held accountable for their awful business practices.

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This company is the biggest pain in the butt I have ever dealt with. They hound me every month for their...

They're the worst

Almost 2 years ago we refinanced our home. Our loan was sold to aurora loan services. Because of the economy...

deceptive loan practices and unresponsive customer service

Two weeks ago we tried to pay off a home loan we had with Nationstar Mortgage who had evidently bought the...


My home was vandalized. My insurance company issued a check in the amount of $44, 000 to repair my home. the...

no response!

I was promised a deferral for my mortgage and it was never granted, but is now effecting my credit. Noah from the mortgage co. promised to have the vice president review the taped conversation and call me back will not speak with me, and nor will anyone else at the mortgage co.

  • We were given a contract by Nationsatr for a Mortgage Modification but they called one day before the mod date to say the program was cancelled. We had to battle them, send letters and documentation ( which we kept records of every person phone call, every detail. They eventually gave in to the contract terms but you have to document and record EVERYTHING with these hucksters.

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  • No
    not a friend of NS Dec 09, 2015

    yes i agree with all of you and if you try to refinance from nationstar to another bank thy dont do anything but give you grief the whole way

    0 Votes

received a fraudulent loan

Nationstar refinanced my home over a year ago, and because I had filed bankruptcy a year before and my credit...

Fraud and cheating!

I received an insurance claim to repair hail damage on 9/28/07. It was made payable to Aurora because they are the primary lienholder. I received the initial 1/3 draw check for my insurance claim proceeds on 10/12/07; work was subsequently completed on or about 11/1/07. As instructed, I requested an inspection from Aurora to validate the work was complete.

On 11/5, the inspection was completed and filed with Aurora. On 11/13, I called to verify all required notarized Affidavits were received and the inspection work was complete. I was assured the final check would be mailed out within a few business days so I could pay my contractor the balance owed. On 11/19, I spoke to a Claims Rep by the name of Jane. She said a check would be cut on Friday, 11/21.

As of 11/28, I hadn't received a check so I called back. I was assured it would be mailed. I called back on 12/7 and was told that someone would be in touch to follow up. On 12/10, I called again and left a voicemail for Jane. I did not hear back so I requested to speak to a supervisor, Monica Ivy (sp?) on Tuesday, 12/11. She noted that something was entered in wrong which failed to issue the check and that she personally would try to get it overnighted and call me back - she never did.

On 12/17, I spoke to Jane, who assured me the check was cut on 12/17 and 'mailed in a day or two.' On 12/20, I called to see if it had been mailed and was now told again that the check was cut on 12/18 and wouldn't be mailed until 12/21. I had to call back several times to try to reach supervisors, only to leave voicemails. When I spoke to Jane again, she contradicted herself a couple times and gave me misinformation.

Finally, she put me on hold and after a few minutes, her line came back on but she couldn't hear me. I heard her and 3-4 others in her vicinity making fun of my problem and laughing aloud. They also joked that the check should be made payable to them individually instead of me. I had also voiced concern that Aurora Loan Services had recently filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and I was concerned I was not going to receive my remaining proceeds. She was laughing at the bankruptcy comment and they were joking about how she should have answered that question. I listened to these comments for approximately 5 minutes before the line was suspiciously disconnected.

I called the 800# back again to try to speak to someone and was only able to leave a voicemail for Jane (who has yet to return my call). My primary problem is, I do not have the ability to pay my contractor or his workers before the Christmas holiday, which is a huge concern for me. My secondary concern is the level of customer service I have received up to this point. I am soliciting the advice of legal counsel on the matter of customer service, but what other recourse do I have against Aurora? My loan is current, I have never had a late payment. I was told it is 'the law' to make Insurance Proceeds payable to the primary lienholder, but would like to know more about this.

  • Ed
    Edie Pickett Mar 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband & I also had a nightmare time with Aurora for 2 years. Our loan was sold to them by Amerifirst Mortgage a month after we bought our house. We were ripped off all the way around on this deal by Century 21, the homeowner, the title company & Amerifirst. The first thing Aurora did was send us a letter saying we owed the back taxes of the former homeowner of 1, 081.00. Our closing papers stated the yearly taxes were 434.00 & we paid that at closing. Aurora jacked our house payment from 731.00 to 1600.00 & Even if I sent the payments certified 2 weeks ahead, they posted the payment after the late date & charged us a 36.00 late fee. We went to 7 different lawyers & no one would touch it. I had proof on paper & a whole file on how we had been cheated, but at the end of 2 years, we had to re-finance to get out from under them. There was no pre-payment penelty in the contract, but they still charged us 3, 300.00. The lady from the title company at the re-finance saw the name Aurora & stated her son had been going through hell with them. It seems that in Florida, the bad guy always wins. We have lost thousands of dollars & all the parties involved got away with it. I advise anyone doing any kind of business, do not sign anything without a lawyer & do a good background check on who you are dealing with.

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improper credit reporting!

Nationstar took over or was renamed from Centex. I closed a loan with Centex last March.

L.S.I Title was supposed to do the documentation, closing and title work. I purchased the house from Probate of my Mother's estate. LSI did not file title work for almost one year which caused problems and attorney fees with Probate. I withheld payment until the title was filed in my name. It was then agreed to in writing that the foreclosure notice would be removed from my credit by Nationstar. It has not been removed. It was also reported in error from the beginning.

1. Can you give me the statutes for incorrect credit reporting that were used recently against Wells Fargo Bank

Can you lead to the stories where Nationstar lost in class action suits filled against them in Michigan and two other states.

Thank You.

  • Bi
    bingoboysmama Oct 09, 2009

    I got sold in 2008 to Nationstar, who I never even heard of and I'm sorry I ever did. It' s been nothing but a ongoing nightmare since Feb 2008. Their title company was to cut a check per my closing for the 1st half of my house taxes. Nationstar was to pay the 2nd half. But Fiserv(the title co.) sent the wrong amount and it got kicked back. They said nothing and did nothing. When Nationstar tried to pay the 2nd half it got kicked back because the first half was never paid. Now neither company said nothing and did nothing. In August 2008 I got a letter from the town my taxes were deliquent and a lein was being placed on my property in Sept.2008. I took an entire day off from work and spent it on the phone between Nationstar, the Town, the County and Fiserv. I found out Fiserv still had the check it had never been cashed. I was in contact with Jeffrey of Nationstar Escrow. I told him Fiserv had the check, gave him the contact there I had spoken too and the check number. He said it would be taken care of, no problem. A few weeks later I called the town, they said everything was paid and there was no lien. Everythings good right??? WRONG!!! It seems Jeffery and Nationstar took out an advance of money from First American (who holds the escrow monies). They took basically an unauthorized loan on my mortgage for $7000.00 in Aug 2008. I found this out 8 months later in April 2009. How?? I had just made the April payment online. My account appeared perfectly normal on the statements. There was no inkling of what they had done until I received a letter on April 6, 2009 that my next payment (in 3 weeks for May 2009) would be an additional $700.00 a month to payback the advance they took out 8 months earlier to cover the tax money they lost. I went NUTS. That was Saturday and all was closed. Again Monday I took off from work and called them. Needless to say, they told me they would file a dispute it could take 30 day...then 90 days... it has now passed 6 months and they still have not gotten back a single dime of my money. I have been working with a woman named Theresa Pointer in Escrow, but she has suddenly disappeared in the last month (they said she's been out sick). Now I have Tom in Escrow and Fiserv contacts with the Research Department of Randy Foyer and Kathy Kinkerk. Not only can they not get the money back from Fiserv (I even sent them an entire packet of papers certified registered mail w/signature required) with a copy of the page from my mortgage that shows what should have happened, but they themselves cannot find the money they should be holding for what should have been the second half of the taxes. But they said "Don't worry about that yet, we have to get the Fiserv money back first." The original tax bill and what they ended up paying, of course, were different amounts because of the interest and penalties that accrued after they paid it also. I have refused to pay them ANY of the extra amount since May, because I believe they are thieves and con-artists and I will not pay on money for an unauthorized loan they took out because they are incompetent. So now they keep saying my payments are behind, they put each payment into a holding account until it adds up to what they want it to be. I call them 3-4 times a week. They call me 2-3 times A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK. They send me threatening letters about foreclosure, and remodification of my loan. I get phone calls from all these departments- Customer Service, Collections, Foreclosure, Research and Escrow. I am on the automatic dialer so they call me everyday including Saturday and Sunday when they are closed, besides the live operators. It starts at 8 am and goes till 9 pm. This for the last 5 months.. They threaten me constantly. I even had a supervisor hang up on me during one phone call because of my attitude toward her (this was on a third phone call of one day from them after about 4 months of this crap) She didn't like my tone or attitude and wouldn't be spoken to "in that manner" and when and if I calmed down and adjusted my attitude I could call back to speak to them..with that she hung up on me. So 6 months and still waiting for them to find my money...it's the worst nightmare scenario. I would never have imagined this happening to me. All my bills are paid on time..but my credit is now in the CRAPPER because of this..because, of course, they are report me as being deliquent to the credit bureaus. I cannot even refinance through another bank just to get away from them because of all the damage they have done to my credit. I can't sleep and have nightmares, I don't know what to do anymore. :(

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    realestatemaestro Nov 16, 2018

    @bingoboysmama what kind of a screwed up county refuses payments for property taxes for any reason?

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    PISSED33 Aug 26, 2012


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    Nationstar ripoff artists Nov 28, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Same thing happened to us in 2013, BOA sold our loan to Nationstar, Nationstar NEVER contacted us, so we kept making payments to BOA (who took them) Then notified we were 2 months behind on our mortgage, and our escrow was GONE! We made payments to Nationstar, but they would never let us catch up. They threatened foreclosure so we did a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Well...fast forward to today, 2018, and they decided they would change my credit report to say its an open account (it was closed), we are 18 months behind and Who would have guessed they "don't have a copy of the dIL" Lets see, we gave them back the house in June 2014, have copies of the checks for our mortgage AND the email saying "Congratulations on the DIL", PLUS, they claim we took our mortgage out with them in 2007 for almost 200, 000 and they say we owed them 188, + . WELL, We opened our mortgage in 2007 with BOA, and BOA sold it for 180, 000. When I asked about all these problems, the woman I spoke to (VERY RUDE) said, "WE can report what we want on your credit, We can keep it open as long as we want and change it when we want to" UGH! Well, the house was put for auction and sold, so how is it still on my credit as open. I don't owe anything to them. FREAKING NIGHTMARE! I didn't ask for NATIONSTAR (now MR. Cooper) I was sold to them. We lost our home of 10 years, and credit ruined. I just don't even know what to do anymore. They reported today the account was open (again), how convenient for them since I filed a dispute about the missed payments and the amount listed with the credit bureaus yesterday. I wish there was someway to get justice for what they have done to us and other people.

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bogus refinancing!

This company is no different from any other bank that have led people into believing they can help them out of their current situation with their mortgage. We fell behind and Nation Star gave us all these reasons to go with them. That they are a bank that is in the business of doing non=conforming loans. As usual the appraisal was done, as quickly as possible,had to get done right away. I haven't figured out yet how the bank profits from that, but i am sure they do. We were told as long as the appraisal came in at $300,00 it would be great, well it came in at $385,000. That the loan was going to be based on what the house was worth. it was all down hill from there. Got the call tonight that their bank is no longer doing refi's for bankrupt loans. Tiffany Petrick and Kevin Baker, very good salesmen, but obviously have no consideration for people in need. To lead us on.

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    Theresa Trombley Feb 01, 2020
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    My credit report says I have not paid since November 2019 but I have paid.

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