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Jul 17, 2019

Gmac — extended tire / wheel warranty

I bought a 2016 Chevy Sonic. I also bought the extended wheel / tire warranty. On May 10th, 2019, I went to...

Warrensville Heights
Jun 28, 2019

Gmac — mortgage - ppi - uk

Please can I raise a PPI complaint in relation to a mortgage that I held with you back in the 1990's in the...

Sep 29, 2018

Gmac — 2015 chevrolet silverado

Since I have owned my truck it has made clunking noise from the rear coming from the rear leaf springs. I...

Gmac — title to car

My mom has a 92 olds cutless ciera s. she can not drive anymore so I took over the car. I can not get a title...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Gmac Mortgage — late mortgage

I stay exactly 30 days behind on my mortgage payment. I had some health issues in the past that caused me to...

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Gmac Mortgage — mortgage fraud/ falsifying documents

We have a really unique issue with gmac, they are attempting to steal our property. We had a 30 year variable...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Gmac / Ally — insurances/escrow /servicing

Attention, anyone haveing problems with gmac now ally please contact me at [protected] I have...

Gmac / Alleyunjustified repo

In the month of June 2011 I was out of work & behind on my truck payments. So when I returned to work in June I wired GMAC/Alley $2, 700.00 I owed then $2, 600 +/-. At this time I was all caught up on my account except for repo fees which I was told would be put on the back end of the load, which they were not!

On Friday Nov.4th I was notified by Alley/GMAC they were going to repo my vehicle if I did not pay $2, 800.00 in the next four (4) hours! Since I had not made a payment since June 2011. This was not a true statement. I told the woman that I had paid $1200.00 on June 29th for the month of July, August & part of September since I was going to be out of town I had paid the payments ahead so I wouldn't have to worry about the payments. She told me she could see the note in the computer but the payment was not posted to my account that way. The payment was posted all as interest only! And there was no way to correct it now. At that point in time I contacted the person with Alley that assisted in making the payments in advance. He told me he couldn't help me since my file was not n his office. But he would note it in the computer that I had contacted him. On Aug 31st: I called due to the fact that the on-line loan payment balance was not correct. When I spoke to Jeff he told me that it's okay it will catch up and that they had been having computer and phone problems. Well I said I would pay the balance for September on 08-31, until they could get the balance straightened out. he said that was fine.

On Oct. 10th I received a phone call the woman told me that I needed to pay $ 140 + dollars to catch up my payments. I explained to her what happened. There was no luck in her helping me. But I sent a payment of $150.00. On Nov 4th I promised I would call Alley back by 1:00pm when I did I requested to the lady handling my account to please issue me a deferment since I was told I did qualify for it, and that should give both of us time to figure out and request that the payments be posted to the account correctly. She then passed me to a supervisor. The Supervisor was very rude when I tried to explain the situation and insisted that I post date a check for two payments in order to qualify for the deferment. Well I said my payment is not due until today Nov 4th, and since you want me to pay by 1:00pm I can not do this since I will not have a check until 430 -500pm the supervisor then stated to post date a check for two payments to be deducted at mid-night I said no, I would not do that because my bank is not open on saturday, and then the supervisor became very up-set with me you could tell in her tone of voice, and I requested to make one payment in order to qualify for the deferment and she said no. So now I went to trade the vehicle, which I can not do since my credit now indicates 6 months behind!

No one will listen and no one will help! And what makes this situation even worse, most of the time you can not understand what the person is saying due to accent from the GMAC/Alley office. And when you request another person, their tone of voice changes and at times you get disconnected.

This whole mess has been very confusing! Everytime you talk with someone in the Alley office you receive different information.

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    Gmac Mortgagebunch of liars!

    After many months of being very ill and having several surgerys I finally decided to accept the $200.00 loan modification that GMAC was offering me. Since I had missed the 2 previous offers by being in the hospital I begged many of the employees at the GMAC offices in Waterloo Iowa to help me I now had over $42, 000.00 in medical bills and after filling out yet another set of papers I am being told that it doesn't really matter how much you owe your mortage modification is based solely on a formula.On a FORMULA! not on all the paperwork that I was required to send to GMAC but some damn formula. I didn't want to file bankruptcy I felt that I could work this out due to GMAC receiving the huge loan from the Federal Government they would work with me . NO, NO, No,

    I was told to send in the cashiers chech via Fed-ex overnight that GMAC would check the mail every morning prior to the sell date. LIAR, Liar, pants on fire, you liars!!! You got my cashiers check, cashed it and sold my house what a bunch of LIARS ! Sleep well, may you all rot in hell!

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      • Gm
        gmac are crooks Nov 04, 2012

        Listen GMAC are the biggest bunch of liars known to man kind. They will loan an umberalla on a clear day and take it away when it rains!! Theses people are animals and need to be exposed. They now are Ally finance or bank so please everybody take this as a serious warning they will squeeze you for every penny you have or are worth.

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      • Ju
        Juliedesouza May 06, 2013

        GMAC-RFC ltd now called Paratus AMC ltd is the worst underhand mortgage company along with their designated company solicitors called TLT solicitors Bristol who I have had the misfortune to have taken a re-mortgage and to deal with. A mortgage made in hell was sold to me with their sole intention to trap. In what is evident and in their process of an arm’s length mortgage, they enticed my broker to act as a legal intermediary, attempted to place the entire blame on him when it was their company solicitor who was also their agent put together this illegal void mortgage acting in dual capacity on their instructions. This company did not help me in 2006 when I fell into arrears and very ill after a hit and run car accident. They opted for a super fast eviction based on perjury, and continued to pervert the course of Justice. Taking advantage of my continued illness, and me being a Litigant in person, they won a recent case against me after systematically perverting the course of justice and I have all the evidence.
        I could not get legal Aid and I first sued them in 2009 to reclaim amounts £5, 500/- added to my mortgage. At this time I did not know the law or what trap they had set up for me. They at first denied all liability and then refunded me when I escalated the case to include serious conflict of interest and various breaches. My case was thrown out in 2012 as the lenders along with their company solicitors convinced the Judge I was wasting courts time my evidence bundles and applications began going missing in court and I was made into a scapegoat. The Judges began to see me as a nuisance. I was ridiculed for being accompanied with a McKenzie’s friend and found myself being given a double edge sword by one judge as he offered to bar the other judge knowing that me accepting this offer would make me a target of the other judges and would be detrimental for my case.
        My head was served on the platter as I was humiliated and mocked by two Judges for not being able to write and speak in legal terms that caused a great deal of distress to me. I was treated like a delinquent criminal by the Courts as I had to face the financial criminals and I took all the blows until I could bear no more and passed out in the Court. They awarded themselves legal costs A £48, 000/- plus in have been added to my mortgage. I have been denied a fair hearing because I was a Litigant in person. I still insist and have all the evidence to prove that they have perverted the Course of Justice to win this case in 2012.
        I have not been able to go to High Court for an appeal due to continuous ill health and two operations late last year and due to the Judge declaring in his Judgement that in his opinion my case was not a High Court matter and refused the application I made to transfer my case to the High Court as I had lost my faith in the lower court shortly before he threw my case out after their application to strike. His personal opinion that that the lenders, their designated company solicitors acting in dual capacity and my broker did not have any duty to me and he did not feel that this was a High Court matter as he justified himself from dismissing my application I made in Dec 2011 to allow their application made in March 2012 all heard on the same one day hearing.
        This I understood would have influenced my case and it made be believe that going to the High Court would be a waste of time and it would incur more costs. In all truth I could not and still cannot stomach stepping into any court for the rest of my life as the thought makes me physically sick. My utter belief in Democracy in this country totally wiped out. After sustained repeated biased refusals of appeals I realized that I was being set up to lose as the I faced the Judges wrath who feigned knowing the law. I passed out in Court after experiencing a severe anxiety attack on the 'one day' hearing in March 2012 and was taken by ambulance to the hospital and since then I have been in and out of hospital and too ill both physically and psychologically to take this matter further.
        I have never been so baffled by the confusing maze they set me up with as they continue to entrap and defraud millions like me as I began studying the law and understanding how it affected my case. Among the various errors:
        Despite the Court knowing the following: There are no contracts to accompany the deed, no offer letter signed by me to confirm acceptance, no jurisdiction reference to the Mortgage Condition on the deed, I was charged two interest rates during the fixed interest period, the deed was signed by an unnamed solicitor by proxy in the presence of my broker, that they offered all legal costs as an incentive yet denied that they ever instructed their solicitor to act on my behalf, no repayment plan put in place as these sections on the application form is left blank the lenders and their company solicitors processed a void illegal mortgage. Their solicitors denied ever being instructed by the lenders and still went on to process this mortgage without taking written permission from me to act on my behalf.
        My evidence was not inspected by the Judge as it conveniently went missing, what he inspected was a biased non approved joint statement provided to the Court by the Defense with several important disclosure not added as it was left unreleased. Despite me providing the documents to the court it was never looked at as my case was thrown out with their application to strike due to my failure to particularize my claim. Following the evidence bundle going missing a second application to add the broker and their company solicitor is still pending in court as it was not heard and served by the court despite my requests for the Court to serve them.
        I attempted to prove several counts of conflict of interest and contributory negligence by lender for not making sure their agents put together a legal mortgage. The Defence continued to nit-pick about my statements with sole intentions to humiliate as the Judges joined in the band wagon. The errors by these so called professionals are laughable and even more so is the judgement of a Circuit Court Judge who took what they said as the truth in good faith, don't understand what evidence he took on board when he made this faulty judgement as it wasn't mine that he looked at, he too was duped by them to give out a judgement based on personal opinion as they continued to pervert the course of justice from [protected]. Several applications that would have befitted my case were dismissed. Had the Court had maintained impartiality I would have won this case. I was even barred from using my evidence when I was the Plaintiff in this case and to question the deed that was registered in 2005.
        Unbelievable and shocking what I have had to endure from the Judges who are put in place to protect victims. The 'carry on' in Court between one of the Judges was barred by the other due to personal remarks made during my case and me being given a double edge sword saw the Judges gang up against me and I was ridiculed at every point and treated like a delinquent child not understanding the law who was wasting precious time fighting a case that was allowed to be dragged on from [protected].
        After awarding themselves legal costs of around £48, 000/- in around May 2012 Paratus AMC are now demanding that I put together a repayment plan to include the legal costs not formally ordered by the Court. Despite them knowing that when they processed this re-mortgage, there was no repayment plan at inception this would leave a empty pot for 7 years. These costs were not as a result of a court order. They had without providing any evidence in disclosure convinced the Court that they have an agreement...there is no agreement other than a half filled application form and a deed that does not mention E&W. No detailed terms and conditions contract signed by both parties was ever drawn up. Important disclosure was not released by the application under the Freedom of Information act and by two subsequent applications of an ‘Unless order’ and a second disclosure order would also prove contempt of court orders and perverting the course of justice.
        I have been trapped by a predatory VOID mortgage and was dragged into court due to their serious failings only to be fobbed off by the Courts of Law who have been put in place to protect victims. As they shed their skins like snakes and change company names and hands to cover and continue to re-sell their companies to their sister companies to cover their tracks. It is very hard to digest the shock of what I have had to go through as a lay person trying to protect my home as I am not giving charity for the next twenty years. I still have not got over this psychologically and will not be able to put this behind me until Justice is served.
        Home mortgagors are not giving or expecting charity. People like me want to feel secure in our own homes and have equal rights that the Mortgage Conditions 2004 E& W does not protect. This is an instrument that condones conflict of interest as the Property Law 1925 and 1989 is slowly being eroded. To add fuel to the fire of inequality to obtain justice is the changes in the legal aid system. Prime Ministers come and go and leave a great legacy for their kids and the country.
        I need help to take this matter further, and cannot do so on my own due to health reasons. I cannot forget the smile on the Judges faces as they mocked me and cannot forget the evil smiles of victory as the Barrister loudly chatting to my broker who also sat in the court room as though she had won another job done and dusted, as I walked out of the court room knowing I was set up to lose the case.
        The people of America a beautiful country and mine here in UK deserve more and have been taken for a roller coaster ride by the Bankers. The protection of Human Rights should begin at home and of Homeowners have to be protected at all costs, not forgetting the Democratic right to a fair hearing and neutral grounds to litigate as a litigant in person. Julie de Souza:[protected]

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      • Ba
        Bankers Bane Jan 16, 2016
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        GMAC are about to get the shock of their lives. The Government paid off YOUR mortgage. GMAC NEVER lent you anything. Why do you think they want under for $18Bn? Because they MADE IT ALL UP.

        NOW they sold on the mortgage notes, then sold on multiple COPIES (SCC FRAUD) and laughed it all off because the government gave them money to cover made up numbers. GMAC is a bigger FRAUD scandal than ENRON just waiting to be outed. OH WAIT I JUST DID!

        Ask yourself this..Could YOU make $18Bn PLUS interest in just five years? Nope. They did and they committed MASSIVE FRAUD in order to do it.

        BTW I mailed El Presidente about this he's done nothing, not even a reply. He's a corporate patsy.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Gmac Mortgagebogus credits/debits

      Money debited/credited to bogus categories over the years. Some of these charges have been brought to GMAC's attention repeatedly; still uncorrected. Their cryptic DOS based summary statements don't help.
      02/01/02 Late Charge 194.16
      03/19/02 Part Pay Susp 508.37
      02/01/02 Pty Excptn Susp -476.01
      02/01/02part Intl Susp 32.36
      02/01/02 Part Intl Susp 476.01
      08/07/02 Fee/Cost Disb -57.00
      08/07/02 Fee/Cost Disb -400.00
      05/09/03 Bky Prepetn Sus 64.13
      05/30/03 Bky Prepetn Sus 144.00
      07/18/03 Bky Prepetn Sus 60.53
      07/25/03 Bky Prepetn Sus 780.00
      09/01/03 Part Intl Susp 49.86
      09/05/03 Bky Prepetn Sus 38.38
      10/23/03 Bky Pstpetn Sus 791.56
      10/30/03 Bky Pstpetn Sus 38.38
      12/26/03 Bky Prepetn Sus 38.38
      07/26/05 FeeBilled 150.00
      07/26/05 FeeBilled 575.00
      07/26/05 FeeBilled 30.00
      07/27/05 Misc Receipt 57.57
      Payments of $381.50 made on 8/15/05, 9/15/05, 10/15/05, 11/15/05, 12/15/05, and 1/15/06 - how were these applied?
      09/20/05 Fee Paid 75.50
      09/20/05 Fee Paid 150.00
      09/20/05 Fee Paid 118.00
      11/21/05 Prev-Misappl -384.39
      05/04/07 Misc Receipt -487.00
      05/04/07 Fee Paid 457.00
      05/04/07 Fee Paid 30.00
      05/04/07 Misc Receipt 373.81
      07/11/07 Late Fees 176.29
      07/11/07 Fee Paid 156.95
      07/11/07 Twelve charges of $15.00 apiece for late fees on this date, total $180.00
      07/01/09 Misc Receipt 42.17
      01/01/10 Unapplied 301.71
      12/01/09 Unapplied 459.00
      10/01/09 Unapplied 301.71
      09/01/09 Unapplied 314.54
      04/01/10 Fee Paid 400.00
      04/01/10 Misc Receipt 25.00
      03/01/10 Unapplied 458.96
      08/01/10 Unapplied 800.56
      09/01/10 Unapplied 800.56

      What the hell does "fee paid" mean? Paid for what? How can you take my money and say "Unapplied"? You applied it somewhere or it went in someone's pocket, I'm sure! Look at 7/11/07 - TWELVE late fees on one day! I brought that to their attention in 07 and it was supposedly "fixed"; now here it is again. All those "Bky Prepetn" and "Bky postpetn" things in 03 would moke sense; except we weren't going through bankruptcy. I don't think customer service can possibly be of any help because A) they're all in Pakistan and B) all they've got to look at are these damn cryptic comments that make sense to no one!

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Gmac Mortgagegmac mortgage

        Our insurance is with The Hartford; that company raised our premium from $770 to $889 per year. After contacting them I agreed to increase my deductable which resulted in a new premium of $768 per year. I then made a courtesy call to GMAC to inform them so as to try and head off a payment increase. It did no good and our payment increased by nearly $25 per month.
        I made 4 phone calls GMAC. On the final call, I was transferred back and forth between the insurance department and the escrow department at least 3 times. One customer service representative set up a 3-way conference call but immediately disconnected himself after the person in customer service began speaking. I asked for a supervisor and asked that she simply look at the facts showing that GMAC had received notification of the insurance decrease and that a manual escrow analysis was warranted. She set up another 3-way conference call promising to stay with me, and promptly transferred me instead. The last customer service representative agreed to implement a manual escrow analysis and assured me the payment would revert to the original payment of $1218.28. This last phone call took nearly 40 minutes.
        Today just I received a letter stating that my mortgage payment has been adjusted per my request. It then listed another new payment amount. This new payment is still higher than it was. There is no reason to add to the escrow when my insurance premium is lower than the previous year’s premium. GMAC has already increased the escrow in anticipation of increased property taxes even though ours are projected to decrease substantially. (I called about that too and was told no manual escrow analysis could be done)

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          • Sc
            SC missouri-GMAC Jun 06, 2011

            Is there anyone that was approved for the home modification, then a few months later get a up charge for 20, 000... for penlties, and such? I have requested so many times from GMAC to give me details about where this is listed in my loan...which they can never provide!!! HELP.. anyone else have this problem?

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          • Rb
            rbb059 Jun 07, 2011

            We had a loan from Quicken Loans then they sold it to GMAC MORTGAGE and then bought back from GMAC MORTGAGE and then Quicken Loans sold it back to GMAC MORTGAGE. Ask yourself this I guess I am the only person that Quicken has done this to.

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          • Sh
            Shirlene Feb 12, 2013

            GMAC 2012 took my money and did not modify my loan, After paying GMAC over $3, 000.00 over 4 months in 2012. while my account is being review.per GMAC I have to quaify for Modify and pay this amount each month. show 6 month late now. And no Modify loan yet. my payments was 2005 to 2012 645.00, Per GMAC I had to start all over for Modify loan In June, 2012 said I had to start over. I decide to pay my regular payments up to January, 2013 They never lower my payments just took my money. I have requested A statement for almost 7 months now. GMAC will not send A statement. Do something about this. GMAC have made it hard for me to leave them, they mass up my credit. with equifax.. I had to email proof showing I had paid every month..while reviewing My new lower payments by GMAC which Never happen.. Ask 1/2013 for statements mail to home no statement as of 2/11/2013 Shirlene >Montgomery, Duluth GA . Email: [protected]

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          Advanced Brewing Gregory Poirson Bob Robert Kappus Coffee Espressothreatening hostile verbal attacks and email abuse cyber bullying sales jealousy misrepresentation

          Coffee Machine Sellers Beware! I was Cyber bullied, verbally attacked and several attempts were made to destroy my company . The culprit is Advanced Brewing Machines, my mistake… selling Coffee machines at a lower price. The entire company from top to bottom is aware and condones the behavior.

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            • Li
              listen to this Aug 17, 2011
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I was selling a few Coffee machines on Amazon. I was contacted by a person mis-represnting himself as a potential buyer. He was not a buyer he was a competing Salesman:
              Gregory Poirson 
              Jura / Advanced Brewing Machines
              Regional Sales Manager - Corp. Training Specialist
              Gregory accused me of false advertising. I am selling the exact model I have listed. Thinking that it was just a miscommunication via email, I tried to calmly speak with this person by phone  and I was threatened.  He was on my speaker phone threatening to destroy me with a room full of listeners. I understand his frustration of trying to compete with a lower price but cyber bullying and verbal attacks are not the answer. I have reported this to Amazon and will be reporting this to Law enforcement, because of the threatening and abusive phone call. I have been selling online for 10 years and I have had my share of problems but for a rival company to stoop this low is unbelievable. The economy is not that bad. 

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Gmac Real Estate Timeshare Division — false advertisements

            I fave this company $1000.00 marketing fee for my timeshare property. They said they had 25 business that...

            Gmac Mortgagemodification bank problems

            GMAC is not going to help anyone to modify their mortgage if they don’t have to. Look up who owns gmac. Our tax dollars own over 70% {us treasury} and we can’t get help? General Motors and Ally Bank also own part also. We can’t hurt gmac but we can stop buying GM cars and not have any dealings with Ally bank. Wake up gmac/ally bank. We should never helped the banks, they would now be in our shoes trying to save their homes. Wake up gmac and ally banks! This isn’t going to help the situation and only creates more problems for us.

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              • Be
                BeElectric Jun 22, 2012
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I'd been with gmac mortgage sense 2001 on two different homes that i built for myself, one in 2001 that i sold in 2003. Built another in 2005 and was forced to sell last year because of the economy . I was in forecloser and gmac would not help to refinance or at lease cut me a break and work with me i begged and pleaded with them, but no help.then freddie may and fannie mac "who held my note" begged and pleaded for a bale out and got it, this money they got could of helped many americans just get threw hard times. I never asked for a bale out, just a little help. Today I still can't get over what happened. I worked very hard on building those houses. Alot of blood and sweat.i will never use gmac again for any financing.

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              • Je
                JennPatt Oct 03, 2012

                They foreclosed on our home back in 2008, in May 2012 somehow they put the house BACK in our name and are trying to foreclose on us AGAIN for a house we haven't owned or lived in for nearly FOUR YEARS!

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Gmacdeceptive business practices

              GMAC is a perfect example of what is wrong with our world. They have lied, procrastinated, avoided, bullied, intimidated and seem to relish in the misery they are causing us all.
              I have been trying for 2 years with the help of a VA loan counselor to come to a resolution that did not include losing my house. Their most recent response was to send another notice of foreclosure sale WITH THE WRONG PROPERTY OWNERS NAMES (mine) AND AN INCORRECT PROPERTY DESCRIPTION FOR A PROPERTY HUNDREDS OF MILES AWAY!!!
              I am not giving up and they will have to peel me off my front porch before I let it go to this heartless corporation.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Gmac Mortgageextortion

                Complaints against gmac mortgage:

                Despite numerous faxes and phone calls from myself, my insurance agent, and the insurance company, gmac purchased a separate hazard insurance policy for my home, duplicating coverage that I had, and proved at least six times that I had. This raised my payment. Because I did not know that they had not completed the cancellation for a few months, I was late on a payment that I actually never owed (the regular payment was made on time every month automatically.) all late fees were refunded, nice of them, but it was sent to the credit monitoring services as late payments and that stands.

                This year when my hazard insurance policy was renewed, I requested that gmac not escrow the insurance, that I would make payment directly to the insurance company as I had been doing for numerous years. They refused as I have pmi, which cannot be cancelled due to the late payments that I actually made on time. They then tried to charge my escrow account over $5, 000.00 for the hazard insurance that they already know cost less than $1, 500.00. How do I know that they knew the amount? They had already paid it. And yet, I am making payment to gmac every month based on the incorrect amount of $5, 000.00. Gee, just today, I opened mail from gmac and there is a refund check for $682.22 for overpayment of escrow. At the same time I received a phone call from gmac that I still owed $681.00 more than the payment I sent. I would say this is funny except that it is fact I would go so far as to say I was extorted out of $681.00 today to avoid another false allegation of failure to pay my mortgage payment.

                I was promised in early may by the escrow analysis department that the payment difference from the incorrect escrow charge of $5, 000.00 would be fixed in time for my correct payment amount to be made by may 15. This did not happen. The escrow analysis department was appalled that they showed a payment in full made of $1, 500 for the insurance with a pending charge of over $5, 000.00 still showing as owing on the escrow analysis. Apparently not appalled enough to fix it however, or maybe instructed by their superiors to keep it incorrect so they could use my money.

                I do not ever think that gmac will pull this together. It is too lucrative for them. I do not hope that they will remove any late payment dings from my credit, because then the threats that they make would not work. I am going through the credit reporting services to try and get them removed. I would rather not refinance my home as I hope to sell within two years. But I guarantee, that I will never use gmac mortgage again. I will also send this complaint to everyone who will listen to it, including any regulatory organizations that I can find. If I had the money to do so, I would hire an attorney and sue for the great amount of stress that I have endured.

                I really wonder this: what is gmac doing with my money? They are taking extra by threatening to ruin my credit, to then refund it later. So they are using my money interest free. This sounds like a scam, take an extra $400.00 a month from people, use the money for several months, threaten us so we shut up and pay it, then refund later. Sounds like a full investigation is in order.

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                  • Ja
                    JackiLPN Oct 22, 2011

                    We have had our motgage with gmac for approx 4 years. We have never skipped a month. We never had an escrow acct with them as we paid our taxes and insurance on our own. Yesterday we got a letter from gmac that they analyzed our "escrow" and they are looking for $4000 to "catch up" the escrow. Called today and spent my entire lunch hour and then some trying to get to the bottom of what they were up to. They had paid our 2010 school tax and our 2011 city tax. Ok, fine. That came to a little over $1900. So, I asked, what is the $4000 all about? "Oh, we had to protect our loan". WHAT THE HELL??? Suddenly, they are demanding we have an escrow and are back-charging and future-charging for the so-called "escrow re-analysis". After talking with six different people who were allegedly there to "help" us, the only options we were given were: 1. Pay the whole $4000 now. 2. Pay it off in "installments" which would add another $347.81 to our current payment or 3. Oh well, guess you'll be celebrating Christmas in a cardboard box down by the river. Options? What options? It was kind of like being asked whether you'd rather be shot or stabbed. Well, GMAC, we have chosen option 4. That is the option that is known as calling the BBB and the attorney general. What was that? You don't offer that option? Well, these are two consumers who are not accepting your half-assed offer of "help". By the way, you might want to have a makeover. The TV cameras should be rolling in your office pretty soon!

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Gmac Mortgageunprofessional customer service

                  I am in the process of a short sale and one of my mortgages is with gmac mortgage. I received a letter from them with a telephone number/individual to contact to 'discuss details'. Three weeks of daily calls to this number provided by them, to the 1-800 number plus the supervisors number with absolutely no response back. I understand that it takes between 5-7 business days however the individual that initially provided her contact number to discuss decided to lie and say that she has tried several times to contact me but I didn"t answer phone. It is appalling that someone could be so unprofessional to lie, but disgustingly arrogant to not realize that it is 2011 and every cell phone lets you know if you have missed a phone call. I have been a good customer for 6 years and deserve a phone call back.

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                    Gmac Timeshare Divisionfraud/scam

                    This person named Ms Kim Grant was calling me for months, saying that they rent timeshares, and they have events booked and they are desperately looking for rental timeshare units. She swore up and down that he GMAC Timeshare was different and your property will be rented in less than 30 days. You will get $2000 plus for 30000 points. I registered with them in July 2010. So far I have not received any phone call or agreement for renting. By the way, after listing with Timeshare GMAC, I received many phone calls from other Marketing companies like TRU Marketing. THIS IS A Big Big SCAM IN FLORIDA.

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                      • Gb
                        G. Bashaw Apr 21, 2011

                        The same thing happened to me in 2010. I also have not heard from them even one time. This is false advertising and is a scam. They do nothing for the fee. REMEMBER: HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GMAC - TIMESHARE DIVISION. Also I will never do business with GMAC--PERIOD----NEVER.
                        G. Bashaw 71655

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                      Gmac Mortgagefraud

                      In july 2010 we called to ask for a reprieve from our montly mortgage payment. We were facing a financial hardship due to unexpected surgery bills and a broken down vehicle. We had never missed a payment and in fact always pay 14 payments a year vs. 12. Gmac was totally unwilling to work with us; we offered a 1/2 pmt, but they refused stating they could only take a whole pmt. Imagine, someone trying to pay and they refuse! They stated we would have to let the payments go into a foreclosure status before they would help us! What kind of company would do that?? Needless to say, we have been in a battle since. We have made all the back payments, but the new dilema is they keep drafting our account every week for the monthly payment! I have been on the phone for over 8 hours over the last two weeks trying to get out unauthorized draft money back. They have put us in an even deeper financial crisis. Talking to their outsource indian service center is a joke. They claim they can see the issue was thier error, however, we need to provide they documentation to prove it!!! I even had our bank conferenced in to confirm their error, yet they won't do anything to fix it!!! I will never use or recommend this company - they are unwilling to work with costomers, charge excessive usary fees and are unwillinging to fix issues they caused! This company should be put out of business or at the very least be investigated!

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                        • Te
                          texasbetty Oct 26, 2011

                          I received a government [H.A.M.P.] modification [after experiencing pure hell for 1-1/2 years with GMAC. I cannot understand why our government does not shut them down. [Is it true that the mortgage servicing division is Canadian owned?]. I was awaiting foreclosure, had just finally accepted I would be on the streets, ill and 63 years of age, with uncaring people who were literally reading from scripts, as it seemed, and got a surprise call that I had been approved for a modify. I could not believe it, after being turned down for not enough income. The income they quoted to me that they were basing my payment on was 3x the amount of my actual income. They told me if needed, I could get a 2%, rather than the 3% they were offering. The payment was quoted a few more dollars than my social security check, so, of course, I told them 2%, but the rep just kept reading from the script. Could not answer my questions direct. I worked for a few months, living in fright every month trying to get the funds together, afraid foreclosure was again eminent [they work fast, robo signatures?] I was told I could apply for a 2nd modify, but got rejected the 1st day of submittal and was told no such thing as a 2nd one! Numerous calls to GMAC that payment was more than my social security check, call to Senator's office, call to FreddieMac itself. No one cares. Wouldn't it be better to pay back the principal balance with a lower rate than letting a property sit for 2 years or more, as a next door one has, deteriorating, with no piped water, and no loans available. Is this who we want to service our tax monies? We get treated like this and our government gave them all that money. I need a good lawyer in Arizona.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Ally Financial (Formerly Gmac) — unjustified charges

                        When gmac changed to ally and gm went bankrupt, there was a definite change in policy regarding lease...

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