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Complaints & Reviews

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)Payment not applied properly

Loan #[protected], bankruptcy case #1960519 borrower is David F. Haman. I, Shelley Duel am/was authorized on the account. The email is [protected] Phone # [protected], I am home after 3 pm. June 14, 2017 Dave made his last payment of $990.00, I didn't find this out until the end of August 2017. The reason he stopped paying is because he left home 3/7/16. Dave decided since I needed child support to help with raising our daughter, he didn't need to make his mortgage payment. I got all the paperwork for a loan modification, Dave signed it, but even though The payment was $316.00 cheaper he wouldn't pay it. They reviewed it and I asked for the trial payments to start in March 2018 so I could use my tax refund to make the payments. Everything was going good until 10/10/18, when my daughter paid $336.27 then lost her job and decided she didn't have to pay rent anymore. There was $421.36 sitting in the unapplied funds, as of 12/31/18 the house went into foreclosure. I postponed the sheriff's, so I had until 8/21/2019 to come up with the reinstatement amount. Dave filed chapter 13 bankruptcy on 8/20/19. 9/4/19 I made a payment of $940.50. I thought it was going to be applied as usual, principal $137.06, interest $535.48 & escrow $267.96 and the $421.36 should have gone to the new company, Select Portfolio Servicing when they took over our loan as of 10/1/19. Someone decided it was okay to put the whole amount $1, 361.86 toward the escrow, without saying a word. I was waiting for a interest paid statement for $535.48. I should have been asked where I wanted my money to go. I just found out that Mr. Cooper put all of my money into escrow, when I questioned where our interest paid statement was and when it would be coming. I found out from Select Portfolio Servicing that we would be getting it. If SPS would have gotten the $421.36 they could have used it toward our payment we made there so we could have had an interest statement from them too $535.48. It sure would have helped on our tax return. I don't have any documents that I can attach.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)home loan

Mr. Cooper, Nationstar, is doing the same thing to me. They took over my loan from Low VA Rates I received no notice that my loan had been transferred. I was not provided any documentation from Nationstar that they were nowvthe legitimate service provider. Since they were able to confirm my Seterus loan number, I requested written confirmation that they had my loan along with documentation about the loan that I am entitled to. They said the documentation was not currently available and that they would provide it to me. I decided in good faith to make the scheduled payment. I am update on my payments but made a payment to Low VA and they sent the check #720 for $720.00 and not crediting me this amount. Mr. Cooper is saying that didn't have any proof of getting the money. I have the chased check with Nationstar Payee ABS END GTD 10/15/2019 .Also Low VA Rates without recourse pay to the order of Mr. Cooper. So you are

I mailed a check for my mortgage payment and requested documentation and explanation of the charges and was told no paper work the had proof
The check was cashed and I received back a notice that the money would not be applied to the mortgage but held by them.
I am filing complaints with all state and federal regulatory agencies and contacting my Congressman to start an investigation on my behalf at the federal level.
I will also be filing suit against Nationstar.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)billing

they are saying we are deliquent now i send in payments and i have tell them not to put my money to things and i get a bunch of bs the next time to pay its the same i send money for one month they put it to another statement comes and they say i owe all this money how easy they do what the want i never pay after 30 days always before the end of the month i am so sick of the people now they want to take my home and i have not had it that long

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage 15 year fixed rate

My wife and I took out this mortgage in 2005 to remodel our home . During the course of the loan, they have accessed late charges even when Paid on time, legal fees and inspection fees added in a separate escrow account, of course they charge interest on this account as well. I catch it up and in a couple of months I am behind again . This has been going on for 15 years, my mortgage pays off in a few more months. This company, more Nationstar than Mr cooper have hounded me and stolen money in the way of fees, nothing to do with my monthly payment .I have never seen an inspector on my property, not once . I am charged legal fees, every year, i paid legal fees when the mortgage was first arranged . No matter how many times i try to catch up to their garbage, they find other fees to make me behind again. My payment is 604.00 dollars a month for over 2 years i sent them 750.00 total, yet I kept building an escrow account where I owed more money .

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mr cooper mortgage company

Mortgage company told me to send a certain amount. I sent it. They held funds, sent the money back and charging me late fees, attorney fees, ect. They extorted me out of money and now won't accept payments.. they added almost $6000 of fees for November and December. I spoke to the attorney representative for mortgage company and they stated they only charge them $600. Please review case

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage

They're stealing my home. I have good payment history going back several years. I pulled it off their website. Hurricane Irma hit and we foolishly accepted the deferment
The lie. In the third month they changed the word to forbearance. We've been fighting ever since. They told us we had to apply for a modification to even qualify for the deferment, if they denied the modification, they'd just defer as originally agreed, I have made every payment since the three months ended, but the way they handle it, they say I'm 9 months behind. They stopped taking my payments in October, just two months ago. Saying I'm over $4000.00 behind and now they've denied my modifiy. Why isn't anyone doi g anything to stop this?????? Why are they still in business????? My husband is 65 and not in the best health, we just adopted two grand girls today and came home to find out they rejected our modification. Merry Christmas we're homeless? In spite of making all our payments on time??? Because we trusted them. So now, . I'll try again to find help but no one seems to care about an average family in an average home that's paid down to under $40 grand. I think, if they do this, I will gut this house of everyone I've put in it from my well to my toilets. Someone please help us

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage modification

In July I tried to get modification from this company. They asked application and other infor. I gave them it. After waiting 2 month, I called them, I was told they never receive them. This when on several times. I even when to difference place to have paper work Fax. They denied me, Because they claim never received. Did Application over, some they say they did received 1 copier. I even asked for supervisor, who help for a while, than stop taking my calls. I was denied 2 time, because Mr. Cooper said I never miss a payment. and was in a program which I never know about

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage loan foreclosure

I've being foreclosed on bc NStar gave me the run around, kept losing my paperwork requests for HARP loan remodification, kept adding fees, & still refused to help like they promised! They've totally ruined my credit & forced me out of my home bc they do not care about anything but taking advantage of consumers, especially in a cancer battle & not able to work!! They need to be penalized fully & never allowed to change name just to keep frauding!!
Sincerely, J.Keene

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mr. cooper does not process payments correctly

In July of 2019 while under chapter 13 I was sent a letter from Mr. Cooper's attorney stating I was behind $1500. After speaking to them they stated I was not behind due to them holding money in my suspense account for whatever reason. They then moved the money and I thought all was good. I spoke to my chapter 13 attorney and after he spoke to Mr Cooper's attorney they stated no I still owed $500 plus the filing fee of $1300. After weeks of going back and forth and getting no where due to being told 10 different things by the mortgage company they finally set up an arrangement to pay an extra $300 monthly for 6 months to cover the shortage of $500 and filing fees of $1300. Well that was in July and now in October they sent a statement stating I was $4000 behind... seriously. No I have made all payments including the additional $300. So after calling and getting the rudest lady on the phone that actually made rude comments under her breathe that I heard and called her out on it. Still nothing. How was I supposly behind only $500 only 3 months ago but now $4000. And all payments have been made??? Where is my money going??? No one will give me a straight answer nor have they called me back. My mortgage is only $995 a month. I will be getting an attorney on this. They are fraudulent and I think my payments are not being posted either not correctly or to someone else's account. I've read many reviews on them not posting payments. I don't want to spend or do I have the money to spend on an attorney but I don't know what else to do.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)nationstar mortgage company

Nationstar mortgage has and is trying to foreclose on our house as we speak. They have refused payments just so they could file a complaint to our crediters and so they could say were very late on our mortgage payments. I'll have you know i've been working every day 5 days a week for the last 9 years. I' ve had over $4000 plus dollors in me and my wifes bank account. So why would they refuse our mortgage payments. Just so they have a reason to throw you out of your home. And anther thing, we've been making our mortgage payments to them for at least 10 years. So why do we still owe $50, 000 to a home we payed $50, 000 for. Thats because there snakes and they know exactly what there doing to people and they dont care as long as there getting rich taking over peoples homes and reselling them. There scum of the earth and need to be sued.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)nationstar mortgage

Nation star purchased my mortgage from auroa loan service I was. Awaiting an loan modification papers, once loan was purchased by nationstar. I was told there was no longer a loan modification they had no knowledge of this. I have since been foreclosed on by nation star. Even after mediation from the court asking why my mortgage went up 700.00 they were to give an explanation with in 60 days they never did. And proceeded with foreclosure anyway.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)insurance claim check

I filed a roof claim in 2016. It took over a year to receive the full amount of the claim, but when received the name on the check was incorrect. I could not deposit it. I notified Mr. Cooper loss drafts dept. Of the mistake. They took 3 months to reissue the check. This time the check was missing a few thousand dollars and still had the name incorrect.
I spoke with loss drafts again. They were to stop pay and reissue. 3 years later and I've still not been reimbursed.
They say this issue is in research at this point. I emailed the research dept and left a message for Al Flowers in loss drafts. Several days and still no response.
They owe me interest! Nationstar is such a fraudulent company. Was changing their name to Mr. Cooper supposed to be a new leaf turned or were they attempting to hide the same ugly face.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)not applying payments/false credit reporting/misrepresentation of payments and funds

I have been ahead in my payents & received statements from cooper stating as much then payments have been missing/removed
and i have my recipts but now they cant fnd theirs?
saying there's nothing they can do??????
even making harassing robocalls when i had already spoken to 3/4 different people (none of which seem to correlate with anyone else)
Even sending people to my front door with debt collector notes(which I have recorded on my Ring Camera)
Everytime I call its always a different story!!!
I want ALL fees disposed of
I want them to find every single payment and apply them as they were supposed to. bringing my account current as I have in my bank documents &cooper statements.
I will be filing a complaint with BBB

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage forbearance

In 2017 we fell behind on our mortgage by 2 months. We had an escrow overage in 2017. In feb 2018 we went on a forbearance plan to catch up on our mortgage. Not only by march 2019 we were still behind on our mortgage but behind in escrow. This company stole 9500 from us. We have 3205.50 sitting in our bank account since may 2019 that they still didnt take for payment. We are now caught up and have the ct state senator involved and the state attorney general involved. This company cant lie to them. They continue to do sneaky business stealing money from their customers. I would not recommend going with nationstar aka mr cooper. DONT TRUST A WORD THEY SAY THEY ARE LIARS. ALSO THE LADY KEISHA SAID THAT MONEY IS OURS IN THE BANK LOL GUESS WHAT LADY THE MONEY IS GONNA SIT RIGHT IN THAT BANK ACCOUNT!!! IM NOT STUPID I WONT TOUCH A PENNY OF IT. DONT GET A MORTGAGE WITH THIS COMPANY. GOD BLESS

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage) — mortgage loan number [protected]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy finished 11/06/2017. According to Semrad Law Firm and the National Data Center at that time and the DSO documents I signed there were no outstanding payment...

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage loan modification escrow

I applied for loan modification. They said I had to be 90-days behind and for me to stop paying the mortgage. So I did. Long story short, I declined their modification. It was $200 more than regular payment due to the tax and hazardous insurance in escrow. Since I did not sign for the modification, they are still paying my insurance and taxes. I called 3x and said to stop and to return the account back to normal. I am current. They failed to report my payments to the credit bureaus. So my credit score dropped 80 points instantly. So, now they are paying my taxes. They are already paid. Now I have to get the refund and pay mr cooper in escrow every month. This is preventing me from paying into my loan principal because of the outstanding escrow. I need help suing this company. They dont want me to pay into the principal until the escrow is paid. So wrong. I never signed anything with this company
I denied the modification, not them.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage) — refinance and modification

My mortgage was sold to them from Bank of America I was paying about 525 it shot up to almost 800 and I modified but still they would never ever lower the payment. I tried to get...

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mr cooper harassing us

Our mortgage was sold to MR cooper last year and from day 1 we have had trouble. They never sent any paperwork stating they had taken over our loan. When called the previous loan people to pay my mortgage as I did every month as they let me know that they had sold it to Mr Cooper company and gave me the phone number. I call mr. Cooper to make my payment and they stated they could not take our payment because they had not put any information for marlone in yet so I had to wait until the following month when they finally have my information in their system to pay. They proceeded to tell me that I was already late on my payment and make no excuse or apology when I told them that they are the ones that told me I could not pay it.

They have continued to call every single day after the first of the month multiple time today to harass us about paying our mortgage which is always paid before the 30th of every month. I missed paying them only $100 from my payment last month because my husband has been out of work and sick they are well aware I called them they are now stating that my mortgage is 48 days in delinquency because of that $100 I sent someone to my house to give me a piece of paper to tell me to call them about it.

They are harassing us to the point of exhaustion. We never had any issues with our previous mortgage companies but we've had issues with them from day one

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage) — default on home loan

In April 2017 Nation Star gave me a full approval package and set a closing date with my title company. Two weeks before closing Nation Star made a huge mistake on my current home...

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)inaccurate mortgage processes

Mr Cooper was charging us the wrong interest for years and we had to file bankruptcy. When they moved 40, 000 of loan into no interest account and sent us a check that they told us was to repay us for bankruptcy charges we looked into things. What we found was they sent us a check because it was our money. They also sent us modification paperwork for the loan rate and moving the 40, 000. We didn't sign because we were having a lawyer, Dan Mckookey, review. He said there were many errors and referred us to MA attorney. We can't afford to hire a lawyer at this time as we have college payments to worry about but did reach out to Mr Cooper asking them to send us the modification for us to sign since they made the errors and we had the right to review. Now they are charging us higher interest and told us to apply for modification which they will charge us for. I think mr Cooper needs to be investigated as they are robbing people and getting away with it. My husband and I have accepted we will probably never own our home as we are 52 and owe too much. They need to stop being allowed to do this to people. They won't let us log into our account as they say we can't because of bankruptcy, we don't get statements but did for a while and they didn't know why told me to write a letter to research division. Mailed us letter about modification they say which we haven't received so they mailed again and we still haven't received. Please help us with this.

Mr Cooperunethical behavior

I have been with nationstar and now mr cooper-I have deferred taxes on the property legally with texas it wasnt a problem I am always current with my pmts all of a sudden in 2018 they ;paid my taxes and are now bullying me and was told today by the head of the escrow dept that i should think of selling my home as they have started foreclosure.

This is elder abuse bullying and affecting my health from the stress due to fighting cancer-

I have every legal right to defer my taxes how dare they bully me and start foreclosure-I need some legal help to sue this awful company,
Id like to file a group lawsuit if others have had bad experiences with this awful company

Donna dietrich
10409 friendship rd
pilot point texas 76258


Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage

Mr.cooper not accepting payments after mortgage being transferred from seterus..all my payments were on time
4 months no response from them
Payment rejected
Faxed 10 d as y demand letter 7x
Address is in New York
Customer service is no help
Will have to file a lawsuit against them
Need help
Writing to New York consumer financial department for assistance
Please contact me

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)I believe that the criminal nationstar mortgage (coop) isn’t far behind allied

Submit A Complaint? Bahaha, Like Nationstar Really Cares about anyone's complaints, After listening to 6, 90 minute tapes-investigating, documenting wrongdoings and fraud One thing is clear ! They, (from the call center to corporate) have no intention of complying with Regulations, State Laws, Federal laws or correcting any wrongs, they are complete liars, and criminals who make up there own Regulations and there own laws and that's just for starters, don't forget the ******documents. What's sad or just plain stupid is they think they have or will get away with it...Bahaha think again, My prediction is Nationstar Mortgage/(COOP) is not far behind Allied and deserves every bit of what's coming to them and for the criminals working and criminals affiliated better lawyer up because the best criminal defense attorney won't be able to keep there ass out of jail.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)paying my property taxes from my escrow account to someone else’s property (parcel) and ignoring my requests to fix it!

It's going on a month since I noticed and received ANOTHER Delinquency Notice saying my taxes have t been paid for the past year...2 payments one due 11/1/2018 the other 2/1/2019. I called Mr. Cooper after I received my Escrow Review Statement saying it was paid. They paid 2 payments (1 a month late, the other 2 months late) of $1819.67 to a parcel that ends in "32" when mine ends in "40"., my property tax is only $1, 451.54 for each installment, so they also OVERPAID, and included the overpayment into our mortgage payments.

Then they INSISTED that was my property...they even looked it up in their system and said it was the same address (didn't have my name on it) and insinuated that I was lying even though my unit is #9, they paid unit #1. This is for a condo, all have the same address, but different unit numbers.

I told her I have the delinquency notices which show our property addresses, our names on the notices and our correct parcel number and correct unit number. She asked me to send all of the paperwork I had to her email address, I did it immediately. I have checked my property tax website, several times and have called them back several times, they have just told me they see the notes and should be getting back to me, but have contacted the County property Tax Treasurer-Tax Collector, they haven't heard from anyone except me. It's going on a month since I first contacted Mr. Cooper and 4 months from being the beginning of my next tax year.

Does anyone have any suggestions and to how I can get them to fix this. I am afraid of the repercussions of not having my Property Taxes being paid for this long period of time. I'm considering legal action.

P.S. This is our Rental Property which we will be moving back into in a couple years.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)escrow account

I refinanced my house in 2017 with Nationstar aka Mr Cooper to lower pmt and interest. Received notice in June escrow (ins & taxes) went up. Checked increase wasn't much. My next payment would go from $522. to $799.
Spoke Mr Cooper no other explanation. Advised I can't pay that remove it but I was told there was a two year contact...they have to pay it. Asked if so why did I have to ask you to add it. They will review but received house payment notice for $799 due 7-1-19. I need help

  • Updated by Wanda Brewer · Jun 19, 2019

    Increased escrow account received notice my next payment Sent from $522. to $799. They have no explanation but taxes and ins went up but not that much. I need credit

Nationstar, Mr. Coopertheir mortgage practices, and false promises.

I was told by Mr. Cooper if I chose to do a modification on my mortgage it would get me current on my loan. I was originally 2 months behind and couldn't refy because of credit issues so I was told if I modify I would become current and it wouldn't show up as late on my credit. I then started the process they told me not to pay right away and the modification would start soon. 3 months later they told me to start paying a lower amount. Less 50 dollars than originally. So I did. Modification went through and now my credit says I haven't played my mortgage in 8 months and I owe them 8000 dollars and I'm in forecloser. But the assure me that will change but they told me this is how it was done and it will say current. Now they say the original person lied and it will say it's current but it will also say I was recently 8 months behind. But I was making payments but they now say that won't change. What do I do now?

  • Kj
    kjballtulsa Jul 10, 2019

    You need to review your trial payment plan agreement and see what it says about reporting to credit, if anything. Unfortunately, if you were behind on your mortgage, they will report it as such. Any time someone tells you not to make a payment - be very cautious. They may have said that they couldn't take your payment because it was past due and another payment had become due (you owed two payments). It's a possibility, but I don't know for sure. The good news is that late payments come off your credit history in about two years. It sucks that it is on there, and you should definitely contact the CFPB and file a complaint if you think they did something wrong, but continuing to make your payments on time will make those old, late payments fall off your credit report. You can file a complaint online with the CFPB though if you think they were dishonest or if they made a mistake that they aren't wanting to fix. You can also dispute the late payments with the major credit bureaus.

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Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage

Me and my wife have a 30 year mortgage .48, 000 $ 9% fixed it's been sold to coper we were never told or contacted .right off the bat Mr cooper started putting owe payment in a escrow never let us know until thay sad we owed almost 2000$ + late fees we made every payment we even made extra money to be paid to the principal well we payed the amount thay said we owed. It was hard thay call every day letter after letter. We are behind now and we can't do it any more.thay sent payment back if a late fee wasn't included I have people who come take pitchers of my house like to harassing me every month hears the math 48000 payed 496 a month almost 20 years still owe 38000wont let us get caught backup or help in any way that math doesn't work we need help or we walk away from this [censored] we have payed over 100000 already for a 25 year old double wide tralor

  • Updated by Carl Edgell · Jun 01, 2019

    We give up my wife isn't well I'm posed off all the time gess we got fucked.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage company acted unethically

(email sent to mrcooper on 051819)
1. Earlier this year (030919) we contacted mrcooper to get information re an escrow for property taxes.
2. We were told we would receive escrow paperwork in the mail to review and sign. Didn't happen.
3. We contacted you again about the paperwork and were then told that our taxes would be paid. But still no answer to our repeated request for paperwork to review beforehand. Why?
4. We have yet to receive the promised paperwork.
5. Then in april our monthly payment went from 837 per month to 1275 per month without notice or paperwork or advance notice. Outrageous! That's an increase of $400+ a month. We paid it to avoid the late charge as we didn't have time to negotiate that.
6. Please opt us out of this ridiculous escrow feature that we did not approve. Return our monthly payments to 837. We are contacting our attorney in the meantime until this is rectified.
Mc did not handle this matter well at all. They were unscrupulous. It would have been more cost effective for us to get a loan to pay our taxes!
We have lived here for 15 years paying our property taxes ourselves without an escrow.

  • Kj
    kjballtulsa Jul 10, 2019

    You said that you've been paying your taxes on your own for 15 years. So was your initial request to MC to set up an escrow account and have the taxes paid out of it?

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Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)bad business practices

Unless I don't understand the meaning of the 15 day grace period for paying my mortgage I take issue with Mr. Cooper representatives constantly calling me if my mortgage payment isn't paid on the first of the month especially after I schedule the payments before the grace period ends. During the grace period if payment isn't made they continue to call but if the call goes to voicemail an extremely loud noise/message is recorded for a couple of minutes. I consider this a bad business practice and a forceful tactic.

Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage)mortgage company

Nationstar mr. Cooper keep sending me statements on different amounts owed on my property I am not being treated fairly. When applying for a modification the representatives of nationstar mr. Cooper gave me false information during the trial. Because of the false information the trial was denied. I tried to go through NACA after that for a modification. Mr. Cooper granted me a never trial. At the end of the trial, the modification that they offered me was not fair and not of any help to me.Please I need somebody's help

Mr. Cooper/ Nationstar Mortgage — loan modification

My husband and I were in the process of doing a loan modification. This had been going on since March. Nationstar would purposely take their time responding to what information...

Nationstar Mortgagemortgage loan services/no help when we were scammed

We lost our home at 355 Hunters Crossing Way, Bowling Green, KY 42104 to Fikret Avdic on April 8, 2018.

This is what happened:
On Oct. 2011 we purchased the home with our lender being Bank of America. In Sept. 2012 we were told that it had been sold to Nationstar Mortgage. It took months for it to show up in their computer system. In March 2014, Kent lost his job with Fruit of the Loom due to cut backs. We immediately notified Nationstar and was told that if we were not 3 months behind there was nothing they could do to help us. We got further behind and the calls began daily, hourly, and constant. Kent finally got a job in June 2014 but would be making 20, 000 dollars less a year than he was making at the former job. He was even having to drive 130 miles round trip and we explained all this to the loss mitigation people and instead of making our mortgage payment affordable they made it so high we never could afford it again. They began sending letters regarding foreclosure and we looked to the internet in Nov. 2016 as we thought we had found a company that would help us keep our home. It was called The Westwood Legal. We paid them $4, 000 to help us. In May 2017, they sent us an Assignment of Mortgage and told us to go get it notarized and file with the Warren County Clerks office and we would now be making our payments to West Holdings and Acquisitions. They said our payments would be $982.72 monthly which was affordable and we really thought that was a help. We soon realized in January 2018 that they were a scam and contacted Nationstar Mortgage and tried to get them to help us and call the sale of our home off. They gave us to Ong Lee, who said she was turning us over to Jered Ede with HH Law and all he wanted was our information to use in a lawsuit against West H & A, Patrick Soria. They did nothing to help us. We were made to move out on April 8, 2018, a Sunday at that. We were homeless for 3 weeks. I need to mention Cheryl is disabled and we were also caring for our disabled daughter. She has since moved out and I feel it was because she felt scared because we didn't have anywhere to go at the time we were kicked out. I need to let you know that if the rules had been followed on the Master Commissioner site, that Fikret Avdic would not have been able to go through with the purchase because it took him over 100 days to close on the property. Why is it that he can threaten that he will file a lawsuit against everyone for discrimination and everyone bowing down to him yet, we are US citizens and could not get proper help needed to stay in our home.
We want our home back! We want money for damages to us mentally and time loss from work for Kent, we want all monies reimbursed for all the rent we have paid this year, storage fees, and we want our home back free and clear with no chance that we will ever be kicked out again. If I am correct there is a 3-5 year period that a foreclosure can be revoked and we are asking that it be revoked immediately.
If we don't get want is due us we will also be filing a wrongful foreclosure suit against all parties involved. Don't look like to me since you knew about the scam that you could have allowed the foreclosure to continue? Did you all split the $90K that was gained from the sale of our home??
Feel free to contact us as we will gladly give you more information as necessary. We just want JUSTICE SERVED AND ALL PARTIES INVOLVED TO BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.


Kent and Cheryl Mann

Nationstar Mortgagehow we doing?

I applied for a refi with cooper on my rental.. Which is currently held by cooper! I have been a client for 13 years. I just wanted to fix the rate and reduce payment. So I submit documents, go thru the motions, they have the property appraised. It all seems to be going well. I dont hear from them. I call to find out when we are closing. They tell me they cant fund the loan because the complex has too many rentals. Well gee, why didnt they tell me that at the beginning? Because they dont know what they are doing!
I have called 3 times in 2 days, no response.
Dont deal with these people! I dont think they are crooks, just incompetent.

Nationstar Mortgageforeclosure practice

They bought out my loan and in my original loan I paid my own taxes and homeowners' insurance. I always used my tax refund. The forced it on me and when my payment went from $900 to $1300.00 it became a struggle. I requested it to be removed as I did not ask nor won't it on my payments. I was turned down. As I struggled I finally had all the money to catch up my payments and I was told that night, they were sorry they could not accept my payment I would have to speak with the foreclosure attorney, he would be in touch. I was told I was offered a loan modification and since I didn't respond in time It was no longer available. I ask how that was offered they said by email! YOU send something that important by EMAIL! SPAM MAIL ever cross your mind! Of course, and when you offered that I could apply again for the modification, I never applied the 1st time! However, I got an offer, but when I applied for it I was turned down. I tried to get the Chapter 13 route and they wanted to raise my payment to 1800.00 Now if I can't make $1300?? The crazy is that the court was only going to send Nationstar $250.00 a month and they was accepting!!! I was willing to pay my $900 and NO ONE WOULD TALK TO ME! I got letters of who was my account specialist every other week it changed. SO, to no avail I waited to work this out and no such luck! My disabled 76-year stroke victim mother and my disabled self now have to figure out where we will go with our horses and dogs and cats along with 20 years of accumulation of stuff there not counting 20 years, we brought with us when I bought the farm. Along with the lingering memory of my only child who picked this property, was killed on this property. I must now leave it all behind. Isn't there anyone to take a class action lawsuit out and stop this company from ruining lives! WE didn't ask for this when we bought our dream homes this company was forced upon us when they bought out our loans!

NationStar/ Mr. Cooper Mortgage. — mortgage modification/ loss mitigation

Requested a loan modification in nov 2017 Was told no problem sent to loss mitigation Told my story was promised a modification Told I was just the people who modification... Cooper — poor customer service

The website was down for maintenance yesterday and supposed to be up at 10AM today. It's now 7pm CDT. I log in with my saved credentials and get a 404 not found error. The...

Nationstar/Mr. Coopermortgage payments

After our bankruptcy was finished our mortgage was sold to Ocwen. We have always made our mortgage payments on time every month and still do. We started getting harassed by Ocwen about fees, Insurance and property taxes, all of which we pay on our own and on time. Ocwen sold our mortgage to Mr Cooper we were still continually harassed several times a month. We finall have in and paid them a lump sum of $900.00 which they said would bring our mortgage current. Even tho we paid our mortgage every month and on time. The very next month we started getting letters and phone calls we were behind again on our payments. We have tried everything to resolve this but to no avail. Every complaint I have read on here is exactly what we have been going through for years with this company and it's time to take action against them!

Nationstar Mortgagepulling the plug on hard hit families receiving federal government assistance


"Stop Nationstar Mortgage (Mr. Cooper) from targeting Federal Home Assistance Programs..."

Brief Summary:

Please we need to get the WORD out and stop Mortgage Corruption. Nationstar Mortgage dba Mr. Cooper is pulling the PLUG on people getting Federal Funding Assistance, like Keep Your Home California, and then Foreclosing on their homes unlawfully and illegally.

It's easy for them to do! They register with the Federal Government to accept the funds (Participating Servicers) and then they stop accepting the assistance righ in the middle of the funding cycle and without giving YOU and Notice! You get a cancellation letter and a foreclosure notice that will soon follow.

This is a totally fraudulent act against the people of this country and the horrible thing about this is the the Federal Government has a MOU with these predators and it states in the FIRST paragraph, that the can not do this (Stop Accepting) the assistance.

Please help me GATHER signatures to make a class action complaint to the Federal Government and request a CONGRESSIONAL HEARING into this matter.

pulling the plug on hard hit families receiving federal government assistance

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Nationstar Mortgage — website

The website is not loading and i am trying to make my payment, i like electronic records and so that i can see all my payments posted and give extra principal. I do not like...

Mr. Cooper aka Nationstar Mortgages — i'm having a hard time finding a way to keep paying off my mortgage. they can't take my payments.

Well I'm the son of one of the most loving, and kindest mother there is. Never complaines about a thing. Until now. We have been paying this mortgage company an outrageou...